W: Paypal, 32GB Wii U. H: Paypal, rare amiibo, Zelda BotW SE, WW HD LE, & more

Back from the dead! I'm looking for a bargain on a 32GB Wii U in very good condition, with NO damage/defects on the game pad (like scratches, scuffs, dead/stuck pixels, sticky buttons, loose sticks, etc.). Some light wear on the Wii U console is OK, but the game pad needs to have a perfect screen and be 100% functional. I'd prefer a console that has no scratches or wear, but those are hard to find... Might be interested in a bundle with other controllers if the price is right.

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Just going to return this dented Special Edition of Breath of the Wild late Tuesday, if no one's interested in it.

If someone wants it, make an offer.

Is your breath of the wild wii u or switch? If its wiiu, whats your asking price for paypal?
It's the Special Edition for the Switch, with the Sheikah carrying case, coin, map, and soundtrack.

Looks like these are going for around $140 shipped (undamaged) on ebay, so I could do $120.

Terms: No returns, item is sealed -- just dented on the right side, and a couple corners are dinged.

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Sold the dented Special Edition of BotW.
Put a starting price on the new "Hyrule Edition" New 3DS XL.
They're available for around $360.00 on ebay, so my initial offer is 10% off that:
$324.00 (free shipping). If that's too high, anyone interested can just make an offer.

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