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    Are they like comic book comics or are they online (or do you recall?)? Did the comics or the movie come first? Now I must go research these comics darn it! ;)
    dr horrible! :D. I've never seen the other one! I saw horrible on hulu at the suggestion of joe? I believe! I really like that guy from Firefly! :D. Is a sequel for Horrible actually confirmed to happen for sure at this point?!
    Ah...that makes sense. I just got Gears of War a few days ago, so once I finish the single player, we'll all have to get some multiplayer going, before Gears of War 2 is released.
    So I was looking through your achievements tonight, trying to see if you have Gears of War, when I noticed that you have 0 achievements points in CoD4. Have you not played single player? Get on's good! :cool:
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