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I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier.  Lately I have been buying codes off ebay and different sites for just a few bucks, but after watching the Jack Ryan series on Prime (very good btw) I wanted to find the old movies.  I searched and found the 5 movie collection on vudu for $50, of course I'm not going to pay that, I'm a CAG.  On another search I found the dvd collection on Walmart for $11 with instawatch, I had completely forgotten about this.  I ended up purchasing...

Jack Ryan Collection- 5 movies

Matrix Collection-4 movies

Twilight Colleciton-5 movies

Beverly Hills Cop-3 movies.

18 movies for $45 total. Great deal. That's $2.50 a movie and I get the physical also, and it was in an instant, by the time I clicked to my other tab, they were all in my vudu collection, just make sure to link vudu account first with walmart account.

Some other good prices....

Children of the Corn (6 movies) $5.00

Rambo (4 movies) $5.00

Ghost Rider (2 movies) $4.88

Mall Cop (2 movies) $5.00

Karate Kid (4 movies) $9.96

Any option for a store pickup?  I can't seem to find one listed.  The price is good for 007 Goldeneye, but the $6 shipping kills the deal.

Pick up a few more bundles and get free shipping, totally worth it.  Jack Ryan Collection is awesome.

For example, just in time for Halloween, picked up

Hellraiser collection- 4 movies-$9

Scream 1-4 collection-$9

Mark Wahlberg Collection-4 movies-$9

Will Smith Collection-4 movies- $15

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