What websites do you use to buy your physical games?


Just trying to see if there is any other legitimate websites besides the obvious ones like GameStop, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Newegg, GameFly. New or used.

What do you guys use?
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I just follow the CAG twitter, Wario64 twitter, and of course check the forum. Also in the CAG discord. I buy from whatever site/store has a game I want at the price I want. 

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Yeah I follow them as well just wanted to see if there are any other websites to keep an eye on. Such as deepdiscount or Vipoutlet for physical media.
A website I order from decently often is Shop4MegaStore.com. They are a U.K. site that has alot of games that don't get a physical release in the U.S. They also do free shipping to the U.S. & have a system where you earn points by buying stuff to use on coupons. They have an ebay store too, but it is usually cheaper on their website. They run sales pretty often, & if a game you want is out of stock  they have a system were you can ask them to get more copies.

Depends of what you want to log

usually logs are useful for devs , so you can test with whatever you want unless a dev ask you for a specific log level
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