YMMV: Slick Deals emailing out free Amazon Gift Cards


Just got sent an email from Slick Deals, with a code for a free $2 Amazon gift card in it. It said that it was for the site's anniversary. If you are signed up for Slick Deals, you should check your email.
"Hi Zantra,

To celebrate the 20th birthday of the community, please enjoy this random act of kindness from your friends at Slickdeals!"

Then, it had instructions at the bottom on how to redeem the card on Amazon's site.
Lol, I definitely didn't get that one.
Mine was in my spam folder. I would check there if I were you. Half of my Slick Deals emails go there because they send so much per day, my email account flags them as spam.
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Ever so glad you like it. It will still be on that site as I rarely delete pictures off Photobucket that account is so huge and slow now so youll be fine
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