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  • Shan82> I am really looking forward to the next Trek movie. It looks to be the breath of fresh air the francihse needs.

    Chase> You so crazy. :lol:
    LOL! That's awesome Chase! ;P

    Guile, totally forgot you were a trekkie (which I should have remembered fromt the who star trek wearing star wars word snafu!), but are you not totally jazzed about the new movie coming out??? :D

    LOL! Yeah, I have found that most of the CAG community is awesome, and have more fun playing the multiplayer than I ever would have with randoms. That being said, I have actually made "friends" with a group of randoms that are really nice guys (who rescued me from team killers ... :p ).

    The mute button has DEFINITELY added to my enjoyment of the game (and block communications of course), but I just wish that people were mature on these things and it wasn't necessary! :)
    Happy birthday. I bought you a new comb you can whip out after you beat up some punks on the street.
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