Win a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Console Bundle from CAG - LoganDX Wins!

Thanks Cheapy for this contest. Was just checking twitter and saw that I was already subscribed. Guess that's out of the way then.
I'd like to be in consideration for the xbox give-away. I doubt I'll be able to tune into but I want to.
Oh it's not? It's for the Xbox?

Oh well in for one,

I would wish you all good luck but that would be counter productive.
Instead, merry thanksgiving you cheap lovely bastards.
I would enjoy a halo 4 xbox especially since that would mean I could play halo 4 without having to purchase it. I'm cheap.
"Sorry, this competition isn't available to users in your region."

Not only do I never win, I apparently don't even get to enter :(
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[quote name='jrzshore']Cheapy = my favorite Long Islander ever. Regardless of his current geographical placement.[/QUOTE]

I live in the middle of LI and still regioned out, so I'm guessing CheapyDs current location in Japan means Japan is the only region in which you can win. Unless the region is just CheapyDs apartment so he can give it to his kid as a Christmas present and this is all just an elaborate ruse to get us to follow him on twitter?
add me to the unable to enter category but this win would come at a very good time for my nephew. His xbox is crapping out and is in need of a new one badly.
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