What music do you fall asleep to?

I turn on my RSS feed on my psp and let it run the CAGcast all night. that puts me right to sleep.

BTW, I'm a huge fan of the cagcast. I listen to it every week :bouncy:
[quote name='AshesofWake']The Coma Lilies have helped me on many occasions. so does Elliot Smith[/quote]

Elliot Smith's a good one. I haven't heard of The Coma Lillies, I'm going to check them out.

Norah Jones knocks me out. You can put on a Norah Jones CD and I'm out by track 3. It sucked at work one day when the boss was out of town.. they ran the Norah Jones DVD all freakin day.. I kept nodding off all day.
I haven't used music often in years, but when I do, it's usually a playlist of post-rock, drone, and sludge. Stuff like Sigur Ros, Corrupted, and jesu.
[quote name='Scorch']Elliot Smith's a good one. I haven't heard of The Coma Lillies, I'm going to check them out.


that's there myspace, not sure what songs are there cuz my computer crashes every time i try and go on that god forsaken site. They are purely instrumental. Not completely mellow, but have a beat and keep it chill. If you like what you hear there i can hook you up with their album. It was a bitch for me to find in any store, not sure if it's still possible to find for retail anymore.

oh and one more suggestion: Fiona apple
Carbon Based Lifeforms (I wanna double reccomend them, it's really terrific), Diane and David Arkenstone (they're married, but release music separately from each other), Enya, Enigma, Jens Gad (especially his incredible album La Spa Sonique), and certain Boards of Canada songs.

Those are some of my favorites.
I turn on the radio to fall asleep, I listen to a station that doesn't have much talking or commercials at night, usually the songs played are from daughtry, lifehouse, nickelback, maroon 5, kelly clarkson, avril, qwen, linkin park, creed, etc. Recently, Elliot Yamin's Wait for you seems to be playing pretty much everynight this week.

I would use a sound soother but mine plays some annoying jungle sounds with monkeys, white noise i think(how can anyone sleep to this, sounds like a radio station with no signal), pier with damn owl noise constently and some lake with sounds like someone walking on it and making dropping splash noises. If only i had some normal sounds that would soothe.
I used to listen to the radio when I went to sleep, but it was only out of boredom. I don't do it anymore, but I should, just for old times sake.
I'm a listener to classical music. I love a good violin concherto to lull me to sleep.

I also have a couple CDs I burned with orchestrated video game and movie music that I'll listen to from time to time as I lay me down to sleep.
DJ Krush, early DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, Photek, DJ Vadim, Charles Mingus, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Afrika Bambaataa is what comes to mind
[quote name='camoor']I bought this brainwave generator, they have some nice presets for sleeping (also meditation, OOBE, etc):


have you actually been able to do a successful oobe and if so what was it like? also how far from your body were you able to go?
[quote name='lokizz']have you actually been able to do a successful oobe and if so what was it like? also how far from your body were you able to go?[/quote]

Sort of.

If you really want details PM me - last time I talked about it I got the usual "do you believe in unicorns too??" BS
[quote name='porieux']Slayer, Hell Awaits[/QUOTE]

Once, at college, I fell asleep to Sabotage by Black Sabbath. I was only really napping, and......I woke up to The Writ, and there was light from the hallway coming through under the door from the hallway.....that was a real trip......I was a little freaked out.

I try to fall asleep to audio from things like the National Geographic Channel or Nova....stuff like that. Rome: Engineering an Empire......I eat that shit up. If the show is good enough, though, I turn on the video and stay up late.
I used to listen to XM at night when I went to sleep, but alas I can't afford it now.

I listen to my local NPR station WUOM, it has BBC radio as well. Not too shabby.
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