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PC Games- Buy, Sell, or Trade Thread

#1 Pookymeister   I like almonds Super Moderators   15596 Posts   Joined 13.8 Years Ago  


Posted 19 March 2008 - 05:15 PM

This thread is for physical copies of games, not code transfers

In this thread, each CAG has one post slot. You maintain your list and that is it. If you want to delete your 1 post and repost your list again to get more recent exposure, that is fine (keep the frequency reasonable).
Mods can easily maintain this list by clicking on the post count and seeing if anyone has more than 1 post count and deleting the others. Hopefully we won't have to do this.

This new format should keep things nice and tidy around here. It will make finding your wants much easier, which is the purpose of a thread like this anyway, right? :D

All Haves and Wants are restricted to the topic at hand. For example, don't list a few PC games as a Want then list off a bunch of Atari games. 'CML' and 'Paypal' are exceptions to this rule.


This is NOT the thread for PC game accounts where the transfer are explicitly prohibited in the games TOS. World of Warcraft accounts would be an example.

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#2 Josehaha60   Banned Banned   408 Posts   Joined 11.1 Years Ago  


Posted 19 March 2008 - 05:22 PM

Civilization 4, SIMS 2 deluxe, Zoo tyccon 2 zookeeper collection, rise of legends, age of empires 3, spellforce 2 all FS

#3 chrisnsally   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   3885 Posts   Joined 13.6 Years Ago  


Posted 19 March 2008 - 05:25 PM

Quake 4
The Movies
Act of War (DVD)
Shadow of Chernobyl
Chronicles of Riddick (disks only)

#4 thelazyone22   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   265 Posts   Joined 11.2 Years Ago  


Posted 19 March 2008 - 05:46 PM


Halo 2 Vista complete


Something else...

#5 brianmoy   Brian the best I can. CAGiversary!   2021 Posts   Joined 13.6 Years Ago  

Posted 20 March 2008 - 04:56 AM

Forget about the prices next to em as this is cut and paste job from my TL. $5 shipped each - even if says more next it - $20 shipped for all of them, plus whtever other PC games I've got around.

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (turn based RPG by Interplay) - Win95/98, $5 shipped
Microsoft Works (Note: older orig version of Works from around 95) - New, factory sealed, $6.50 shipped
Sim City 2000 Special Edition (includes SC2000, SCURK, and Disaster Scenarios), $5 shipped
PowerDVD V1.5 - DVD decoder, w/ valid CD key and SN, older version for Win98/95, $5 shipped

Sonic & Knuckles Collection (Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic 3 and Knuckles) for Win95/98, $5 shipped

Police Quest 3 The Kindred - complete in box, w/ slipcover, manual, handbook, hintbook, 3.5's DOS/VGA
Heroes of Might and Magic - Special LE/NfR sleeve version for DOS - new/sealed, $5 shipped
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Secret of the Silver Stars - complete in box w/ rule book, clue book, adventure journal, data card, promo stuff, journal entries - some have notes written on them, 5 1/4's IBM, also copied to 3.5's - SSI game

You Don't Know Jack - Win95 version 1.01, $5 shipped
Risk (Hasbro) - Win95, no man, $5 shipped

Blackthorne - Dos, CD case complete, $5 shipped
Cartoon Network Cartoon Cove & To the Eds-Streeme! - Win 98/SE/2k/XP

I don't play much PC games so not interested in anything on PC for trade - exception of LucasArts/point and click adventure games I don't have, SML for other wants.

#6 Tybalt Flux   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   905 Posts   Joined 12.2 Years Ago  

Tybalt Flux

Posted 20 March 2008 - 05:41 AM

Have: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Want: Throw me offers

#7 playguuu   Wisdom CAGiversary!   2885 Posts   Joined 14.6 Years Ago  

Posted 20 March 2008 - 07:41 AM


Guild Wars: Factions
(new & unused, of course)

#8 Frosty651   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   60 Posts   Joined 11.4 Years Ago  

Posted 20 March 2008 - 08:17 AM


007: Nightfire
Midnight Club 2
Need for Speed: Carbon (Collector's Edition)
Painkiller & Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell
Red Faction II
Typing of the Dead (In original big box, MINT, extremely rare)



#9 jphillips10   Go Cubs Go! CAGiversary!   485 Posts   Joined 12.6 Years Ago  


Posted 21 March 2008 - 02:53 AM


Titan Quest & expansion pack (both sealed) - $20
F.EA.R. Gold Edition - complete - $12
Rise of Nations - complete - $8
GRAW - complete - $12
Battlefield 2 Complete collection - complete - $18 ***traded on goozex***
Puzzle Quest - complete - $12 ***traded on goozex***

LOTR: BFME Anthology

#10 Stormedtrooper   Say no to Halo. CAGiversary!   1707 Posts   Joined 11.0 Years Ago  


Posted 21 March 2008 - 03:11 AM

Have (all complete w/ box unless noted):
Doom 3
FEAR w/ bonus preorder disk
Dawn of War (original)

CML or provide your list. also looking for Guild Wars Collector's Editions

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#11 TomoyoN   E=mc^2 PV=nRT 360>PS3 CAGiversary!   774 Posts   Joined 12.5 Years Ago  

Posted 21 March 2008 - 03:29 AM

Diablo 2 Collector's Edition (Sealed)
Half-Life 2 (Sealed)
Half-Life 2 Episode One (Sealed)


#12 necrojustice   is fighting Tyson CAGiversary!   826 Posts   Joined 12.6 Years Ago  


Posted 21 March 2008 - 03:48 AM

Crysis (Mint) $30 shipped obo


#13 trunks982   Wii are the Champions! CAGiversary!   6249 Posts   Joined 15.0 Years Ago  

Posted 23 March 2008 - 12:50 AM

Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition (Sealed)

Guild Wars Factions Collector's Edition (sealed)

#14 DisturbedZen   I'm illegal CAGiversary!   1701 Posts   Joined 15.7 Years Ago  


Posted 23 March 2008 - 08:25 AM

Guild Wars Prophecies CD Key (Unused)
Guild Wars Eye of the North CD Key (Unused)
Guild Wars Eye of the North retail package (Sealed)

Orange Box CD Key ($25)

Crysis (Sealed)

#15 JIGSAWjr   Ill Type Cat CAGiversary!   1077 Posts   Joined 11.2 Years Ago  

Posted 25 March 2008 - 12:50 AM

Fallout 2
Fallout Tactics
System Shock
System Shock 2


#16 mattyice11   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   87 Posts   Joined 11.5 Years Ago  

Posted 26 March 2008 - 04:43 PM

Lost: Via Domus


#17 hero101   FC3 US Navy CAGiversary!   4078 Posts   Joined 14.4 Years Ago  

Posted 02 April 2008 - 04:25 PM

The Witcher (PC)
X-Com 1 & 2

Doom 3
Deus Ex (2nd game)

#18 bmulligan   I am not a number CAGiversary!   6078 Posts   Joined 15.2 Years Ago  

Posted 10 April 2008 - 08:16 PM


Neverwinter Nights - used, big box, complete

Hordes of the Underdark - sealed, medium box, complete

Darwinia - used, medium box, complete

Scrapland - sealed, medium box, complete

Mafia - sealed, complete, small box

Star Wars Episode I Phantom Menace - disc only

Jedi Knight Dark Forces II - Orig. jewel case, manual, 2 discs

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds - Orig. jewel case, insert, 2 discs

Star Wars Battlefront - Orig. jewel case, no manual, 3 discs


Check my list in the trading forum

#19 GaMeR_2007   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   931 Posts   Joined 11.5 Years Ago  


Posted 15 April 2008 - 07:58 PM

Where Can I Sell My PC Games Online? Is there a Website that buys them back?

#20 alexxb   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   776 Posts   Joined 11.1 Years Ago  

Posted 16 April 2008 - 06:06 AM

Looking for World of Warcraft, the original and not the expansion. I will offer anything on m list.

#21 StarKnightX   will hook you up CAGiversary!   4257 Posts   Joined 15.2 Years Ago  


Posted 17 April 2008 - 12:11 AM

Updated - July 23 , 2009

Full Spectrum Warrior - Complete , Mint
Myst 3 : Exile - Complete , Mint
Paypal and other regular forms of payment

Regular Releases
The Sims 2 (maybe?)

Box Sets
City of Heroes vs City of Villians
Galactic Civilizations Deluxe Edition
The Sims Complete Collection

Not really actively looking for newer pc games since my computer isn't that great , they're there mainly for reference , but I would be interested in older and cheap games.

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#22 s0undwav3   Report Lazerbeak! CAGiversary!   451 Posts   Joined 15.0 Years Ago  

Posted 20 April 2008 - 12:31 AM

007 Nightfire
Battlefield Special Forces Expansion Pack
Battlefield II
Deus EX Game of the Year Edition
Deus Ex: Invisible War
Doom 3
Disney's Hercules Action Game
Giants Citizen Kabuto
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
Nascar Racing 2
Neverwinter Nights
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Need for Speed High Stakes
Oddworld Oddysee
Quake II
Quake III Team Arena
Star Trek: Elite Forces II
Tomb Raider Gold
Tomb Raider II Gold
Unreal Tournament 2003
XWing Alliance
Xwing vs Tie Fighter

#23 aea414   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   365 Posts   Joined 11.1 Years Ago  

Posted 20 April 2008 - 07:17 PM

The Ship


#24 PocariSweat   Every Day is Caturday! CAGiversary!   463 Posts   Joined 15.5 Years Ago  


Posted 14 May 2008 - 05:15 AM

Have: (all US versions)
Halo (complete)
Lost Planet (sealed)
Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance (complete)
Resident Evil 4 (sealed)

Knights of the Old Republic
Will check lists

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#25 alexxb   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   776 Posts   Joined 11.1 Years Ago  

Posted 14 May 2008 - 06:11 AM


Half-Life 2: Episode One


Guitar Hero 3 (With Guitar)

#26 cshawley33   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   2 Posts   Joined 11.2 Years Ago  


Posted 19 May 2008 - 01:47 AM

I have Tabula Rasa and Civ IV Warlords and will trade or take Paypal.

#27 lakers310   Fire Norv! CAGiversary!   705 Posts   Joined 11.0 Years Ago  

Posted 19 June 2008 - 02:53 AM

have:Madden 2004
Nascar 2004
NHL 2004
Tiger Woods 2004
Hard Truck 18 Wheels of steel

want:anything not pc related

#28 Littlefields   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   842 Posts   Joined 12.4 Years Ago  


Posted 06 July 2008 - 11:17 PM

:pc: Diablo II BattleChest- Discs + CD Keys only (5 Discs total) $18 Shipped
:pc: StarCraft BattleChest- Discs + CD Keys only (2 Discs total) $16 Shipped
:pc:Warcraft: Burning Crusade Expansion -Discs + CD Keys only (4 Discs total) $9 shipped

All Bundled Together -$36 Shipped

[Strat guides/manuals are available but would cost extra. ]

#29 geniusboy91   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   248 Posts   Joined 11.6 Years Ago  


Posted 05 August 2008 - 05:22 AM


:pc: Age of Empires III (complete)
:pc: Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion (complete)
:pc: Everquest II (complete)
:pc: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (complete)
:pc: Dark Age of Camelot (complete)
:pc: Dark Age of Camelot (CD and case only)
:pc: Quake (CDs and case only)
:pc: 3-D Ultra Pinball Creep Night (CD and case only)
:pc: Fast Food Tycoon (CD and case only)


#30 Prepster   The Bulls are Back!!! CAGiversary!   2609 Posts   Joined 13.5 Years Ago  

Posted 09 August 2008 - 07:48 AM

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Collectors Edition Sealed

Paypal or cash