Way of the Samurai 3 Xbox 360 $20.73 -Amazon

Wow they lowered it cheaper then i bought it for. I do not see this hitting $9.99 brand new. The used copy of this on all the sites i seen is $30 the lowest. If you liked the other games you should grab this before you go buying it for $25-35 used with shipping. $20 shipped is a killer deal.
If you enjoyed the first two, then get this. If you have never touched the series and need top graphics, avoid it.
Yeah, WotS isn't for everybody, but I'm a fan myself. There's something very special about a game where you can TRULY take the story in your own direction and not just play out yet another pre-scripted, never changing, no choice cut scene, game like every other title out there. This is one of the incredibly few japanese titles that I feel contains genuine Role Playing.
[quote name='aegisol']Why doesn't Amazon show some love for us PS3 folks? :(

Still $47 for the PS3 version...[/QUOTE]

Completely different publisher. Amazon drops aren't random, they are tied to distributor and publisher account credits and in this particular case, the publisher of the 360 version chose to provide those incentives which resulted in a price reduction.
[quote name='Wolfpup']Wow...they have different publishers? That's kind of a riot :whistle2:D[/QUOTE]

Not really all that unusual for smaller publishers. The financial burden was too much for Agetec and UFO Interactive to take on individually, so they divided the two platforms up.
It was due to UFO not having a PS3 license so Agetec had to publish it.

Anyway did they ever fix the DLC problem for the xbox version?
Yeah, the first one was really neat. Dang, I *should* buy this. Would in a second if didn't have the huge backlog.
Damn, I really would have preferred the PS3 version for this price... I don't know if I can hold out much longer though.
I just thought of something-does this use the d-pad? Because if it does, the Playstation version would be better. Can't remember how the first one did it...probably analog mostly (?)
[quote name='DrUnkAgAIn']I was on the fence about this, but this article convinced me that even with its flaws, $20 is an awesome price for this game.


I added it to my GameFly queue after reading that; thanks for posting it. Last time I played one of these was the original game's demo and I couldn't get into it but I'm willing to give this one a chance since it's been 8 years since the first and my tastes have changed a bit.
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