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Movies anywhere (Get 5 movies free)

#1 geicorules  


Posted 13 October 2017 - 11:54 PM

Apparently several studios led by Disney have decided that UV isn't gonna work out and they are starting their own service.
(Fox, Sony Universal, Disney, WB)
At this time not sure what this means for UV but its not all bad.
This new service connects Vudu, Google, Amazon and Itunes which means any qualifying purchase you make from any of those relaters will show up on the other.
Im not sure of the fine details but this does add UV copies to your vudu library of all non Disney movies you owned on these other services so that means more movies shared in your family library. What Im not sure is if purchases made on itunes in 4k will translate to 4k on vudu or google, Im also not sure if purchase you made on other services that transfer to itunes will transfer back to other services in 4k since itunes upgrades titles with 4k for free.

Let me cut the BS you are here for the free movies.
Connect 1 retailer get
Ice Age 1
Ghostbusters (2016)

Connect 2 or more retailers get
Big Hero 6
Jason Bourne
The Lego Movie

I think if the other studios jump on this then this will be a great service which will allow us the consumer to choose where we want to buy our movies instead of being forced to pay higher prices at 1 place we can shop multiple.

Extra Note:
Eligable titles will have the movies anwhere logo on them on their respective sites.
Vudu: 6cC1TRl.png (Disney movies have only the MA logo not sure how new nonDisney movies will be in the future, if Atomic Blond is right we may not see UV in it.)
Google: TuS5vbv.png
Amazon: No logo present
Itunes: No Logo present
(Just make sure your purchase is from a qualifying studio)

Link https://moviesanywhere.com/explore

#10 geicorules  


Posted 14 October 2017 - 02:47 PM

It hasn't exactly been a smooth rollout for them. Probably why they decided to start with only US. Yesterday their site was saying some connections could take more than 8hrs which my iTunes took longer than 8 to connect.
I'm also having issues with iTunes purchases showing up on Google hopefully just a glitch , guess we gotta just give it more time