Xbox One and PS4 for Sale


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I'm offering to sell these for $225.00 above cost with standard shipping. $250.00 above cost if you'd like it overnighted.

If interested, please shoot me a PM.
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Yes the site is called cheapassgamer, but that doesn't mean everyone on here is cheap in the literal sense of the word, as you all appear to be. Many people on this site can actually afford to pay full price, and greater than full price if they so desire.

The beauty in this is that I've already sold one of each at a $250 profit, essentially paying for my own Xbox One. The two I have remaining likely won't last very long because there are those that want and can afford to pay a mere $250 extra to purchase something highly in demand, but in short supply.

It's apparent that you guys don't understand the concept of supply and demand, nor do you fall in my target market.
With that logic no one here is the demographic for your wares then. If anyone here had the money or desire to buy the console they would of done so by now as pre-order are easy to come by and the flip side to that is....well they wouldn't have the money.

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