Xbox $50 Gift Card (Email Delivery) for $41.79 at CDKeys

Would gladly jump on this for eshop or PSN credit, but I've already got more Xbone credit than I know what to do with.

For some reason I can't seem to get the 5% discount code. I put the email address but I just get a "broken" image icon when the page reloads.

I would like to apply the discount for a PSN card. I do not see any US card options. Did this website have US Card Options in the past?
Don't buy. I just did and Microsoft says " Get a new code. This one's already been redeemed."

This is apparently a crap offer

Worked for me, although if you pay with PayPal you can’t get the extra couple bucks off with that code. You apply the code and then click PayPal as payment method, it takes you to PayPal to sign in and then when you return the extra discount is gone.
Still, 43 bucks for 50 sounds fine when I was about to spend 42 on Forsaken anyway. :)
Hmm, how do they deliver the code? I bought it, but haven't received anything yet. Never had problems in the past, so I'm guessing they're just being slow for some reason?
You should have got an e-mail titled "Order Confirmation ###### inc. Download Link"

Look for this and click (download), it will take you to a scanned picture of a code.

Microsoft Gift Card - $50 (Xbox One/360) Download

Link (download)

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I got it. It ended up in my spam folder, which never happened in the past, and also that was WAY more filled up than I expected. Thanks.
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