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  • I sent the guide package earlier today. Tried to PM you the DC# but it said your PM box was full. Here's the DC#: 0309 3220 0000 0726 7810

    Thanks again for the deal, let me know when you get the package....
    *throws a bag of meat at shan's door*

    *throws some steak sauce as well*

    *Eat's shan's door*
    They posted them online or free and they were released after the videos came out, but deal with events before the show.
    Whedon has said they are going to do it. They have also done a couple origin comics for Captain Hammer and the Sweat guy that are pretty funny and tie into the story. I dont recall where they are though
    You mean Dr. Horrible or Sunny? Sunny is next fall and Dr. Horrible hasn't had a confirmed date. If the DVDs of Dr. Horrible that just came out do really well, maybe they will do more sooner :)
    fine if they dont want to join then they can be part of the other who get the LDRB and LDRG this means WAR >_<

    p.s. chase my friend i think its time to up ur meds lol
    I am tempted to prestige in the Church of LDRB. I want the kangaroo badge. ;)

    P.S. Shan, I will always have an LDRB in reserve with your name written on it in raspberry syrup. :grouphug:
    Hello, Shan-chan! :wave:

    *gets shot*

    I thought you only used a back-pat on friends? ;)
    Quwoop me?! :uuuuuu

    I hear if you shave a double-hairy soup it turns into a blob and eats a panda. :eek:
    Webster told you have a pool filled with crackers, like Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales. :u wooooooooooooooooooooooooop
    where are you??? haven't seen you playing online sense i was like 10... or last week
    hahahah i found one place im going to on my American trip lol, the Nintendo World Store and the Guggenheim in NYC ^_^
    1. There were dolls?! :shock: ??

    2. *checks eBay*

    3. :oops:

    4. Not only do I know the lyrics, I watched the unrelated TV series titled "Step By Step." The sarcastic blond daughter ended up pretty hot. :oops:

    5. ????

    6. Profit!
    Hey, Sorry for the very late response I just noticed the message. I actually plan on buying the new Call of Duty either today or sometime next week and I will be sure to add you to my list. Its always fun to play games with normal people instead of the psycho's on live!
    I really need to pay attention to these birthday things on facebook and here... Happy Birthday Shan... Only 11 days before mine.
    Exactly, online is really isn't as much fun unless you're playing with your friends or a social networking group of like-minded gamers...like CAG!
    I'm the same way. Playing with everyone is my wind down time after work or what I do for fun on my nights off. Thanks for the kind words for the lot of us and for all the fun. :D
    No problem! Better late than never, eh? Just unfortunate that your very first, online gaming experience started out the way(s) it did. However, CAGs FTW! :bouncy:
    Yeah, sometimes you have to weed through a bunch of idiots to find good people. They are definitely there though. Thanks for the comment :)
    Yeah, though I HATE going to LoDo on Friday nights. Eventhough I know were the outcasts (not out clubbing and good portion of us drink little to none) it's so packed with people trying to get into clubs and parking is a bitch (which explains why two or three weeks ago I was getting out and accidentally bumped into another car). Though still fun if you know, can survive the hassle of getting there. Though yeah! Bring people! We're trying to spread the word around as much as we can and make some kinda damn community out of this (hence recruited to me being a "street team" member).

    Did I mention slavery also offers benefits like bread and water after a day spent making pyramids? Plus plenty of motivational whippings! It's like Christmas if it...well, you know, really sucked....I mean was swelling from welts of awesomeness!
    More so I originally found out about them a few months back, but uh, don't know how, but I've become friends with the main honcho so now I'm part of the band. So basically I act as default guitarist or bassist if a band doesn't have one and I get to hand out flyers now. So hooray! More slaving! Though as of right now it's definete since got those locations just a week or two after last ones fell through. Also trying to sponser the 93.3 Rock Band Tour tournament now so I think doing better now then last time. So come by whenever you can.

    Also slaving is a 4 year course. Need to prepare for it with classes such as "dragging huge blocks 101" or buddying up with a group and working while chained. Though the hours, benefits and pay are all horrible, there are still plenty of openings!
    Oh and if you're ever free my friends do a Rock Band night(s) here and we're doing out first one of our new locations tomorrow if you want to check it out. Since the gaming scene here is so "meh" so just a heads up if you want to drop by http://www.rockband.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84596 and it's all skills welcome and I'm pretty sure it'll be interesting with it being in LoDo tomorrow...
    I'd hardly say welcome to the neighborhood being as I've been here for...I want to say 21 years now. Though yeah, nothing comes up here in terms of gaming, but oddly enough finding more within the past few months. I'm in Thornton btw, but still I'm astounded another CAG so damn close (or more so in this state). Hooray the mountains aren't the jail here like I originally thought they were.
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