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2017 Video Game Spending Tab

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Posted 27 December 2016 - 04:37 AM

Costs of the last 11 years or so: 2006 on and all the old spending threads




Bought new, Bought new or used with Amazon/GS/Target/BB/PSN creditRented/traded to CAG, Bought used, Sold, Traded on CL or into Amazon/BB/ST/GS, leaptrade/, free/won




-Sold Dying Light on the PS4 for $20 to a local guy 

-Bought Dying Light Enhanced for $20 on ebay

-Sold humble bundles games on gameflip for $5

-Got Mortal Kombat XL via Gameflip with bonus credits and $3

Got Resident Evil Revelations 2 via ebay ebay 13
-Got Pokemon Moon via a contest contest
-Picked up Sleeping Dogs DE psn store 5 in credit
-Got Far Cry Primal via ebay 19.5
-Traded Xbox Live credit $30 worth for a $25 Gamestop gc
-Bought oracle of ages and seasons for GBC from Gamestop for $28 ($25 credit and $3 cash)
total 33.5
- Got No More Heroes 2 from ebay for Wii for $6
-traded my old android phone for a snes super mario world + mario all stars system bundle
needs game and a/v cords, also got two Wii w/4 wii motes, and a few games as well
-Bought Wii cables off a guy from facebook. AV, sensor bar for $12
-Picked up Zombies Revenge DC, Boom Blox Wii, Dead Space Extraction Wii, 
Tatsunoko vs Capcom for Wii, Madworld for Wii for $40 in Gamestop credit
-Picked up Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World $30 from CL
-Picked up just Dance 2017 for 360 from Walmart and Amazing Spiderman 2 for Wii U $27
-Traded in Batman AK, Far Cry Primal, Just Dance 2017, Amazing Spiderman 2, Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Undead Nightware, Dying Light Enhanced, Mass Effect Triolgy, Heavy Rain, Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Mortal Kombat X $138 in credit
-Sold DMC HD collection from Humble Bundle on Leap for 15 in credit
-Sold Atari Kangaroo and Quake III for PS2 on leap for $12 in credit leaptrade $4 to ship it
-Got a snes a/v cable for $10, madworld for Wii for $7 and Tatio Legends for $7 for ps2 Goodwill/Facebook $24 total
-Picked up a new 3DS XL with mario party DS for $100 off craigslist
-Sold Ethan Carter on leap for $8, and sold Shadows of the Damned on Leap and Mario Party DS for $30 $6.5 to ship them
-Sold Jeopardy on leap for $6 in credit leaptrade $3 shipping 
-Bought a NES Classic on Amazon Amazon $65 in cash
-Picked up 3DS case, screen protector, charger, and travel bag for $37 on amazon in credit Amazon $37 in credit
-Picked up Terraria and Skate 3 for 360 from Goodwill $17
-Sold Witcher 3 Gwent Cards 40 ebay after fees it was 27.5
-Picked up Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS for $12 at BB in cash and $20 in reward cert best buy
-Picked up Sega 3D Classics Collect Walmart 18 with a Giftcard
-Got Red Dead Redemption GOTY for PS3 from facebook for $5
-Traded in RDR GOTY, Terraria, Skate 3, Nathan Drake Collection and Resident Evil Revelations 2 for $97 in credit
-Picked up Zombies Revenge and Dead or Alive 2 for DC from Gamestop for $ 27 in GS credit
-Picked up Nathan Drak Collection on PSN on credit for $20 in credit
-Sold nba 2k1 for DC on FB 5 facebook shipping was 2.85
-Sold GBC Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons 48 ebay after fees it was 35.53
-Picked up Michael Jackson The Experience goodwill 6
-Picked up a Wii console bundle with Wii sports resort, wii sports, mario kart, mario party 8, two controllers 75
Balance Board and Wii fit plus and some misc games and a GC controller
-Picked up Wii System with hookups and a controller, N64 with controller, no power brick, Dying light
PS3 dual shock $75 via facebook
-Sold the Wii from the CL trade for my phone for $50 Facebook
-picked up smash bros for Wii for $18 via facebook 
-Picked up Mario Galaxy and Mario Party 8 on craigslist 20
-Sold Wii with balance board, mario kart, wii sports resort, and mario party 8 for $120 cash (from FB bundle) 
-Sold 2ds and super mario 64 and Sega 3D classics collection $70
-Picked up a wiimore battery cover and an n64 power supply for $15 via ebay 
-Picked up a 360 controller and wii sports resort at goodwill for $10
-Picked up a DC controller, got two games resurfaced, and got a nunchuck for $15 in credit and $2 in cash at Sunken
-Bought two wii nunchucks for $15 on FB.
-Sold NES Classic for $65 to a friend
Traded in a 360 controller from goodwill, a ps3 controller from a CL deal ($10), a rockband mic, mario party 8
and a ps3 mic for $65 in GS credit Gamestop
-Sold Wii stuff both consoles and 8 games and 3 wii motes for $110 via facebook
-Picked up DC games off CAG $29 amazon gc Nfl 2k1, nba 2k1, capcom vs snk, and nba 2k2
total is -150
-Sold Mario Galaxy for Wii for $8 on FB
-Bought a wii with a several games, my sims party, new super mario bors, sonic and secret rings, big beach sports, all star karate, monoply collection, spectrobes, guitar hero 3, game party, my sims kingdom for $60 off facebook
-Bought Star Wars Battlefront for PS4 for $10 garage sale
-Picked up Time Splitters Future Perfect and a power stone 2 case $15 via ebay
-Sold Wii from Craigslist with all crap games for $70 craigslist
-Bought a Wii from Facebook all hookups and no controller facebook 20
-Bought a Black Wii with 4 wii motes (3 pink and one black) and sensor bar garage sale 10
-Bought a slim ps2 with a ton of games, 4 memor cards, and 3 controllers garage sale 40
-Got 4 wii crap games at Gamestop and DBZ Buduaki Technazine 3 $30 in credit after $15 off coupon
-Bought a wii mote and nunchuck for $20 off facebook
-Picked up a hard drive and a Wii game Petz at a yard sale for $3
-Got Muramas Demon Blade for Wii and Professor Layton and the Diabloical Box at GS $25 in credit
-Sold hard drive to a friend 15
-Sold Black wii with wireless sensor bar for $50 on Craigslist
-Sold PS2, two controllers, 4 memory cards, and 17 games and 2 ps1 games on facebook 75
-Bought another black wii with 2 wiimotes and a red nunchuck, new super mario bros facebook $24
-pick up wii battery cover from ebay 3
-Picked up Uncharted 4 triple pack to get new expansion CAG $20
-Got 5 games resurfaced and bought a ps2 game at local shop $11
-Bought 2 360 games, lego marvel super heroes and wwe 2k14 for $2 garage sale
-Sold Darkwatch via ebay 15 after fees it was $9.76
-Sold White Wii with new super mario bros, and a few other games. Two white wiimotes and 1 white and 1 one red nunchucks via facebook $50
-Sold spawn for ps2 via ebay for $5.41 after fees
-Bought a n64, two controllers, shadows of the empire, super mario 64, mario kart 64, and diddy kong racing craigslist $75
-Sold SNES CIB to a friend via facebook $175
-Bought a Wii and a few games off offerup $15
-Bought a fat ps2 and a memory card at a yard sale $15
-Bought 4 wii games for $15, mario kart, new republic, draw, and nerf strike at a yard sale
-Bought Aladdin for Genesis, 360 black ops combo pack, GTA SA for 360, smugglers run, tony hawk america wasteland and a ps2 controller at a garage sale $32
-Traded GTA SA, Black Ops Combo and two 360 games from 4/14 Marvel and WWE to Gamestop for $40 in credit bought Stardew Valley for PS4 for $30 in credit
-Bought a blue DS lite with 6 games, pokemon heart gold, pokemon ranger, and pokemon white and several other misc games $60 at a yard sale
-Sold DS lite and pokemon white and misc games for $55 on CL
-Sold Pokemon heat gold on ebay after fees it was 31.02
-Sold n64 and rush and hookups with no controller $40 via craigslist
-Sold Slient Hill 4 for PS2 on ebay 29  after fees it 21.46
-Bought 4 Wii games for $10 at GS for credit, Wolverine, 4x4 Circuit, Conduit, and Red Steel 2 gamestop $9 in credit
-Bought axiom verge and nuclear throne CD for PC for $20 in credit at Gamestop
-Traded in WWE 2k16, Black ops combo back for 360, Gta SA for 360 and Lego Marvel Heroes for 360 $40 in credit gamestop
-Sold Mario Kart 64 for $40 on ebay after fees it was 31.54
-Picked up an 64, 2 controllers, hookups, mario kart, spiderman, goldeneye, wave race, nfl blitz and rush 2 via facebook $80
-Picked up ps2 a/v cables and a ps2 controller for $10 via facebook
-Sold Black Wii with new super mario bros, mario kart, red steel 2 and two motion plus controllers and two other games on craigslist for $70
-Picked up Professor Layton DS games, SVC Chaos for Xbox, Windows XP sealed OEM sp3 garage sale $30
-Picked up 3 DS games for $3 garage sale 3
-Picked up Terraria for 360 from a yard sale for $12
-Picked up Batman Telltale x2 , PvZ $20, Metal Gear Solid Phatom Pain, Roy Golf, 7 days to Die at target target $65
-Got a wii nunuck and Tom and Jerry on GC for $4 garage sale
-Picked 7 days to die ps4, two batman telltale, naruto ninja storm 4, and rory golf at target $50 target
-Bought black ops collection for 360 for $16 in credit at GS gamestop
-Traded in 4 copies of telltale batman, 2 copies of golf, ultimate ninja storm 4, 7 days to die xbone, 7 dies to die ps4, plants vs zombies ps4,minecraft sotry mode, terria and mario kart for $380 in GS credt
-Used GS credit to pre-order Destiny 2 and COD $40 down, also got mario kart wii for $30 all credit
-Sold Diddy Kong and Super Mario 64 for $35 on facebook
-Sold Windows XP on ebay 45 after fees it was 36.14
-Picked up Mario Kart DD, Chibo Robo for GC, Smash Bros for GS and Diablo 1 for PS1 from Gamestop retro flash sale $106 in credit
-Sold N64 with Goldeneye and Mario kart and two controllers 90 craigslist
-Sold N64 with Blitz, shadows, and wave race 64 for $65 and two controllers via craigslist
Total  -202
-Sold PS2 with tony hawk, one controller, hookups and resident evil 4 for $35 facebook
-Bought 2 controllers, geneiss games, exodus, spritual warriors, Double Dragon and Btoads and some others, mortal kombat 2 craigslist $50
-Sent Sw Battlefront UE and 3 DS games from the yard sale to Leaptrade $4
-Sold Wii, 3 controllers with nunchucks and 6 games 70 craigslist
-Bought D&D anthology for $18 off facebook
-Bought Resident Evil Premium on CAG for $37
-Bought Rush 2049 for n64 for $16
-Sold Mario Kart DD from GS for $30 on facebook
-Picked up 4 ps2 games $1.75 garage sale Bloodt Roar 3, GTA Vice City, Splinter Cell and Medal of Honor
-Got white wii off facebook for $20 facebook
-Picked up a Nes with power and zapper, a snes with final fight, ken griffey, madden and mario world and a controller and hookups offerup and another snes that has issues for $60 via offerup
-Picked up a Wii nunchuck, Bayou Bill for nes, nes rf adapter and got 4 discs resurfaced at a local store Sunken Treasures 25
-Sold Super Smash Bros Melee on ebay after fees it was 36.22
-Sold Chibi Robo on GC on ebay after fees it was 29.08
-Traded Limited Run Runner 2 from from PAX East for Vita for a Raspberry Pi CAG 2.67 shipping 
-Bought a snes controller, a/v and power and a nes controller ebay 27
-Bought GC hookups and memory card for $2 garage sale
-Sold Tomba on ebay 45 after fees it was 36.22
-Sold Battletoads and Double Dragon on ebay 20 after fees it was 14.45
-Picked up ps3 games and 2 wii games garage sale $19
-picked up ps1 slim, ps2 controller and rf adatper for N64/GC garage sale $5
-Bought an OG modded xbox from goodwill goodwill 20
-Traded in Fifa 16, Just Dance 4, Gran Turismo 6 and Lego Batman for $44 in credit gamestop
-Picked up N64 with a controller and hookups and goldeneye via offerup for $30
-Picked up huge N64 lot and a Game Gear with games for $135 on offerup. 
Mario Kart, Smash, Mario Party 2, yoshi story, Goldeneye, Perfect dark, Pokemon stadium, Rugrats scavenger hunt
MK trilogy x2, Mk4, Tony Hawk 1, WCW vs new world order, Podracer, MACE, Donkey Kong 64 and super mario 64
-Got GBC Purple and a complete GBC atomic, sealed Blackthorne for GBA and a complete mario kart for GBA via facebook 80
-Sold Wii with controller and 5 games includiing Michael Jackson and Mario Galaxy 70 facebook
-Sold snes with 2 controllers and MK and Super mario world and 2 crappy sports games for $70 via facebook
-Bought a DS lite, destroy all humans and pariah for xbox, Batman Arkham origins for 360, an xbox 360 controller and a 3ds charger garage sale 10
-Bought GBC manuals for $9 ebay
-Traded xbox 360 controller and batman arkham origins to gamestop and bought a used ps3 controller gamestop
-Sold Mario Kart Super Circuit 27 after fees it was 17.22
-Sold NES with game, controller and zapper 58 ebay after fees it was 37.2
-Sent clue, nba 96, taz escape from mars, young indy, and final fight via facebook for Blitz 2001, Virtual On and Baseball 2k2 $7 shipping 
-Sold clear purple gameboy color 15 facebook
-Sold Exodus on ebay after fees it was 10.09
-Sold Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune on facebook after fees it was  6.33
-Sold Snk vs. Capcom SVC Chaos for xbox on ebay after fees it was 13.39
-Sold Diablo 1 for PS1 on ebay after fees it was 20.88
-Bought a Wii U via facebook 32gb model with classic controller for $150
-Picked up Bayonetta 2 in GS credit used a $20 coupon cost me around $26 gamestop
-Sold Monopoly Collection on Wii via ebay after fees it was 12.09
Total  205


-Sold Spirtual warfare for Genesis on ebay after fees it was 16.88
-Sold 19 N64 games for $165 shipped via facebook and fees and shipping 146.91
-Sold N64 with two games pod racer and Mario Kart for $120 shipped after fees and shipping total was $107
-Got GTA V for ps3 at goodwill for $5
-Picked up a Wii with 4 wiimotes and nunhucks, balance board, and 12 games
Wii Sports, WW Aces, Mario Kart, Wii play, Wii party, game party, goldeneye, hunting 2011,wii fit plus, tiger woods 09, link crossbow all for $10
-Picked up Mario Strikers $2.5 garage sale
-Batman Arkham Knight from a garage sale 2.5
-Picked up magenta dsi and 2 games $10 yard sale
-Sold Blackthorne for GBA on ebay after fees it was $31.22
-Bought Broken Age via Limited Run 35
-Picked up tekken 7 and animal crossing 3ds goodwill $29
-Picked Splatterohuse for ps4 for $5 with coupon at GS on credit
-Traded in new super mario bros ds from dsi lot, animal crossing 3ds, wii party from wii lake tapps lot, goldeneye from lake tapps, and GTA V from goodwill and wii sports from lake tapps to GS for $81 in credit
-Picked up a GC no hookups, 2 gc controllers, Super smash bros melee for $0.25 and Baldurs Gate 2 CE for PC for $12
-Sold Tekken 7 for $40 on offerup
-Bought Strafe via Limited Run for $35
-Bought Horizon Zero Dawn from Target $40
-Bought GTA V and Wonderful 101 x 2 via Gamestop for $55 in credit 55
-Picked up Uncharted 4 for $17 in credit at GS, traded that and Horizon Zero Dawn from Target and 1 copy of 
Wonderful 101 for Wii U for Powerstone 2 complete via facebook shipping was 3.75
-Picked up Wii sports, wii sports resort, and lego world for ps4 at a yard sale $7
-Picked up SNK Classics Collection on Wii ebay 17
-Sold Ecco and Tiny Toons on facebook for $5
-Sold Lego Worlds for PS4 on facebook for $15
-Sold GC 2 controlers and two games (sonic mega and war of whiskers) on facebook for $50
-Picked up a black dsi and pokemon soul silver for $15 facebook
-Got deus ex Mankind divided via redbox for ps4 $9
-Got Prey and Horizon Zero Dawn via Leaptrade for 95 x 2 in  credit
-Picked up Wii and GC games via Facebook. Zelda Twilight Princess Wii and GC, Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, Rogue Squadron 2 and 3, metal arms, Pikmin 1 and 2 for Wii, Zelda Skyward Sword, metal slug anthology, new super mario bros and okami for $60 via facebook
-Picked up a Black GC no controllers, a dc with 3 controllers and no hookups, twisted metal 1 on ps1, soul blade, resident evil 2, tetris world for ps1, xbox power cord, and ready to rumble 2 for DC for $21 at a estate sale
-Picked up new super maro bros 64 DS for $10 at a yard sale
-Sold PS1 and RE3 and 6 Genesis sports games, and 2 controllers and Mortal Kombat 2 on facebook for $40
-Sold Super Smash Bros Melee for GC on Gameflip for $40 after fees 34.0
Total -166
-Picked up legend of zelda BOTW for switch x 2, 1-2 switch, paper mario color splash, mario party 9, plants vs zombies garden warfare 2, super smash 3ds, kirby robo planet, matio kart 8 for switch at GS for $281 in credit
-Traded in 1-2 switch, mario kart for wii, wii sports resorts, legend of zelda BOTW, pokemon soul silver for ds, batman AK, super smash brawl for wii, plants vs zombies GW 2, paper mario color splash, mario kart 8 deluxe, wolf among us 360, and mario party 9 for $421 in credit at gamestop
-Picked up a GC power supply, gc player disc, and wolf among us for $4 at a yard sale
-Traded in Legend of Zelda BOTW, Super Mario 64 DS, My Sims DS, new super mario bros wii, okami wii, batman The brave and the bold for wii, Star Wars Battlefront PS4, Skyward Sword Wii, Professor Layton Diabolical Box, Kirby Planet Robobot, and Super Smash Bros 3DS for $229.50 in credit at GS
-Sold Mario Kart Double Dash on ebay after fees it was $28.01
-Sold Pikmin 1 and 2 on ebay for $60 after fees it was $47.85
-Sold Legend of Zelda TW Princess for GC on ebay after fees it was $29.32
-Sold Metal Arms for GC on ebay for 13 after fees it was $7.08
-Got De Blob and a ps2 memory card for $2 garage sale
-Picked up NHL Legacy for PS3 and Madden 16 for PS3 from Target for $15 
-Traded in NHL Legacy, Madden 16, Wii Sports, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Super Smash Bros, Metro Redux, Just dance 2016, and Deus Ex for 98.60 in credit
-Picked up GTA Shark card, Mass Effect Andromeda and Just Dance 2017 for Wii for $60 in credit gamestop
-Picked up Shenmue II, Soul Calibur and Vagrant story at GS on credit and b2g1 $25 in credit
-Picked up Windwaker, Eternal Darkness, Zelda Master quest for $50 in credit from Gamestop and a b2g1
-Sold Metal Slug Anthology on Ebay after fees it was 3 16.73
-Sold Mario Strikers on Wii for $10 craigslist
-Bought Shaolin Monks for ps2, Resident Evil 4, a Gc controller, and Scarface for PS2 facebook $12
-Picked up Left 4 dead 1 and 2 for $10 for 360 garage sale
-Picked up Kirby return to dreamland for $20 via facebook
-Sold a wiimote to a friend for $5
-Picked up GTA 5 for PS3 used at a yard sale for $5
-Got Deus Ex Mankind Divided for $9 at target
-Got Kirby Crystal Shards for N64 for $20 yard sale
-Picked up Diablo III UE for PS4 from Gamestop on credit on $20
-Sold Windwaker on ebay for 19 after fees it was $13.25
-Sold Ocarina of Time and Master Quest after fees it was $20.65
-Sold Wii, balance boards, 2 controllers, and 10 games via Facebook for $50 
-Bought Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars complete for wii for $5 yard sale
-Sold Rebel Strike III for GC for $7 via facebook
-Sold GC, two controllers, and Rogue Squadron for $54 on facebook
-Bought a Wii for $7 with two wiimotes, 1 nunchuck and wii sports and a firefighting games via facebook
-Sold GameBoy Colors Grape and Atomic Purple for $60 via letgo


-Sold Black and Pink Dsi systems with games from trade from Facebook from Anthony for $70 on Facebook
-Picked up Limited Run games Lawbreakers and Wonderboy limited run $75
-Picked up Tom Clancy's Wildlands for $20 at goodwill got 2 copies so $40 for both
-Picked up Mario Kart 8 for Wii U from Mike E on Facebook for 20
-Sold prey and Horizon Zero Dawn on facebook for $75
-Sold a ps2 slim ac adapter to a friend 10
-Sold the Wii from craigslist for $35
-Sold Ghost Recon Wildlands for $30 via facebook
-Bought Black Ops 2 360 at a yard sale for $5 traded it in for $13 in credit at GS
-Bought Metro Redux and Ju-OH on wii for $30 in credit
-Sold Kirby 64 on Facebook for $16
-Sold Ghost Recon Wildlands for $30 via facebook
-Sold Paper Mario Color Splash and Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Wii U for $70 on craigslist
-Bought Night Trap CE from Limited Run for $60
-Sold Wii guns, twlight princess, wii hunting, twisted metal ps1, resident evil 2, tetris ps1, vagrant story ps1 and a memory card $40 via facebook
-Bought Icewind Dale 1 at sunken for $7 Sunken treasures
-Bought Burnout paradise and domination for 360 for $3 garage sale
-Bought a sp charger, 3ds charger, tv pacman game, portal 2 for 360 and payday 2 for 360 for $14 garage sale
-Picked up Baldurs Gate PC with expansion, multi use intec cables, and Assassin's Creed Black Flag for Xbox One from goodwill $14
-Traded in Black Flag, Burnout Paradise, Domination, Portal 2, and payday 2 for 25.30 in credit via gamestop
-Backed a kickstarter a n64 controller kickstarter for $20
-Picked up Prey from Gamefly for $21
-Traded Lawbreakers code from limited Run for Hellblade on PS4 CAG
-Picked up a huge lot of games and systems for $150 off offerup (includes 3 OG Xboxs, 3 PS2's, 2 PS1, 1 GB, 1 GBC, tons of games and accessories for a lot of systems
-Picked up Y's Origins Limited Cover at PAX West $70
Total is  $114


-Won a Switch at PAX West PAX west
-Picked up a switch case $20 at gs on credit gamestop
-Sold Powerstone 2 to my brother for $30 disc only copy
-Picked up games and controllers at yard sale (1 dualshock 3 $5, 1 six axis $5 , halflife for ps2 $5, time splitters FP for ps2 $5 , burnout 3 for ps2 $5 ico and shadow of the colussus $2.5, heavenly sword for ps3 $2.5 Total was $30
-Traded these games from yard sale and these games to GS for $103 in credit, traded in Ico and Shadow of Colussus, Guitar Hero 5 for wii, Just Dance 3 for wii, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8 for Wii u, Zelda Ocarina of Time 3ds, Shenmue II for Xbox, Assassins Creed Black Flag, 2 ps3 controllers (from yard sale) , Wonderful 101, littlebigplanet 2, Just Dance 2017, dark souls 2 for 360 (from $150 lot)
-Picked up Lego Batman 2 on PS3 for $13 in credit at Gamestop
-Picked up Switch headset and joy con grip for $10 at Target
-Picked up 2 ps2 controllers and the sims 3 pets at Goodwill for $15
-Picked up SNES classic from Target and Gamestop target was $86 in cash and Gamestop was $86 in credit
-Bought two more snes classics from BB these were a pre-order and in credit best buy $172
-Picked up switch controller, fifa 18 and mario + rabbids for switch for $105 in credit gamestop
-Got Just dance 2017, 2016 for wii, mario kart for wii and Crash triology for ps4 for $60 garage sale
Total 171
-Traded in just dance 2017 and 2016, Crash trilogy, sims 3 pets from goodwill and mario kart for wii for $97 in credit 
-Bought Kirby dreamland collection vai FB for $15
-Sold Twisted metal 3 from big lot of games, tony hawk 1 and 4 from leap, and tony hawk 2 on 64 for $20 to a buddy
-Sold 1 SNES Classic to someone at work for $100 and sold the other to a friend for $86 $186
-Sold Grandia 2, grandia 3, and grandia extreme on facebook for $40 from big lot
Sold Battlefront 1 and 2 from big lot on ebay  $16.34
-Sold Psyconauts via ebay from big lot of games after fees it was $11.19
-Sold SSX, GTA Vice City for ps2 via FB from big lot of games $10
-Sold Crash Nitro Cart, midnight club 2, Tony Hawk Proving Ground, ps2 memory card, and SW Episode 3 via facebook from big lot of games and this also $35, included from Leaptrade lot Star Wars Starfighter, GTA VC, Midnight Club 1and 007 nightfire
-Sold Geikoh via ebay from big lot of games via ebay after fees it was 32.92
-Sold Crash 2 via ebay from big lot of games after fees it was 12.22
-Sold Spyro Riptos Rage via facebook for $14 from big lot of games and Ju-Oh which came from Gamestop came out to 38.64 with shipping
-Sold Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 3 via facebook from big lot of games after shipping it was $13.83
-Sold Y's Origins via CAG after shipping it was 41.75
-Sold Dragon Valor from big lot via ebay after fees it was 23.45
-Picked up RDR GOTY from sunken for ps3 Sunken treasures 12
-Sold NCAA Football 14 PS3 after fees it was 43.73
-Picked up 3 redbox games, madde 17 for 360, wwe 2k17 for 360 and nba 2k17 for 360 for $15
-Picked up DBZ raging blast 2 for 360 goodwill 7
-Traded in fifa for switch, dbz raging blast 2, madden 17, nba 2k17, and wwe 2k17 for 360 got 96 in credit at gamestop
-Sold Crash Team Racing for ps1 from big lot via ebay after fees it was 13.25
-Pick up need for speed carbon for ps3 for $5 goodwill
-Sold a PX-22 Headset from PAX Prime 2013 on gameflip after fees 26.2
-Picked up Ps1 power supply ps2 av, and a ps1 controller for $20 PRGE
-Got Chrono trigger DS case, DK Country for Wii and Taito Legends 2 for PS2 at PRGE $25
-Picked up ps2 mem card for $3, mario kart wii disc only for $12, ps2 power brick for $8 total is $23 PRGE
-Picked up the sufffering for $3 and PS3 NCAA 14 football for $1 and $1 for the Crew Xbox One PRGE 5
-Picked up Data East Arcade Classics from Gamestop on credit $30
-Picked up SNES classic at Gamestop used $86 in credit
-Traded in need for speed carbon for ps3 and Mafia III for ps4 $26 in credit Gamestop
Total is -437.52
-Sold Gameboy Original, all star basketball and kid icarus from big lot of games for $45 via Craigslist
-Got games resurfaced at Sunken $12
-Picked up Dishonored Death of the Outsider for $6 at Best Buy. Was on sale for $17 and used two $5 reward certs
-Sold GBC from big lot with pokemon silver and harvest moon 3 for $55 craigslist
-Sold SNES classics to a facebook friend 86
-Sold Timesplitters Future Perfect for PS2 via ebay after fees it was 15.86
-Sold VS. via ebay 8 ebay after fees it was 3.78
-Traded Ys Origins PAX Cover for PS4 Limited Run for Killer is Dead LE for PS3 sealed and the parts to Kirby's -Dreamland Collection for Wii CAG $6 to ship it
-Sold PS1 system and a few games from Big lot via facebook. Tomb Raider 1 and 2, Gran Turismo 1 and 2, Uprising, Battle stations, Roswell via facebook for $60, Included 2 controllers and memory card and resident evil directors Cut
-Sold both PS2 systems slim and fat with 4 controllers, 2 memory cards, extra controller from goodwill and 17 games for $80 craigslist
-Picked up Deadpook and Skyrim legendary for PS3 offerup 10
Bought a wii system with 1 wii mote with ssx blur, wii sports, super smash, mario kart, mario and sonic and olympic games via craigslist 50
-Picked up a wii mote and an nunchuck from goodwill for $5 goodwill 
-Spent $50 at redbox for Agents of Mayhem on PS4 and Xbox One, Rocket League on Xbox One and PS4, RBI Baseball Xbox One, Knack 2 on PS4, NBA 2k17 on 360
-Traded all redbox games, nba 2k17, rocket league x2, agents of mayhem x2, rbi baseball, knack 2, super smash bros, mario kart, skyrim on PS3, the crew on xbox one from PRGE and Dialbo III on PS4 for 197.40 in credit.
-Bought Tetris Party on Wii at gamestop for $12 in credit gamestop
-Bought a Wii via Craigslist for $15, came with 3 nunchucks, house of the dead overkill, wii fit and wii play
-Sold Dino Crisis from big lot on facebook for 12 after fees it was  8.35
-Sold Legacy of Kain from big lot on Facebook for $11 after fees it was $8
-Picked up Dualshock 4 $40, South park the fractured but whole $30, just dance 2018 wii $20 and mafia 3 $12 for $100 at walmart on credit on Black Friday
-Picked up wolfenstein 2 and funko mystery box at gamestop on credit for $45 for Black Friday
-Picked up a N64 Everdrive from stone age gamer for $160
-Picked up Diablo 3 for PS4 from ebay for $10
-Sold RGB Void Headset Yellow Jacket I got from Best Buy this summer for $10, sold it for $40 via Facebook
Total for Nov




-Picked up a fat ps2 via Goodwill and a set of wii hd cables goodwill 25
-Got 3ds version of zelda ocarina of time and kirby triple deluxe, both were new  facebook 24.12
-Got a DS Flash card, a M3 off facebook for $15 facebook
-Picked up tomogachi, sim 3 ds, and disney magical world for 3ds for $15 facebook
-Picked up Agents of Mayem PS4 and Xbox One from redbox for $10
-Bought a ps2 controller x 2 for $10, bought a game sountrack for a $1 and bought two gc controllers for $8 goodwill total was $19
-Bought a few PS3 games and two ps3 contollers off offerup for $10 this included need for speed hor pursuit, need for speed the run, Ratchet and clank collection, Socom, Big Game Hunter, Plants vs Zombies, GTA IV, GTA Liberty Cities, Call of duty world at war, modern warfare 2
-Picked up a few ps2 games DBZ Budokai, GTA SA, God of War 1 and 2, Bully, Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance, xbox was panzer dragoon saga facebook 55 also got 2 ps2 a/v and 1 ps2 power cord traded away my n64 controller for another and picked up Boogerman and sold 2 gc controllers to a buddy for $47
-Sold PS2 fat, half life, DBZ Budokai Tenchaki 2, Bloody Roar 3, and Resident Evil Code Veronica and hookups for $45 via facebook
-Bought Fifa 17 for PS3 for $15 target
-Traded in a lot of stuff to Gamestop, Xbox 360 controller and a/v cables from big lot, Fifa 17 from target, Just dance 2018 for wii from black Friday, a lot of ps3 games from $10 pickup, DBZ Budokai T3 for Wii, Kirby Special Dream Collection for Wii, Goldeneye for Wii, Demon Blade for Wii, Splatoon, Agents of Mayhem x 2 from redbox, tomogchi life, sims 3, and disney magical adventure, tatsunko vs. capcom for wii  and I used 50% bonus on all games, 19 items total got $261 in credit
-Sold NCAA football 14 for PS3 via ebay after fees it was 24
-Sold Wii from Craigslist, with 12 games including my copy of tintin and madworld $70 via craigslist
-Sold Plants vs Zombies for PS3 27 via ebay after fees it was $19.81
-Sold Southpark Stick of truth code on Gameflip for PSN 11 after fees on gameflip it was $9
-Sold Alien Triology for PS1 from big lot via for 14 after fees it was $8.89
-Bought Nintendo Humble Bundle from CAG for $15
-Sold Cabelas Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts for PS3 38 after fees it was 29.23
-Sold another Snes Classic to a friend for $90
-Bought a Snes Classic via Amazon for $86 in credit Amazon
-Traded a switch code for a $5 eshop code for the Switch CAG
-Got a pacman mini arcade and a Retrocade for Xmas



Total -101.81




Overall total $-607

#7 Firvagor   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   307 Posts   Joined 9.9 Years Ago  


Posted 28 December 2016 - 05:40 AM







All PC purchases are digital download unless otherwise noted.
Items marked with an asterisk (*) were paid with credit and aren't included in totals.

Giveaways and other free content aren't listed.


January - $4

*1/7 - :pc: Gwo46.png Path of Exile: 100 Points - $10

1/18 - :pc: MJTBp.png Humble Bundle's: Best of 2016 - $4


February - $30

2/14 - :pc: MJTBp.png Humble Freedom Bundle - $30

*2/16 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - $1.74

*2/16 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain - $1.74

*2/16 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Dungeon Siege II - $1.74

*2/17 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 - $1.74


March - $0



April - $0



May - $0

*5/17 - :360: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack - $4.99


June - $0

*6/24 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches - $2.99

*6/24 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall - $2.99

*6/24 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year - $3.99

*6/24 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Rocksmith 2014 - $10

*6/24 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Outlast: Whistleblower DLC - $0.99

*6/24 - :pc: Gwo46.png Sleeping Dogs - Year of the Snake - $3.49

*6/25 - :pc: Gwo46.png Tales from the Borderlands - $3.93


July - $3

7/24 - :pc: MJTBp.png Humble Capcom Rising Bundle - $3


August - $0

*8/10 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart - $2.49


September - $3

9/26 - :pc: MJTBp.png Humble Capcom X SEGA X ATLUS Bundle - $3


October - $0



November - $0

*11/23 - :xb1: iconamazon.gif Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold - $49.99

*11/23 - :pc: Gwo46.png The Deus Ex Collection (unowned portion) - $10.83


December - $0

*12/18 - :pc: iconamazon.gif Rocksmith - $9


Grand Total: $40

Edited by Firvagor, 06 January 2018 - 05:49 PM.

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Posted 31 December 2016 - 01:02 AM

2016 Spending Tab

:ps4: Marvel vs Capcom 3: $30

:ps4: Resident Evil 4: $16

:ps1: Lunar: $30

:ps3: Gundam Extreme Vs.: $10
:ps3: Front Mission Evolved: $2.50
:ps3: Armored Core 4: $2.50
:ps3: Infamous 2: $2.50
:ps3: Call of Duty MW2: $2.50
:ps3: PlayStation All-Stars: $5.00
:ps4: Tekken 7: Free

:ps3: Darksiders: $2.50
:ps3: Pure: $2.50
:ps3: Virtua Tennis 3: $2.50
:ps3: Deus Ex: $2.50
:ps1: Lunar SSSC CIB: $60.00
:ps1: Valkyrie Profile: $87.50
:ps1: Grandia: $35

:ps4: Bloodborne: $10
:ps3: Trails of Cold Steel: Lionheart Edition: $23
:ps3: Trails of Cold Steel 2: $20
:ps3: Aquapazza: $10
:ps3: Ace Combat Assault Horizon: $6
:ps3: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: $6
:snes: SNES classic: $80

:ps3: Devil May Cry 4: $2.50
:ps3: Brink: $2.50
:ps3: Darksiders II: $2.50
:ps3: Dead or Alive 5: $2.50
:ps3: SSX: $5
:ps3: Final Fantasy XIII-2: $5
:ps3: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record: $5
:ps3: Dragon's Dogma: $5
:ps3: Dead Island: $3
:ps3: Mirror's Edge: $5
:ps3: Fight Night 3: $5
:ps3: Under NIght In Birth EXE: Late $5
:ps4: Transformers Devastation: $5

:ps4: Yakuza Kiwami: $20
:ps4: Final Fantasy XV: $20
:ps4: Horizon Zero Dawn: $20

:ps4: Tales of Berseria: $20
:ps4: Raiden V: $26
:ps4: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: $10
:gc: Mario Party 5: $40

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Posted 06 January 2017 - 07:15 PM

Games listed by when they are charged.
Games acquired through reward methods (3DS Ambassador, Club Nintendo, etc.) or gifts are not included.
Games that were sold as free (e.g. 3D Classics: Excitebike, Four Sword Adventures) are included.

2009 Total: 197 Games, $4366.60
2010 Total: 142 Games, $2381.37 + ¥54011
2011 Total: 85 Games, $1231.29 + £79.11
2012 Total: 103 Games, $1563.16
2013 Total: 116 Games, $1531.01
2014 Total: 80 Games, $1316.70
2015 Total: 25 Games, $584.56
2016 Total: 19 Games, $500.48

:pc: Humble Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle - $10.00 (Humble Bundle)

:3ds: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King - $33.99 (Amazon)

:3ds: Hyrule Warriors Legends - $15.92 - (Best Buy)

:3ds: Hyrule Warriors Legends - $15.93 - (Best Buy)

:wiiu: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - $31.87 (Best Buy)
Total: $107.71, 5 Games, $21.54 per game


:pc: Undertale - $4.99 (Humble Bundle)

:pc: Humble Freedom Bundle - $30.00 (Humble Bundle)

:3ds: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest - $16.99 (Best Buy)

Total: $51.98, 3 Games, $17.33 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game
Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Total: $0.00, 0 Games, $0.00 per game

Misc Stats:

Total: $159.69
Games: 8
Cost per game: $19.96
Games per month: 4.0
:pc: 3
:3ds: 4

:wiiu: 1

Games Sold: 0
Total gained back: $0.00

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Posted 21 January 2017 - 12:36 AM

2011 Video Game Spendings $1301

2012 Video Game Spendings $1085

2013 Video Game Spendings $1712

2014 Video Game Spendings $967

2015 Video Game Spendings $2973

2016 Video Game Spendings $8754


2017 Video Game Spendings




SNES-Super Momotaro Dentetsu 2
SNES-Romancing Saga
SNES-Romancing Saga 2
SNES-Romancing Saga 3
SNES-Final Fantasy VI
SNES-Chrono Trigger
SNES-Front Mission Gun Hazard
3ds.gifPokemon X
3ds.gifSuper Smash Bros.
:vita: Atelier Shallie Plus Limited Edition
:vita: Atelier Shallie Plus Limited Edition
:vita: iDollU Limited Edition
:vita: Dragon Quest Builders
:vita: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Wonderful party!
:vita: Tokyo Xanadu
:vita: Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days
:vita: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
:vita: Nisekoi Yomeiri!?
:vita: The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water Houaa Kenran
:vita: J-Stars Victory Vs
:vita: Golden Time: Vivid Memories
:vita: SA7: Silent Ability Seven
:vita: Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo tr.
:vita: IA/VT Colorful
:vita: Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal
:vita: Moe Moe Daisensou * Gendaiban ++
:vita: Resident Evil 2 Revelations
:vita: Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
:vita: Deemo
:vita: Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Limited Edition
:vita: Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate
:vita: Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Limited Edition
:vita: Aqua Kitty DX
:vita: Criminal Girls Invitation
:vita: Soukai Buccaneers!
:vita: Otoko Yukaku


Total: $560



:vita: Curses N' Chaos
:vita: The Swapper
:vita: The Swapper
:vita: Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama
:vita: Yuukyuu no Tierblade: Lost Chronicle
:vita: The Swindle
:vita: The Swindle


Total: $190



:vita: Dokuro
:vita: Dragon Quest Heroes II
:vita: Exist-Archive


Total: $35


Total: $0


Total: $0



Total: $0



:ps4: Wild Guns: Reloaded
:ps4: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Limited Edition
:ps4: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
:ps4: Digimon World: Next Order

:vita: Majo Koi Nikki: Dragon x Caravan
:vita: Space Hulk
:vita: Macross Delta Scramble
:vita: Totori no Atelier Plus: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2
:vita: Possession Magenta Limited Edition


Total: $150



:psp: Hoshizora * Planet: One Small Step For...

:vita: Haitaka no Psychedelica
:vita: Binary Star
:vita: Saka Agari Hurricane
:vita: Owaru Sekai To Birthday
:vita: Oumagatoki Kakuriyo no Fuchi
:vita: DYNAMIC CHORD feat.KYOHSO V edition
:vita: DYNAMIC CHORD feat.Liar-S V edition
:vita: Re:BIRTHDAY SONG~Koi wo Utau Shinigami~another record
:vita: Danball Senki W
:vita: One Piece Unlimited World Red
:vita: Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou
:vita: Love of Love Emperor of Love!
:vita: Shirogane x Spirits!
:vita: Diabolik Lovers: More Blood Limited V Edition
:vita: Hakuoki SSL: Sweet School Life
:vita: Omega Labyrinth


Total: $470




:vita: Sangoku Koi Senki: Otome no Heihou!
:vita: TOEIC Test: Jissen Tokkun
:vita: Zero Time Dilemma
:vita: Ar no Surge Plus: Umareizuru Hoshi he inoru Shi
:vita: Ciel Nosurge Offline: Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Shi
:vita: Shin Sangoku Musou Eiketsuden
:vita: Sosei No Onmyoji
:vita: Idol Death Game TV
:vita: Monster Hunter Frontier G6 Premium Package
:vita: Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Tasogare no Sora no Renkin Jutsushi

:ps4: Caladrius Blaze
:ps4: Caladrius Blaze


Total: $250




:vita: Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni
:vita: Grisaia no Kajitsu Side Episode
:vita: Diabolik Lovers: Vandead Carnival
:vita: Akiba's Beat
:vita: Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star
:vita: Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star Limited Edition
:vita: Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Limited Edition
:vita: Breach & Clear
:vita: Collar X Malice
:vita: Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Limited Edition
:vita: Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours
:vita: Demon Gaze Limited Edition
:vita: Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Limited Edition
:vita: DJMAX Technika Tune Limited Edition
:vita: Drive Girls
:vita: Farming Simulator 18
:vita: Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Limited Edition
:vita: Gal*Gun Double Peace Limited Edition
:vita: God Wars: Future Past Limited Edition
:vita: Grand Kingdom Grand Edition
:vita: Hakuoku: Kyoto Winds Limited Edition
:vita: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Limited Edition
:vita: Lego: Star Wars The Force Awakened
:vita: Mary Skelter: Nightmares Limited Edition
:vita: Period: Cube -Shackles of Amadeus
:vita: Ray Gigant
:vita: Root Letter Limited Edition
:vita: Superbeat: XONiC Limited Edition
:vita: Superbeat: XONiC Smaller Limited Edition
:vita: Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception
:vita: Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth
:vita: Tachyon Project


Total: $1300




:vita: Berserk Musou
:vita: Tsukitomo Tsukiuta 12 Memories
:vita: Psychic Emotion 6
:vita: Marginal #4 Road to Galaxy
:vita: Sekaiichi Nagai 5 Funkan
:vita: Osomatsu-san The Game Hachamecha Shuushoku Advice -Date or Work- Limited Edition
:vita: Nora, Princess and Stray Cat
:vita: World Election
:vita: Tsuihou Senkyo
:vita: Starry * Sky Autumn Stories
:vita: Wagamama High Spec
:vita: Moujuu-tachi to Ohime-sama in Blossom
:vita: Clover Days
:vita: The Nonary Games
:vita: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2+


Total: $380




:3ds: Ever Oasis

:vita: Magic Kyun! Renaissance
:vita: Koezaru wa Akaihana: Koi wa Tsuki ni Michibikareru
:vita: Uppers
:vita: Risk of Rain
:vita: Bad Apple Wars
:vita: Broken Age
:vita: Chaos;Child
:vita: Curses N' Chaos
:vita: Asdivine Hearts
:vita: Gundam Breaker 2
:vita: Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen

:ps4: Super Robot Wars V


Total: $270


Total Spent: $3605

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Posted 02 February 2017 - 10:34 AM

2012 total: $1377.98
2013 total: $336.81
2014 total: $812.97
2015 total: $244.22
2016 total: $6.97
It's hard to believe that I actually managed to spend less than $10 last year.  The majority of the games acquired were free, but even then, I mostly just focused on my immense backlog.  It feels a bit weird not spending money on video games, but it has let me spend more on board games, things for the house, and even a new car.  I suspect my spending will increase a bit this year—and I've already spent more this January than I did in the entirety of 2016—but I can't imagine it will be anything drastic.


















Total for 2017: $52.38