Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership (Digital Code) $30.09 | Free VPN Required


FREE VPN Required for this deal to work, full details below:

Works for all accounts including US, CA, UK, DE..etc..

CDKeys has Xbox Memberships on sale:

- Purchase the code from CDKeys.
- Create Free Account on Windscribe and Download App or Chrome Extension
- Connect to Turkey using the VPN

Redeeming the code:
- Open Chrome in Incognito Mode or Firefox or any browser in Private Tab.
- Confirm your browsing location as Turkey by checking WhatIsMyIPAddress
- Login to using your current Xbox account.
- Click on account picture at top right and navigate to code redemption.
- Redeem the code.

Conversion to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

If you are not an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member:

  • When you join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, they will apply any prepaid time you have on Xbox Live Gold toward Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, up to a maximum of 36 months. This is a 1-to-1 conversion. Meaning you can get up to 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate for the price of Gold. All you need to do, is add as much prepaid Xbox Live Gold (1 to 3 Years Maximum) to your account then upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by purchasing 1 month for $1.
If you are already Xbox Game Pass Ultimate active user:

  • Xbox Live Gold: 12 Month Membership will convert to 4 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Xbox Game Pass 3 Month Membership will convert to 2 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
After it works properly, remove VPN and disable auto-renewal.

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How “fool proof” is this? The steps seem simple enough.
I have zero experience with VPN and haven’t paid for Gold in over 10 years. Not trying to get my OG account banned
thought about doing this.. but since I have soo many digital games.. Im not about ready to get my account Banned for this. I have a feeling its just when.. not IF.. they catch on and actually do something about people doing this

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It worked. I got three 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions for just under $96 from Since I had already used the $1 ultimate for 1 month offer I had to wait until it expired.

Though not as cheap as 30.09, I also used and worked well following the directions above. There was a service fee from eneba that made it about $101, but even then, not bad of a deal when ending with 3 years of Ultimate Game Pass for $102.

It worked. I got three 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions for just under $96 from Since I had already used the $1 ultimate for 1 month offer I had to wait until it expired.

FYI, I would not use Eneba.  You might get a valid code and everything be fine.  If not, good luck getting your issue resolved.  I ordered a 12 month XBL code.  It was already redeemed.  When I put it in a ticket, they asked for three screenshots of me trying to redeem my code, subscription status and something else.

After providing this information, they asked me to contact Xbox support to try to get me to see when it was used.  I told them this is really their issue with the code they sold me.  After they said they must have me do this, I did this while at the same time requesting a reversal through Paypal. 

Through Paypal, they are playing the same game.  They immediately responded to Paypal, but once I went ahead and did what they asked (although Xbox support won't tell me when it was used), suddenly they aren't replying.  Looking at reviews, it seems to be a common thing.  Give people bad codes and keep asking for more and more things. 

Hopefully Paypal will come through with the reversal.

Here are reviews sites and you'll see a lot of people this happened to with no resolution:
EDIT: for full disclosure, they did end up refunding me, however, I had filed a complaint with Paypal and shared this information.  So, I'm not sure they would have done so if I wouldn't have put it all in front of Paypal.  From the reviews on those links, it sure seems like they didn't refund other people.
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That stinks you are having issues with them. Thankfully all three one-year Xbox Live Gold subscriptions I bought redeemed properly for me.
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