2022 Thrift Store AND Yard Sale Thread -- Share Your Findings Here

Today’s finds at Salvation Army:
Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom - PS4
Persona 5 (PS hits red case) - PS4
WWE 2K19 - Xbox One
Microsoft Xbox Day One 2013 Controller w/ headset adapter

Other finds at various thrifts over the last few weeks:
Nintendo Wii w/ 2 Wiimotes, 1 Nunchuck, 1 Motion Plus attachment and 2 games
Yakuza Like a Dragon day one edition - Xbox Series X/Xbox One
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 - Wii
LEGO Lord of the Rings - Xbox 360
Fender Squire SP-10 Combo Amp
HP 23-inch Monitor
Samsung 22-inch Monitor
Logitech Marathon M705 wireless mouse
Coffee/tea mugs
Owl collectibles
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Project Xenon Valkyrie + (PS4 - LRG# 156) - $18

$1 each (both sealed):
Paranormal Activity 6-movie Blu ray collection
Kung Fu Season one (2021) DVD
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I missed a "Nintendo and a Sega" at a yard sale this past weekend since I figured a sale that listed "video games" would just have 360 stuff, but alas. Still, I picked up the DS lot for $20, the burger bank for $2, and the XBone stuff was in a free box at a sale around the corner from me, so not a bad weekend all around.



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Was pretty windy this past weekend, and was my "last" day garage saleing for the year (the weather is starting to get hit or miss in my area), but I managed to hit up an estate sale on its last day that still had some good stuff. I didn't get much but here is what I did get:

two boxes of bulk mid 2010's magic cards (mostly common and uncommon) for $5

three Wii Nunchucks for $4

Goodwill- $4 for the VGA to HDMI adapter with 3.5mm audio cable, needs a 5v ac adapter. $11 for the Thrustmaster T80 Wheel and Pedal for PS3/PS4. Small thrift- $8.25 for the games, VHS, and Realistic NOVA10 headphones. DKCR doesn't have a disc but all the inserts.


An oddly unseasonably warm weekend here. But competition was rough at the few ones I hit up yesterday, just missing a couple of good things by literal minutes. But here is what I did find:

A pair of brand new Sketchers athletic shoes size 13 for myself for $25 at a thrift store

Scud the Disposable Assassin The Whole Shebang for $1 at a library book store that reopened after being closed for a long time.

Then I was driving home from work today and stopped at a moving sale and actually got a pretty decent haul for $10:

Two vinyl:

Village People- Macho Man

Animal House soundtrack

An interact 3 in one A/V cord for X-Box, Nintendo and Sony consoles

Queen Live at Wembley Stadium DVD

Grateful Dead Truckin' to Buffalo DVD

Then 15 Time Life Best of the Muppet Show DVDs that were sealed. Surprised at how much some of these go for.

So this was probably the last weekend for yard sales in 2022 here in Baltimore, and it ended up pretty well! Saturday morning had me going to a community sale that didn't have much for me, but after that I hit up an unlisted sale near my house that mentioned video games and consoles. Turns out it was being held by a guy who does clean outs, so I got a BUNCH of good stuff. They determined prices by looking up eBay Sold prices, cutting in half, then rounding way down, so I got the items in the first two pics for $200. Not too shabby, especially considering I grabbed a Game & Watch and a functional Virtual Boy head!



On Sunday there was a late starting community sale about 10 minutes away. When I pulled up to the first sale a friend of mine who also hunts games pulled up behind me and mentioned he already got a score which was...less than ideal. Still, I decided to continue looking around in case there was anything he missed, and I lucked out at the next house. My friend skipped it because he thought it was just an old-lady-stuff sale, but they brought out  a Wii lot then a PSP lot and then PS2 lot! I got everything for $60, which was a pretty great to end my yard saling season.




And finally, a co-worker of mine was cleaning out for a move and found box with old Atari stuff, so they brought it to me at work party we had! Gotta love random free stuff. 


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Goodwill- Sealed 70" kite was $3.67, Silent Hill UMD was $3. Small thrift- everything else was $28. This was actually all from today. Ive been trying to not go everyday because Im trying to sell things. I only worked 10 days this month because I had to use up vacation and personal days. Spent everyday cleaning, testing, listing on Ebay and FB. Took a bunch of stuff that was not worth fixing to the Ecycle place last weekend. Carried a ton of stuff up to the attic to clear out the little bedroom I was using for storage. And I still havent gotten all the projects done! I need to work on a model 1 Vita, a Sega Nomad, 4 Gameboys/GBCs, and my modded Xbox that isnt reading my HDD anymore. I think the top of the Xbox got stepped on by my nephew and the pins on the HDD converter bent.


Welp I went to GW on a rainy Sunday so heres a Sunday post! About $29- mens 10.5 Nike Dunk Low 6.0 Panda, almost CIB WWF Trivia Game (missing the die), Sega Genesis rf adapter, Ursula figure, 2 Underdog glasses, Riddler glass, and a Starbucks mug


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So much for trying to make room........cant pass up bargins! Someone donated a bunch of sealed sports equipment at GW. This stuff was about $195. There's also a Monster brand Wii component cable in there. Those leg guards in the back are worth $50 apiece and the forearm sleeves are like $20 apiece on Ebay for reference. Small Thrift- about $33. Everything works! Got excited when I saw the 1660TI box but it had a 750TI in it.... which is still worth more than I paid for everything if it works. The water filters are like $50 for a set of 3. Random cables and screwdrivers that were underneath the PC parts.


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Finds 8-6-22 PART 2

This is some additional stuff I found that was not on my last post... a long time ago.  This happens every year, I get behind and usually tend to not get everything posted.  

[attachment=37481:75 laserdiscs.JPG]

On the way to a highway sale, we ran into a moving sale.  I saw a large device "Is that a laserdisc player?"  "Yes, you can have it all for $5".  In addition to what I thought was a laserdisc player was a box full of 75 laserdiscs.  Five dollars.  Not sure if the wrong component was loaded in my haste after getting a damn good deal or what, but I realized when I got home I had a Kenwood multidisc CD player not a Laserdisc player.  Still had 75 Laserdiscs, the best ones value wise are the Thunder and Mud and Hackers.  This is just a small sample of what was in the box.

Also at the moving sale there was a giant box of CDs.  A conservative estimate would be at least 300, I still haven't gotten through them all.  She told me I could have the whole box for $20.  At first I thought there was going to be a decent amount of PS1 games mixed in as I ran across a copy of Twisted Metal III.  Unfortunately the only other PS1 game was Oddworld: Abe's Odessey.  Approximately 50% was country (that's all gonna go), the rest is rock and pop with about 40% of the stuff overall in rough shape.

Still looking for a Laserdisc player.

Finds 8-13-22


Found a non-backwards compatible Wii bundle at this sale early in the day.  Almost passed at $75 but everything was so clean I went ahead and grabbed it.  Five of the games more than cover the cost of the purchase.



Flea market finds.  Some random PS1 games at $1 each.  Sure, why not?  The Japanese GBA games were $5, the Super Famicom games were $15 each.  I think I have about all the Bomberman games for that system now.

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Finds 8-20-22

Small community sale.


Antique alarm clock $1, Lego Avengers and Anchorman 2 were $1 each, Shawshank Redemption steelbook bluray $2, Uniden multitap was $0.50 and the Mario lanyard was $0.25.


Best find of the weekend, a pair of vintage Fisher XP-7c speakers for $40.  Custom made stands to point them upwards.  I'm the second owner, the guy I got them from said he bought them new his sophomore year at university in 1971.  These will be a nice replacement for the cat scratched OHM speakers I got a few years ago.

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Finds 8-27-22

Festival in a nearby town so lots of sales going on for this weekend.


Season sets for $1 each.  The Saved by the Bell The College Years is one to note here.


Movies were $2 each, Mario puzzle was $3, 360 games were $3 total.  For people looking for flip value, some of the Rock Band Country 2 Track Packs actually have decent value.


Flea market I ran into during the journey.  The Tudors complete series DVD was $5, DVD was $1, The PS2 Batman case was $3 but it had Devil May Cry 2 and It Chapter 2 bluray inside for $3.  Terraria was $3 and the VHS were $.050 each.  Calendar Girl is still factory sealed.


These people were actually closing up as I arrived.  They allowed me to browse a bit and I got everything shown for $6.  The White Fang VHS is also still factory sealed.


These people had a ton of movies for $0.50 each.  At this point I'm grabbing stuff that is very obscure or I know I don't have.  Had to get the Asian Star Wars despite probably not being able to play them, it has all six of the first movies.


I'm a sucker for vintage tube radios, and this one is in excellent condition.  At $5, I couldn't pass on this 1963 Zenith K731.  It works great!


The usual flea market the day after the other sales.  Blurays were $3 each, $15 for the Super Famicom and $5 for what was one of the dirtiest Dreamcast controllers I've ever seen.

Sealed BMW 4 piece floor mats- $11 at Goodwill. Books, sealed puzzles, Wii game, and Converse were $26 at the small thrift. I was like "uhh did you look at them books in that box....". The Nikes were $5 at Goodwill.


About $30, Goodwill- 29 sealed Moog feeding tubes, sealed 1999 Holey Moley game, 1990 Bart Simpson mug, Thrustmaster TFlight Stick X, and a pair of size 9 Women's Brooks. We'll see if im allowed to sell the tubes on Ebay..... I cant believe I got a VERO for those fucking water filters! GTFOH! Why is that even a thing on Ebay? How can a company tell them to remove my listing where Im selling something I paid money for and its not illegal or harmful?



50% off green tags so I grabbed a bunch of the sports stuff that was still around. Also found a brand new Marcato biscuit/cookie cutter. Total was $79.53.
The open box but unused 1998 Radica fishing game was $3.75, those dumbasses put $15 on it and it sat until 75% off day! Sealed Dr Mario amiibo was $9. The 1973 glasses were $1.32 apiece. The Namco plug n play was $6. And the New in box Teethers were $3.67 apiece. Edit 11/27/22- lady at the small thrift gave me an Xbox One, 1st model no accessories...looks like its been open or dropped. Local game store obviously didnt have the power cable because I needed one! Waiting on one from Amazon. Ill probably pop it open the rest of the way at check out the insides.


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Been pretty quiet for me in the last month or so since I posted. But I did hit up my local thrift store for their Black Friday sale and got the Bond 50 Blu-Ray set for $8 after the 50 percent off and a $10 reward I had.

Small Thrift- 500GB X1 was free, it appears to work fine after buying a power cable and downloading the firmware to a USB drive and getting it all updated. The 1972 blackjack game was $2. The glass lighter was $5. And the iNinja manual was free. Goodwill- local store is closing for a month to remodel so everything was half off. Grabbed that awful stack of games for $1.50 apiece and the promo COD Ghosts hat for $3.

This guy I see at GW has a booth at local "flea market" store. I don't know how he pays for the booth because this sh1t is here everytime! He wants $10-$25 apiece for the dirty untested controllers. $8-$15 apiece for the cartridges which are mostly sports. $12 for the PS1 game. $40 for the copy of Virtua Fighter for Dreamcast with water damaged booklet and back art! I did end up getting that spice orange Gamecube controller for $20 only because it just needs cleaned up and is worth $45.


Finds 9-3-22

Slept in this weekend, as it got close to noon I decided to go out and see if there was anything still going on. 


Found a lone garage sale down the road at about 11:30 am, I think they got a later start the same as me.  I got everything pictured for $11.  This was the first time I saw an Xbox 1 at a garage sale though it was for parts only.  For as long as I've been buying movies, I can't believe I didn't have Back to the Future until now.  I just recently replaced the Jurassic Park collection with the Blu-ray edition that includes 3-D versions.

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Finds 9-10-22

Local festival means lots of garage sales.


Started off at a garage sale this lady was having for her late husband's belongings.  Guy was a major cinephile, lots of great movies, media components and supplies in excellent condition.  Prices were a little salty ($3 for movies, $1 VHS) but it was quality stuff.  I picked out a handful of things and she totaled it up to close to $60!  Turns out it wasn't $3 per movie, she was charging per disc!  I cut way back on my pile and kept the above which still ended up being $21.  She obviously didn't know how to price the stuff since the HDMI switcher was only $2.  I'm fine with $6 for a Criterion and I have wanted Waterworld for a long time.  The only reason I got Race to Witch Mountain was I was there in the background during filming in Vegas.  The stepmother beat me to a sealed copy of Dark Night of the Scarecrow. 

This was a one-day sale, not sure what she did with the remainder as I'm sure she didn't sell much.


A usual barn sale we stop at during this event.  Got these tabletop Bambino boxing and football games for $2.50 each.  The vintage alarm clock was talked down to $1 and the Foreigner CD was $2... only paid that since it's a newer release that is harder to find. 


In the main swap meet area of the festival someone had a table with games, blu-rays and UHDs.  All were $3 each, very nice condition.  The Game selection wasn't the greatest but they're decent.  Realized after the fact that it's the second copy of Street Racing Syndicate that I've picked up this year.


This house had a lot of cassettes for $0.10 each (it's hard to tell but the top three are Ozzy, also Krokus!)  Guy said there was some dude that bought out a lot of what they had already and gave a description of him, it wasn't the last time I heard the same story about the same guy that day.  The music DVDs were $2 each so I left with paying $13 for all.

They told me they were setting up the day before and some guy snatched up a Nintendo, Sega and dozens of games they had before they even had it priced.  Hearing that stuff hurts, I would almost prefer not to hear about it at all!   :whistle2:(


Temporary warehouse flea market for the festival.  This guy buys in bulk in Chicago and takes it elsewhere to sell.  Ended up with everything pictured for $6.50.  The movies were 3/$1, the 360 controller was $2 and A/V cable / power cable was $1.  The Gremlins Blu-ray was on a separate shelf and was $0.50.


Last stop of the day, everyone was closing up.  Guy running the sale was trying to unload things, picked up everything shown for $2.  The John Wayne VHS and TMNT DVD are factory sealed. 

Finds 9-11-22

Rare Sunday sales in the next town over.


The sale advertised video games.  There was nothing amazing but the price was ok at $2 each for complete games and I love collecting for the PS2.  Total $26 for this lot.


Same garage sale but a different person had set up on another table.  Better prices, even had some random grab bags.  I should have left the $10 bag as it had mostly incomplete collections of multi-disc games for Xbox, which is not something I collect much for.  The $5 bag had lots of the same except for PS1 which I'm cool with as I have lots of incomplete games to finish.  The $7.50 bag I thought was going to be a good one because of Smash Brawl, but during examination I looked at the center spindle and surface completely ignoring the outer edge where there was a crack...   Live and learn I guess.  Still got Monkey Ball out of it and plenty of discs to test a new resurfacing machine I plan on getting in a month or so.


Firstly, the PSP stereo dock shown was picked up at the previous sale for $5.  

Unadvertised sale near the one above.  This lady was a HUGE Stephen King fan.  She was talking about someone traveling a couple hours to pick up a couple rare first editions she had.  I wouldn't know about that, I picked up these two because they're the ones I like best at $3 each. 

The Led Zepplin VHS are bootlegs from before this stuff was readily available on YouTube.  This very show is now widely available on YouTube but I wanted it to see if there are any differences to the one posted (haven't gotten to that yet but probably not).  They were $1 each.

Picked up the first two seasons of Black Sails on Blu-ray for $3 each.  Looks interesting.

Finds 9-17-22

This weekend was rained out, stopped at a flea market instead.


Single booth suddenly had retro gaming stuff.  Double Dragon was $5 and came with the manual for DD2, the boxed Jeopardy was $10 and the Atari Jr. without controllers or hookups was $12.  I thought it wasn't a bad value as I have spare controllers or can get them cheap.  I wish I passed on the Atari, you will see why after a future post.

Finds 9-24-22


Started off at a sale that takes place regularly and I always visit.  They usually have some stuff I look for: movies, music and games.  They've seen me around town and recognize me as "the movie guy".  These 45s were $2 each.  The Stray Cats cover is cool, the rest are solid titles.  You might recognize the "Yackety Sax" as the theme for the Benny Hill Show.


Same sale, everything was $1 each DVDs and games.  Made plans to meet up and pick his giant selection of movies he has available.  The "I Love Lucy seasons 1-5" was picked up at a sale down the street for $4.


The DVD classics in this grouping were from the same sale as I Love Lucy in the previous pic, got them for $1 each.  Got these for my grandmother to watch as she prefers more... PG type fanfare.  

The VHS in this pic is from the next sale which was a large lot.



This guy regularly has sales, I have tried to ask about games before but he is usually pretty busy so it doesn't happen.  Finally caught him during a slow spell and asked about games.  Told me about a GameCube that lots of people were lowballing him on and also mentioned an Atari.  Since he already had a huge list of people after the GameCube I figured my play was for the Atari. 

He brings it out and I ask what he's asking.  "$150".  Ouch.  I figured that was too wide of a gulf for what he valued it at and what I thought it was worth so I wasn't going to make a counter offer but he asked for one.  I told him I was thinking more around $65 - $75, he wasn't particularly happy with that.  Said he would bundle the four VHS from the previous pic, the Atari and games and the (5) Xbox 360 and (3) controllers for $100 (not the Xbox One games).  I was ok with that, not sure he was enthused.  Some say it's a fair deal if both parties walk away not particularly happy.  Honestly IMO $75 is about what this would sell for around here, particularly since about five other people in the area were trying to sell Atari bundles at the same time.  Only games I'm somewhat excited for are Space Shuttle and Spider Fighter.

The two Xbox one games were from another sale, $5 each which was kinda too much for the age of the titles.

Finds 10-1-22

First kinda cold weekend of the fall, not many sales.


Went to this one looking to pick up an old Coke advertising clock that appeared in the ad.  As the sale started on Friday and this was Saturday, the clock was long gone.  But I got everything in the pic for $1 each.  While the Instax Mini 8 is not my color, these things are at least $50 at retail.  Works great!  The Wii games will make excellent replacement cases.


Random sale, thought it was all clothes.  Found these for $1 each.  Not a great find, but there have been times in the past where I've thought there would be nothing and they would end up having the best finds of the year.  I wonder how many times I've passed up finding an amazing deal because it looks like it' all baby clothes?

[attachment=37651:92 DVD.JPG]

Met up with the guy from the previous weekend to check out the movies he had available.  When I pull up, he had about 7-8 huge shipping boxes full of DVDs and Blu-rays.  I start digging through them, asking what his price point was.  "I was thinking 3/$1".  Turns out he was storing them in his dad's office, and he was pushing him to get his space back.  He was also going to a concert later in the day and wanted a little extra spending cash. 

It took about an hour and a half to sort through them all, picking up 92 items.  Paid $40 total including $5 for the Superman Blu-ray set.  I picked up things I knew were out of print like The Abyss and Volcano and oddball stuff I'd never heard of.  Also picked up a lot of DC cartoons.  I'm certain that I grabbed some duplicates of stuff I already have but it didn't set me back much.

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Finds 10-8-22

Slow weekend as head into the fall.


This estate sale was the only stop of the weekend.  The PS1, PS2, DS games and DVDs were $2 each.  The 1970's Dataman game was $1 and Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart was $10.  First time getting a PS5 game at a garage sale.


Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170 Deluxe 35mm point and shoot was $2.  I'm a camera guy and I'm very happy to have gotten this so cheap.  Keep an eye out for them, they normally go for $70 - $130 depending on condition.  

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