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    I'm working on it!!! Hopefully by next week i'll be able to dedicate the time to cag i need to. =)
    Well I'll be damned. The CAG editor just cap'ed the first letters of all of the words in that previous post which somehow makes it even crazier. Oh well.

    And hey, here's another boot to the nads... I was going to post ASCII art of Britney Spears' vag from that time when she was getting out of the car sans culottes as the French would say... except the 2.0 post editor won't let me do it. That's great. :applause:
    Classy Stuff, Kendal! I'm Typing In All Caps Which Indicates Yelling On The Internet, Although I'm Not Really Intending To Yell At You. I Was Just Inputting Mycokerewards.com Codes And Prefer To Use The Caps Lock Up In That Mug. When I Came Over To *this* Mug, My Caps Lock Was Still On, Which I Didn't Discover Until I Started Posting This Message. Sure, I Could've Gone Back And Re-done The One Sentence I Had Already Written In All Caps And No One Would Have Been Any The Wiser... In Fact, That Probably Would've Been The Better Course Of Action. Now It's Kind Of Embarrassing, But fuck It... I'm Old And The Kids Don't Expect Much From Me Anyway.
    After the ball was over, Betty took out her glass eye,
    Put her false teeth in the water, took out a bottle of rye;
    Placed her false arm on the table, laid her false leg on the chair;
    And the rest of old Betty went bye bye after the ball!
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