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    Yo, it's the green machine. ;)
    Thanks, Gwen! :cool: I do love me some Ghost in the Shell. It has a special place on the shelves of my mind.

    And your avatar is also lovely. I dig her pigtails. :bouncy:
    If you go to the what's new panel, you should see a notification saying I've just changed my avatar - the only downside is that because I uploaded my avatar twice (after uploading the wrong one), it shows the notification twice. It's something I'm working on fixing, since a lot of people often upload their avatar multiple times to make it look right.

    The Portal av was a favourite of mine too, but I've started to see it pop up in a few other places. :( Perhaps I'll keep it until something better comes along.
    hehe, the main reason I changed it was to test out something with avatar change notifications, but I'm still looking for a good one to stick with. :)
    Hi! Nice to hear from you. I mostly lurk but post every now and then. Right now I feel totally disoriented by 2.0 and all the new features. My head is spinning....
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