Where do you listen most?


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I have an hour long commute every other day and that's when I most often listen to the CAGcast. I was just wondering how/where do you all listen to the show?
In bed before I fall asleep, I usually don't make it all the way through the episode before I fall asleep so I have to find where I left off next time I listen. Cagcast is basically my bedtime stories. Mixed in with the occasional Star Trek: The Next generation.

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I started listening because I wanted something to do while I was doing yard/house work. I'll never forget the time I was cleaning my room while listening and I knocked my flat screen over and ruined it xD

I just find myself listening to some artists more than others but theyre not necessarily my favorites, and I was wondering what do you listen to the most?

Mine are:
Ingrid Michaelson
Rise Against
Guns N Roses
Jack Johnson
Lady GaGa
Keha her songs are so addicting
Taylor Swift
Stone Sour
Like Shanafan, I have earbuds in at work and listen as background sound during my workday, then it will auto-play through my car speakers when I drive home for the day. I also listen as I'm falling asleep at night.

There's never a bad time to listen to the CAGcast  :lol:

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