Wii U Pro Controller $14.91 Sams Club (¡YMMV!)


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So I sent by a Sam's Club today and decided to swing through the video games section on the off chance of getting that YMMV $191.71 Wii U deal. I saw the tag for Wii U Pro controllers for $14.91. I grabbed the last two. The boxes have stickers on them for $44.98 but the tag was definitely for the Wii U Pro Controller (unfortunately I didn't think to take a pic of the tag until the lady pulling them from them from the cage already had it.

I know Sam's Club deals are notoriously YMMV but seeing as I went in for a completely different deal and found this I figured I'd post it in hopes someone else can get it or at least find something else nice.


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I was not able to price match even with the pics in Orem Utah at Best Buy. My local Sam's doesn't even carry the controllers anymore. Oh bother.
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