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  • i saw your post on the WWE all start post. do you think that even though its region free, the DLC from the US PS store will work with the game?? thanks :)
    I checked out Checkmate Arcade and I really liked it. I listened to the latest one. Your rant was spot on and it made me lol. Keep up the good work man, I'm already subscribed and ready to listen each week.
    Thanks for the heads up :]
    Wish CAG gave a better notification for these things :p
    Lucy Pinder is a very popular (can you guess why) English model. God Save the Queen!
    Damn that American flag girl...can't stop looking at her...assets

    Who is your avatar btw?
    LOL! Thanks Hitman! :) But I think that there will have to be a maturity rating on LIVE before that ever happens ... and that would knock out about 95% of the LIVE community as well I believe! ;)

    For the most part though, I just feel sorry for guys like that now. I mean, they have such a limited scope on life and such biased opinions that, effectively, a large part of life is shut off to them!
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