Wanna win a copy of Titanfall upon release? Help me help a friend! (ROUND 1 & CONTEST CLOSED - winner picked)

Double O Slevin

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A good friend of mine has a band featured in the Bud Light Band Spotlight, the 3 winners from this round go on to play FIESTA OYSTER BAKE 2014 here in San Antonio, TX.  

To vote, register with KISS once and you can vote every day for the rest of the week.


The contest is pretty simple and straight forward.

1.  Vote for the band 'Jam Naked'

2.  When you register, try to use as close to your CAG name as possible

3.  Listen to their track(if you want), and leave a comment showing support for the band plus the #CAG.  If you don't want to leave an actual comment, then #CAG will work.

4.  Once all that is done, just come back here and post

You can vote as many times as you would like throughout the week, which is much appreciated, but only 1 vote will put you in the contest.  Regardless whether they make it or not, I will still randomly chose a winner after the voting period ends.  I will contact the winner and get the necessary info, and I will ship out a brand new copy of Titanfall the day of it's release, and the winner can chose EITHER an Xbox One or Xbox 360 copy, but as you already know, the 360 version is delayed an extra 2 weeks, but it is winners choice.

Thanks guys, good luck!

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done and done. good luck to your friends! 

the name i signed up with is identical to my CAG name. my comment with #CAG says it's been submitted and is under review. 

thanks for the chance, titanfall looks siiiiiick!

Voted signed up as coyotezeye

Any chance if I won you could make it a PC copy? Either hard copy or a steam gift.

Band Name:  Jam Naked    

Vote:  You've reached your max votes (1 per day) 
Thank you. Your comment has been received and is under review.

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 "Thank you. Your comment has been received and is under review."

Thanks for the chance to win Tfall,voted as Hestar. Good luck to your friends band! Hope they get to live the dream!

Hey instead of the game (cause I'm guessing u didn't buy it yet) can I get the controller option if i win?

Name - Darklurkr

Good Luck guys

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I voted and commented on it but don't see it =/ if it shows up my name is zodieak like on here. Good luck to your friends band!

oh says under review my bad!

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Congrats to Darklurkr23!  Thanks again to everyone for your support.  Here is a short video of me picking the winner in the simplest way that way everyone knows there was no funny business.


Came today :D

bread's done