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  • Hey DT! Thanks for the comment! :D I don't think that I would have played COD4 even close to as long as I did (or as often) if it wasn't for all you guys!! :) I always love "hanging out" with ya'll! And it shows, since I consider my time killing people with all of you (or just killing you guys) as my "me" time and use it to relax now! :D LOL!
    Haha, 1:30, is not exactly "early" for me either ;) ! I'm a bit of a night owl (some by choice/some by necessity :p ).
    You late owl you ;) ! Thanks for not killing me on COD tonight after I did/or nearly did kill you on several occasions! :D
    World War IV: Cubs

    "The fabled battle between baseball and animals."

    Coming soon! :u
    Thanks, Darky! :bouncy:

    And hey, I like cubs (the animals). They are very cuddly and soft (the baseball team).


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