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Got a XBOX code you don't need... why not drop it here?

Want a chance at a free code? Well then you better be fast!

(like any instant win contest you probably wont win... but keep trying)


If you want any real chance at getting a code you need this link:

If you have a question or statement about XBOX codes please use this thread to post them
(This was created to reduce the spam in the drop threads)

Want a safer place to post your code without the worries of it being snagged by a non-member ?


Some easy to live by rules:
No asking for codes.
DO NOT private message any C.A.G asking for a code, unless a member asks.
Don't drop fake codes.
If you drop a in-game code please say what game its for.
Don't make it a contest for the code (E.g., guess a number,50th person to email me, etc), but you can be creative in your post.
If you want to drop a code but don't want a lurker to snag it or have member requirements, you can PM the first thread reply asking for it.

Its not a rule, but saying "Thank You" is the right thing to do if you use a code.


Also make sure to follow the sites rules or you may find yourself banned!

Mods' note:
[quote name='shrike4242']
We'll make this very simple.

If you're begging for something or putting trade posts in this thread, you're going to get your posts deleted. Repeatedly doing so will get you temp banned or banned.

If you're trying to get referrals, YouTube subscriptions, or the like in exchange for codes, you're going to get permabanned on the spot.

Are we clear enough on this point?[/QUOTE]

[quote name='sp00ge']
Just a little warning to the next person that tries it: Posting fake codes in order to spam links, and then claiming the codes were taken by someone (which happens to be your dupe account), will get you banned.

Check back often, there may be a code offered here:

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[quote name='COLDblood']did someone say maybe more?


This code has already been used .. lol already
[quote name='COLDblood']lol


Nice got it thanks Cold :D

[quote name='chaoticorder75']Thanks for that Aryss :D
Channeler Sword & Crystal Tattoo!!![/QUOTE]

nice code! ...wish I was not playing MW2 right now.
I honestly have no clue what those codes were for so unless someone tells me, I won't know. I only have 1 code left and that is a Dead Space 2 Online Pass.
[quote name='theaznone']Jp7ry-rvf26-vx3kt-pc2h7-xyc4z

Guess I already own whatever these are
[quote name='theaznone']Jp7ry-rvf26-vx3kt-pc2h7-xyc4z

Thanks, I got the first code... a "plush carrot" thing. I have no idea what that is. :lol:
[quote name='letsgetacid']Ahhh yes. It was obtainable through some weird European site. It's an Avatar prop. Very goofy looking.[/QUOTE]

It wasn't goofy looking at all. Anyone who loves vitamin k would gladly dance with their carrots.
[quote name='theaznone']Jp7ry-rvf26-vx3kt-pc2h7-xyc4z

[quote name='Sharp Katana']Gd2r4-m7jhv-d76xf-wyhyx-7vfrz[/QUOTE]

[quote name='theaznone']Kt6wv-6y42w-k7tv4-6rvrk-dtpwz[/QUOTE]

Looks like everything posted on this page has been redeemed already.
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