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That one game you wanted to sit through, but you just couldn't...

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 04:45 PM

I'm trying to force myself through Final Fantasy I Nes, its real rough if you played the other games before this. It be good to see a video of someone playing it for the first time after experiencing the others because the attacking thin air move because the creature died is pretty hilarious. After a good 2-3 days I'm near the last boss and have not played it in a week. I just need a few more hours to push through this.

Final Fantasy VII, I wanted to beat Ruby and Emerald without cheap tactics (This was back when the game was first released) and despite being a few hours away from finishing I never went back to finish because I forgot everything.

Chrono Trigger, I think the hype train on this game makes it less than expected after trying it for a few hours.

Fallout, Morrowind, Oblivion, (probably skyrim) I keep trying to experiencing everything and get burned out. Came real close on Fallout though.

Twilight Princess, played for 2 hours and was doing a lot riding nowhere. I will force myself through this probably when I'm retired and they have a holodeck version of this.

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Posted 04 February 2012 - 08:46 PM

I'm so glad that my topic has sparked such great conversation! Oh, and Oblivion is a very, very, very close second to FFVIII for me. I loooooooooooooooooved Fallout 3. Played the hell out of it. Did just about anything you could do in that game and still wanted to find more stuff to do. So, I figured I'd get the Oblivion GOTY. Um...wow. I grinded my way through the arena part and just gave up after that. Wandering around that setting and interacting with those characters just wasted the same as the Capital Wasteland...

The exact opposite happened for me. After beating the crap out of Oblivion, I looked up what other games Bethesda made. I saw Fallout 3 and bought the GOTY edition, but could never get into it and only put about 20 hours into it before I just quit.

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 06:18 AM

Excellent thread & posts; it actually scares me to see so many games mentioned here that are still untouched and waiting for me in my backlog.

For me it was Deadly Premonition. I got through the 1st chapter/night and then traded it back to Goozex after realizing (again) that I'm just not a fan of Twin Peaks.

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 06:23 AM

Metal Gear Solid 4. I have tried and tried to play it but I just get bored of all the talking....and talking.....and talking.

I agree on FFVIII....one day I will play through it, but alas, it sits here.

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 06:38 AM

Ninja Gaiden Sigma, took it out to beat the final bosses yesterday.

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 09:01 AM

I guess mine would be LA Noire. I just thought it was boring, and during the Homicide section, it really bothered me that they kept making me arrest people even after I had pretty much announced it was a serial killer.

Also- Homicide seemed like the logical desk to conclude the game with, so after those cases, I didn't care anymore.

Other than that- I tried to play God of War 1-2 when they came to the PS3. I thought I had a cold or something because I felt bad the whole day while I was playing them. At some point, I realized I wasn't sick, I was just really bored. Loved 3 though.

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Gorilla Gravy

Posted 05 February 2012 - 02:47 PM

I wanted to beat Fallout: New Vegas but the Mojave is a flat, boring setting and the game has no atmosphere.

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 03:06 PM

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

I like AC2 a lot--other than the combat, but just couldn't get into Brotherhood.

It was just too much more of the same IMO. And it just seemed like there was more focus on combat with all the damn Borgia towers etc. I just liked exploring the world, finding view points, doing random sidequests etc. But in Brotherhood it was hard to do that as you either had to deal with the Borgia towers or get chased by guards all the time.

Batman Arkham City does the open world, city thing a lot better IMO.

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Posted 16 February 2012 - 02:57 PM

Viva pinata. It was one of the first games I got when I bought a 360 a few years ago. I got the guide for it and everything. I just didn't like it.

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 04:31 PM

Deadly Premonition- I just couldn't get into it and didn't understand what the devs were trying to do with the weird characters and strange story lines. Recently I started watching Twin Peaks on Netflix for the first time... now I get it! The music, the strange FBI agent, the lady with the pot, now I see where they all came from. They should have called this game Twin Peaks: Deadly Premonition. I'll probably give this one another try.

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 05:56 PM

Oblivion. I sucked at aiming the fireballs, since I played it when I first got into console gaming. I don't think I hit a single wolf with a fireball. On top of which, I have a bad habit of jumping around when I travel, which came from my Counter Strike days. Of course, that meant my acrobatics kept leveling up, which made me a level 6+ with no other skills, and then the monsters leveled with me, which I didn't know when I started. Add to that, I was paying on a PS3. Same problems when I tried Fallout 3. I haven't even bothered with Skyrim because of the two.

Most FPS since Counter Strike. I used to play hours a day in college. I think since then, I've only been able to sit through "Borderpost", Bioshock 1/2... And Rage, but barely. Don't know why I lost interest in it, since it used to be mostly what I played, from Wolf3D through Half-Life.

FFXII. Gambits sucked. I really wanted to like it, cause I loved FFTA, which bruins me to...

FFT. Played about 60% of it, and just stopped. I just never connected with any of the characters.

Makai Kingdom. I actually love must things about this game, even liked it more than Disgaea. But everything in the game feels like it takes 5 minutes to do. If it had a fast forward feature, I'd go back instantly.

Odin Sphere, only because of the load times. Tiny stages made play time and wait time practically equal.

Bastion. I don't know how it got such high praises. The narration and art were absolutely awesome, but the game itself was meh.

Thief. I got stuck in the second level with the skeletons, moss and water arrows. I kept running out, then the skeletons would kill me.

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 02:19 AM

FEAR2, I loved FEAR, to the point where me and my friends had a lan to sit down and finish the game. But when fear 2 came out it was just... meh. I couldn't get into it.

Also, agreed with Odin Sphere. I got pretty far but the load t... i... m... e... s. Seriously, it was pretty bad. Ashame too, the game was absolutely amazing.



Posted 23 March 2012 - 07:20 AM

Great thread I actually read all 9 pages of responses. Here's some of mine

Go! Go! Hypergrind - I love love love the art direction, but this game is so boring. It plays like Tony Hawk with alot of basic features cut out.

Dark Cloud 2 - loved the opening and first boss. Couldn't make much progress in the woods because the weapon system was confusing. I hated how everything eventually broke I hoard my items in games.

Devil May Cry - DMC 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. Got this to see where the series came from. I just can't get into it.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES - Loved the story, but I can't commit to a 100 RPG. I go to college and I've been sick of school since highschool so it's hard to dedicate my time to a school simulator.

Stretch Panic - Has a really cool concept, but it's not very fun

Viewtiful Joe 2 - I didn't play the first, and I immediately jumped into this. This game just messed me up. I couldn't get the puzzles, and even on kid mode this game was brutal.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - I'm a huge fan of the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series so I decided to give this game a chance. Loved the music, but the gameplay is really hard because the dodging animations are hard to decipher.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Got cocky and decided to play this on proud mode because I thought KH games were easy. The last boss time you fight Riku is so damn hard. I've fought that boss fight so many times, I beat him in the GBA version, but I just can't in this one.

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 07:25 AM

Just wanted to add that this thread reminded me of a game that I could not sit through, even though I owned, namely Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne. However thanks to this thread I finally got the patience and gusto to actually play and finish the game and it has since become one of my favorite games I have played. So in short, thank you OP you have made me discover a true classic IMO.

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 12:52 PM

Bastion. I don't know how it got such high praises. The narration and art were absolutely awesome, but the game itself was meh.

Same here. I bought Bastion for the hype and all the accolades it was getting. I'm a good 5 yours in, but every time I tried to fire it up I just dont want to play. Not saying it's a bad game but if this is the best XBLA game we got last year, then it was a sad year.