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Hey guys. I'm bad at making threads, so I had mostly stuck to keeping it in my signature. However! Since I finally have something to trade off, that means I have to make a thread. It kinda sucks, tbh.
But I digress.
I'm selling the following:

-- Nothing for now -- 

I'm looking for the following:

  • Phantasy Star Online Ver. 1 (Dreamcast) CIB or (preferably) SEALED copy.
  • Chameleon Twist 1 (N64)
  • Chameleon Twist 2 (N64)
  • Snowboard Kids 2 (N64)
  • Gameboy Micro (console) - Not in a hurry for this, it's more of a "it'd be nice" thing, but given prices, I'm def. patient 
I mainly only deal with paypal, since amazon payments kinda hates me, for some reason.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.
Also yes, I like small fonts. Sue me.  :whistle2: 

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