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Posted 31 March 2013 - 03:32 AM

This is my Want List. Just like I price everything in my above Have list, if you are looking to sell something below, give me a price. "Make an offer" PMs will be ignored. It's your item, you should know what you want for it.


My Wants!
I'm going for a complete in box Pokemon set so I'd always be willing to trade or buy the stuff I need.



Pokemon Crystal (CIB)

Pokemon Yellow (Box and Manual)

Pokemon Gold (Box and Manual)  :hot:  :hot:  :hot:

Pokemon Silver (Box and Manual)

Pokemon Pikachu Edition Yellow Game Boy Color System (good condition with battery cover)  :hot:


Gameboy Advance  :gba: 

Pokemon Sapphire (Box and Manual)

Pokemon Fire Red (Box and Manual)

Pokemon Leaf Green (CIB)


DS  :ds: 

Pokemon Pearl (CIB)

Pokemon Platinum (CIB)

Pokemon Black Version 2 (CIB)



I'm always interested in N64 games I don't have or CIB games, PM me with what you have!

Harvest Moon 64  :hot:


Gamecube   :gc:

Smash Bros Melee manual


PS3  :ps3: 


Wii U  :wiiu: 


Xbox One  :xb1: 


PS4  :ps4: 



3DS   :3ds: 

Open to any good 3DS offers  :hot:


Vita  :vita: 

Vita system (Must be in great shape, very little to no scratches on screen)



Club Nintendo Rewards

 - Game and Watch Collection 2 (DS - Must be complete!)

Old Pokemon Cards

 - Looking for older Pokemon cards, in good condition



Steam Wishlist



Amazon Gift Cards

Target Gift Cards

Google Play Gift Cards

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