Who plans to vote FOR a candidate, and who plans to vote AGAINST one

You know, that's one thing I'm just not completely sold on. Yeah, Trump's a shitty person and yeah he'd make a terrible but are we really to believe a presidency under him would mark the end of the world?

I mean really, the single biggest power the president has would be nuclear launch capability. Even still, it requires the secretary of defense to concur. And if he were to make that move, I'd have to imagine Pence would immediately try to have him removed under the 25th amendment procedures. Even failing that, I still doubt everyone involved in the order to launch wouldn't refuse the command as an illegal order.

Don't get me wrong, I think Trump is a disaster but this narrative that he will cause the end of our country and he entire world is just too ridiculous.

For any other ridiculous actions he could get up to there's plenty of other checks and balances built into our system.
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Both would be terrible presidents, though Trump would not be the end of civilization as we know it.  He is such an egomaniac that I think his only goal is to win the election.  He has the attention span of a gnat so I cannot imagine him tolerating the day-to-day responsibilities of the presidency.  I think he would end up delegating everything and Mike Pence would be the most powerful vice president in U.S. history. Trump's cabinet would likely have far more authority and autonomy within their spheres of influence.  He'd end up being a major disappointment to his supporters and would be a one term president.

Clinton as president would just further accelerate our country's decline as Obama's policies would be continue and likely tilt even more left.  There is also a lot of unknowns in regards to her hacked emails.  I'm sure Russia and likely many other hostile foreign governments are sitting on a treasure trove of dirt on her which they can use as leverage against her in future high stakes confrontations.  And this is downplayed by the media but there should be serious concerns about her health.

Clinton may be the lesser of two evils but deciding between these two is like choosing between shooting myself in the head or taking a poison pill. 


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