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  • Think that'd be a hard sell for both my wife's and my family to buy. The cost of living out here is much more expensive than Wisconsin, at least in the Denver area. It's still several months off until we're setting up to move. I've had a chance to take advantage of a lot of stuff here in Denver, some excellent once in a lifetime opportunities. Most notably being able to go to the Denver Premiere of "Seven Pounds" w/ Will Smith (that was awesome).
    For a little while anyway, I'll be moving back to Wisconsin come June. I have to admit almost everything about Colorado/Denver is way better than Wisconsin(Weather, Mountains, sheer amount of B&M stores within the radius of my house). Of all the awesomeness it does lack family so unfortunately that is why I am moving back.
    Sounds like it's going well! :) I will def try to make it to one of the events one of the nights ;) ! I have some friends who would maybe enjoy it as well :D

    I don't know "slave" seems to be a bit too competitive for me ... even with the job security I just don't know if it's the right direction for me :) !
    Sometimes, I feel like a grandpa with my wrinkles and my prunes and my Jello pudding pops and my Theos. ;)

    Bofu sounds like a Dragon Ball Z character. "Phallus beam cannon, fire!"
    Happri birfdey, Bardock-kun!

    I gotcha a Giant Enemy Crab.


    wutchout et pincheez
    That looks awesome :bouncy:! Did you set that up or did you hear about it somewhere? I am aweful (like really aweful) at Rockband ... but I've only tried the drums so far ... ! I won't make it this week as I have a party tonight, but I will definitely try to make it one of these times!! Is it on every week indefinitely (well, for now?) :D ??
    Haha! That's awesome!! I was thinking the same! Nothing EVER comes up regarding CO and I've only met one other person from CO (and he's quite a bit North ... in Ft Collins!). :D Welcome to the neighborhood. ;)
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