YMMV w/ FredMeyer (& other Kroger chains?) ... $7.50 off $50 of Happy GC's (3 of which incl. GameStop)


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Once again, I'm uncertain how many of Kroger's chains are promoting this deal, but "Fred Meyer" had the following:
"Save $7.50 off your Grocery Purchase when you buy TWO (2) HAPPY Gift Cards totaling $50 or more."


And of the 17 Happy-brand GC's, there are 3 with GameStop supported ...

  • Father's Day
  • You
  • Treats
... and they look like the following (expand spoiler to see card images).



As a reminder, GameStop credit CAN be applied towards 3rd-party gift-cards, which includes Xbox, PSN, Nintendo, and Steam, so that's another reason to jump on this. Unfortunately the other Kroger brand in the Pacific NW (QFC) doesn't have this coupon, though it doesn't say "personalized deal", I can no longer find it available in the "all coupons" list, so this is a big YMMV.

If you need help figuring out which Kroger chains are in your state, either check out this graphic:


Or here's a handy table I found (click to expand):
  • State ... Stores
  • Alabama ... Kroger
  • Alaska ... Fred Meyer
  • Arizona ... Fry’s Food Stores, Fry’s Marketplace, Smith’s
  • Arkansas ... Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
  • California ... Food 4 Less, Foods Co., Ralphs
  • Colorado ... City Market, King Soopers, King Soopers Marketplace
  • Delaware ... Harris Teeter
  • Florida ... Harris Teeter
  • Georgia ... Kroger, Kroger Marketplace, Harris Teeter
  • Idaho ... Fred Meyer, Smith’s
  • Illinois ... Food 4 Less, Kroger, Mariano’s, Ruler Foods
  • Indiana ... Jay C, Kroger, Kroger Marketplace, Owen’s, Pay Less Super Markets, Ruler Foods
  • Kansas ... Dillons Food Stores, Dillons Marketplace
  • Kentucky ... Kroger, Kroger Marketplace, Ruler Foods
  • Louisiana ... Kroger
  • Maryland ... Harris Teeter
  • Michigan ... Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
  • Mississippi ... Kroger
  • Missouri ... Gerbes Super Markets, Kroger, Ruler Foods
  • Montana ... Smith’s
  • Nebraska ... Baker’s
  • Nevada ... Smith’s
  • New Mexico ... City Market, PriceRite, Smith’s, Smith’s Marketplace
  • North Carolina ... Kroger, Harris Teeter
  • Ohio ... Kroger, Kroger Marketplace, Ruler Foods
  • Oregon ... Fred Meyer, QFC
  • South Carolina ... Kroger, Harris Teeter
  • Tennessee ... Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
  • Texas ... Kroger, Kroger Marketplace
  • Utah ... City Market, Smith’s, Smith’s Marketplace
  • Virginia ... Kroger, Kroger Marketplace, Harris Teeter
  • Washington ... Fred Meyer, QFC
  • Washington, D.C. ... Harris Teeter
  • West Virginia ... Kroger
  • Wisconsin ... Pick 'n Save, Copps, Metro Market
  • Wyoming ... City Market, King Soopers, Smith’s

On the downside, Kroger (corporate = :bs: ) have been real jerks towards their own employees from March until now, so you might take that into account here. 

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