2023 Thrift Store AND Yard Sale Pickups Thread

Goodwills/thrifts have been slow around here. I did host my own yard sale last weekend. My cohost did great and I did okay. Still very glad to dump stuff

Goodwills/thrifts have been slow around here. I did host my own yard sale last weekend. My cohost did great and I did okay. Still very glad to dump stuff
Sister is going to host a sale along a major highway sale next week, then my neighborhood will have one two weeks after that. Kinda looking forward to dumping stuff as well.

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Small thrift- $2 apiece. Lego set is sealed! Goodwill- jerseys were $9.27 apiece. The Sony phone in box was $3.67. Goodwill- randomness bag of toys and misc was $10.67. Highlights would be the Power Rangers mini lunch box, the Matrix figs, surprisingly the Zhu Zhu pets hamsters. Haven't looked up everything yet.


Goodwill- 1998 Bedtime Bubba never opened- $7.67, J-Hope POP! never opened and in a clear cover- $9, and a Sony DVP-NC875V cd/dvd changer $15. Goodwill- Sony CDP-215 and 491, $10.77 apiece. It's nice to see that they aren't looking stuff like this up because here are the video games I saw today- Halo 3 ODST for $10.67, Super GameBoy for $25, a sealed 3 figure Skylanders pack for $15, and some Pelican brand PS2 controllers with messed up sticks for $4.67 apiece.


Ended up taking back one of the CD players, I think a fuse popped. I decided to post my $15 bin of toys early so I can start listing things on Ebay. Definitely a few hidden "gems" in here. Plus I have another nice storage tub now! If anyone wants to clue me in on what some of the little figures and parts may be, that'd be cool. More pics here, https://imgur.com/gallery/Lk9aIH9


I've been a little busy this past month with Tears of the Kingdom, so here's a dump of the last few weekends of pickups! It's been a little slower than the spring, but there's still been some good finds.






Best of the last couple weeks thrifting:

GameCube without the power brick but two controllers and a memory card was $10

The N64 was the find of the last couple weeks...until the bag I had the stuff in ripped as I was putting it in my backpack. Majora's Mask's corner shattered, but thankfully the cartridge still works. The sale was literally two blocks away from my house and I was on my bicycle. But anyhow All that was $10. Might be going back tomorrow with more money as the guy says he has more stuff in the attic, including an original PS1. But this time with my car.

Star Trek Risk was unused

Angel the complete series was $3

the Guitar Hero Dongles and Wii classic controller ended up being I think $5

Jak 3 was a dollar because I got two blu-rays also (Clerks and American Psycho)

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The closest thing to video games at any YS today was a lady who said she threw away a broken Playstation and gave her nephews kids "like 100 games".......FUUUUU..... the small thrift and actually GW paid off this week. Besides that bin of toys- 90s cat couch arm remote control holder- $2.79, Canon SX130 IS- $10.77, Pentax I-10 with manual/cd rom/av cable/lanyard- $10.77, Batman Forever VHS- 6 cents, DT Racer PS2 game- $1.16, bag of mini Nerf darts and plastic balls- $2.79. 1984 ATEAM Rough Riders Switch Force car- $4.67, missing the left half of the front bumper and its kinda yellowed but the electronics work. It takes a AA which makes the back wheels spin. 2nd pic- medium Dunder Mifflin and H&M Patrick hoodies were $5.17 apiece, 2003 SpiderMan was $3.87, Sony SLV-N55 with remote was $12.01, and the Sanyo VWM-710 was $15.01. 3rd pic, small thrift. They had this stuff pictured on their FB page on Weds nite so I wasnt expecting it to be there! Someone only grabbed some little airplanes that were around $100 value. Sticker price was $195, lady said, "for you Jake.... how about $125 since youre taking it all off our hands?". Sold! They also still have this huge Toshiba TheaterView SD CRT TV that I want to get but I cant fit that into my car! If its there next week Ill have my dad bring his truck or my moms Mountaineer. Its free! Someone will buy that on FB Marketplace!


There was a big neighborhood festival in my area this weekend, which is always good for finding plenty of yard sales within walking distance. There weren't quite as many sales this year but I still found some fun stuff, nonetheless.


Finds 5-6-23

Highway sale.  Got a late start on Saturday morning so most good stuff was already gone.  


Old slide rule and engineering drafting tools $20.  These are usually in rough shape so nice to find these clean and in nice condition.  Going into the personal collection.


Games were as marked, nothing great.  Everything else was $3.50 total including the Mask Firecracker for $0.50 that I picked up at a thrift store after garage sales.

Finds 5-13-23

Not many sales listed for this weekend, only went to a handful.


Games priced as shown.  Pokemon Pinball is the only game I'll be keeping.  Bought the Panasonic portable CD player for $0.50 on a whim.  It had a couple exploded batteries inside, took it apart and cleaned with vinegar and rubbing alcohol.  It works great!  Without the shuffle controller these go for about $30.

Ended up taking back one of the CD players, I think a fuse popped. I decided to post my $15 bin of toys early so I can start listing things on Ebay. Definitely a few hidden "gems" in here. Plus I have another nice storage tub now! If anyone wants to clue me in on what some of the little figures and parts may be, that'd be cool. More pics here, https://imgur.com/gallery/Lk9aIH9
[attachment=37981:eek:pw1pft edit.jpg]

  1. The sword in the lower left looks like He-Man? Not sure, I was not a big fan.
  2. These look a lot like the weapons that go with G1 Transformer Rumble, the cassette. Difficult to tell from the pic.
  3. These are from a "Barrel of Monkeys". A little game I had in the '80's. They came in a plastic barrel, all the same color. Looks like you also have a blue one.
  4. These three items (gun and two gun pods) are from the Transformer Jetfire.
  5. This two-piece bomb is from the Star Wars Y-Wing Fighter.
  6. (also 6a and 6b) are from the G1 Transformer Megatron. These parts are used when he is in the form of a Walther P-38 gun.
  7. I think this is a gun from the Wheeled Warriors from the 80's. Can't confirm, but it looks a lot like ones that would be on them.
I had most of these things when I was a kid (still have some of them).

Hope this helps. Those Transformer pieces, particularly the Megatron stuff, might bring some value to the right person.

Bought two SNES games (Final Fantasy II and Magic Sword) at a local pawn shop. Probably overpaid for them but these are going to my personal collection. Unfortunately Magic Sword has a crack on the back. How easy is it to replace the back cart cover? 


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Invicta 61, Between your response and Ebay photo search most of the stuff was identified! Thanks. Already sold the grey He Man sword for $10, the red G1 Jetfire arm guards for $25, the Fisher Price Oscar The Grouch for $14, green Trap Jaw belt for $6, and the 18" Spiderman for $50. Im probably not passing on anymore $11 mystery tubs/bags at GW anymore!

Goodwill- Xbox360 guitar was $7.37, Wii games were $4.67 apiece, dvd was $2.54, Xbox One controller was, $4.67, PS2 memory card was in one of the Wii cases. Goodwill- another $11 tub of mystery toys. Definitely not as good as last week's. The Pokémon tin does have like 60 cards though, 2014-2021 stuff. Nothing rare sadly. Goodwill- GNR jersey was $12.98, Fox with 42inch tail was $2.97, games were $4.67 apiece. Like the only games from this decent size stack that weren't sports or Assassins Creed! Goodwill- basketball jersey poster was $2.97. Small Thrift- sealed models, open box slim dvd drive, sealed Chicago Cubs valve stem caps, size 11 Vans, size 11 Nikes. Total was $151 after tax.


Goodwill- GNR jersey was $12.98,
The band had a black and yellow hockey style jersey, but I can't tell if that's an original or knock off. If it's original, it was an expensive item when new and it was sold exclusively on the band website. Most of their stuff is made by Bravado so that should give you a hint right away.

Yeah...I have roughly 40 of their concert shirts.

Bought two SNES games (Final Fantasy II and Magic Sword) at a local pawn shop. Probably overpaid for them but these are going to my personal collection. Unfortunately Magic Sword has a crack on the back. How easy is it to replace the back cart cover?
They're not yard sale prices, but you still got a pretty good deal on those - assuming that they're authentic. And replacing the back shell of a SNES game is pretty easy, you just need Nintendo security bit screwdrivers and a the back shell from a game you don't care about. Take out the screws, pop open the cart, swap out the back shell, and voila.

I hit a couple of block sales here in Baltimore over the weekend - I got everything in the pics below for $50 and will hopefully be hooking up with the seller for more games soon. I was excited enough for the DS games, but friends have told me that the real find are the horror themed shirts. I'm planning on using them as raffle prizes for the cult movie night I host, but it's always fun to get an inadvertent good deal. My appraisal skills are largely limited to video games and D&D stuff but sometimes I just bring home stuff that seems neat or useful that ends up being valuable.



Finds 5-20-23

There was a neighborhood sale two blocks away.  One of them didn't mention games but had a pic of loads of games, mostly Xbox.  Of course, I had trouble sleeping and was still awake around 5 AM, the 7:15 alarm didn't wake me.  Woke up around 11:00.


I arrived at the sale two blocks from my house and this is what was left, got them both for $1.  I asked about games knowing what the answer would be and they said "those went first thing in the morning.  We had Nintendo 64, original Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Xbox..".  Sometimes not knowing is better.  (Also, people were probably already at the sale picking through things at 7:15. Had a sale last weekend and people were showing up at 7:20 while I was still unfolding tables.)



At this point most sales were well picked through or closing.  Went to one out in the country to try my luck.  The guy was the previous owner of a video store and had a lot of big box VHS.  Not the greatest selection but I'm not turning my nose up at some of these either.  Got them for $1 each, not a bad recovery from what could have been a great weekend.

Also picked up some unused video store posters (not shown) still in the shipping tube for $3.  There are two copies of Goodfellas and a few of something else from that era.  I now have a huge lot of video store posters from 1987- approximately 1993 because I bought out the poster inventory of another abandoned video store in a small town not far off.  I've picked out what I want from them, I think the rest are going to be taken to a local store to hopefully find a home.

Finds 5-27-23

Saw an ad that clearly showed a SNES in one of the pictures.  Unfortunately, the sale was the next town over for a 20-minute drive.  Not wanting a repeat of the previous weekend, I made sure I was there 15 minutes before the start of the sale.  Only thing I saw was an overpriced mini-Nintendo rip-off.  I asked if there were any other games.  "No, someone came and got them last night."   fuck   As I was digging through other things someone else showed up and asked if they still had the N64.  I had skipped other local sales to go out of my way to chance this one only for them to sell everything the night before.  Unfortunately, this might be how I'm probably going to be playing it from here on out.  I hate this type of thing but not really going to get any natural finds at this point unless by chance or on an ask.  At least they had some cheap music.




The CDs were $0.25 each, movies were $1 each.  Rudy is sealed.  This area is filled with country music lovers, so happy to find some decent stuff.


Almost didn't stop at this sale on the way back to town.  Almost the only video games I saw on the weekend!  Still not worth the trip.


Back in town there was a resale shop with a huge selection of movies for $.050 each.  RV and Aladdin have water damage so those will be replaced.  Particularly happy with The Nightmare Before Christmas.


This is from a few days later.  Random sale on a Monday when visiting family.  Turns out the guy owns the local video game store; the home of above Price Charting markups and 20% trade value.  Halo 3 was $2 and the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert DVD was $10, and he would not budge.  I had to have it though.  All the PC discs were in a free box.  Probably should have left them there.

Finds  6-2-23

This week was a highway sale.  It started on Wednesday but went out on Friday since there would probably be more people set up then.  


First stop yielded one of the more unique things I've come across recently, a railroad switchman's lantern that I got for $0.25.  Also got the sealed Lightscribe DVDs and BD-R for $1 total.  Lightscribe discs are a BOLO as they are becoming scarcer and more expensive.  Also found a pager for $2.  I've been trying to find one of these for a few years and this one is in excellent condition.


This sale was asking $1 each on media, found a couple games mixed in.  Got the bundle for $5.  


I have mixed feelings about this purchase.  Guy was asking $10 each or $140 for the bundle.  There were 6-7 that I wanted but he wouldn't negotiate on anything but a package sale.  He offered $100 for all, there was another guy throwing out offers of $85 as we spoke.  Since I didn't have Mad Max, California Games, Videomation, Ms. Pac-Man or World GP I went ahead and took the offer since in the grand scheme of things the price wasn't going to be much more.  Value of the bundle was at $140, exactly what he was originally asking.  But some of these are absolute shovelware.  Said he had more earlier but they were priced higher.  Wish I were there for that.


No doubts about this purchase.  $5 each on these Gamecube titles is perfectly fine.  The disc only Spongebob was thrown in for $1.  People were walking up, looking at them, then walking away.  I guess since it doesn't say "Mario" or "Zelda" they're not interested.  Paid $6 for Brunswick Bowling, I had confused it with another game I was looking for.  Mistakes were made.  


Guy had a mix of media tossed in a tub; movies, video games and even consoles.  Had a non-BC PS3 that looked rough for $60 - pass.  The movies were $1 each, the Gears of War 3 controller was $3 but the stick wiggles like jello.  Was thinking I could use it as a re-shell but I don't know if that will work.


More random stuff from the rest of the day.  Tail Spin and Prince of Persia (sealed) were $20.  Hulk Hogan Anthology was $3, the vendor was not around and they guy wouldn't negotiate. Spyro and Dark Kingdom were $11.  Led Zeppelin box set was $3.  The NFS Prostreet and Mario/Duck Hunt were $5.  

Not bad.  Now I see why I don't find anything at these highway sales on Saturday.

Finds 6-10-23

Another neighborhood sale, probably the last decent event until August around here.


Saw an ad with games, most notably a Gamecube with a lone copy of Zelda Windwaker.  Of course I show up just as they're planting the sale sign and the Gamecube and Zelda are already gone.  The guy seemed a little irritated with the person that got it.  Said he kept messaging him the night before, told him he was just going to have to show up.   ;) He left behind three of the GC controllers and an Xbox 360 with several COD games.  I picked up the two best remaining GC controllers at $10 each, two Xbox controllers at $3 each and an official GC memory card.  He threw in the Xbox charging port which was cool of him since I don't have one.  Picked up the Dukes of Hazzard repro car for $1 and the Unisonic watch for $10.  It's new, still has the screen protector on it.  I had one of these when I was a kid!


This sale had a random box of media at $0.50 each.  Happy with the Felix collection and Everything Must Go is an underrated movie IMO.


This place had a nice selection of $1 Blu-Rays.  Found a replacement for my water damaged copy of RV.  Also got a couple VHS for $0.50 each.  Elvira's Haunted Hills...


This place had some horror Blu-Rays for $1 each, a rare find.  Then the girl at the sale says "I should have brought my Wii...".


Right place at the right time.  I asked her about the Wii and she went home and got it.  Everything pictured was $10.  It's a non-BC but is extremely clean and has the Wiimote+ controllers.


Last pickup was this antique emergency lantern for $1.  I went to this sale looking for an old tube radio that was advertised but it was long gone.  It works but the contacts on the switches need some cleaning.  Not a bad consolation prize.

I actually went to more than 1 YS today and I actually found something, imagine that! Saw a sign for 1 sale and 2 of their neighbors were also having sales. I love when that happens. No games or anything interesting at 2 of them though. I walked around the 3rd one and wasnt really going to pick up anything, then the lady said "everything is half off except the glassware and the birds".....turns out there were 2 parakeets inside for sale. So I asked about games and they were keeping everything except for the stuff I picked up. $23. Then at one last sale I picked up the Sony TC-WE305 cassette player with a Poison cassette in it for $4. They only apparently had "a few Xbox games earlier".

GW- Sony SA-WG99 sub was $4.67, the screwdrivers and everything else in that pic was about $93, Naruto shirt was $5.17. Small thrift- $11.05 for the VCR, tape measure, and media.


A wet weekend here in Baltimore meant that most sales got rained out, but I had some good pick-ups nonetheless. First up is some games I grabbed from a local antique store/junk shop that gives me a buzz whenever they get games in. Picked up everything in the top picture for $35. The bottom picture comes from an indoor flea market that run every few months out of one of the local clubs - Layton and Folkore together were $20.



Goodwill- Rockford Fostgate 3Sixty.1 was $4.67. The WWE belt was also $4.67. Goodwill- Megablocks set was $4.67, haven't counted the pieces yet. Promaster 2500PK Super camera was $10.77. The Fisher Price movie toy was $3.01, noticed when I got home that it's the 2014 version sadly. Not vintage. The PS3 game was $4.67, only game there... I always find that weird. Small Thrift- Xbox360 adapter was $3, Kiss cd was $1.


Holiday weekends are usually pretty bad for yard sales around here, but a friend tipped me off to one happening near by that had games. Got all this for $15, but unfortunately the Ghibli set is a higher-quality Taiwanese knock-off.


Went to a thrift shop while doing laundry. Cashier said they put these out only yesterday. Each was $2.
Goodwill- rollerblades were $6.67, lava lamp was $4.67, NHL16 was $1 something because it was 75% off, and the Pokémon dvd was $2.32. Goodwill- model car kits were $10.05 apiece, Xbox game was $4.67, Launchport iPad charger was $6.74, PlayStation hat was $4.49, Eagle light was $4.67, sealed Switch Joy Con light up sword was $5.67, sealed Chris Jericho POP was $6.01, and the CIB RadioShack Temptest RC car was $25. Goodwill- Kenwood DP-R792 for $15.01, Kenwood KA-892 was $18.42, Kenwood DP-R892 was $18.42, and the Sony SLV-N81 was $15.01.


No video games this week but I got something equally interesting: rare smut! I found everything in the pic in the free pile of a yard sale nearby and I grabbed Sumo Vixens because that's a legit funny name for a movie. Turns out it's out of print and pretty pricey because of that, so I'm passing it along to a friend who collects weird cinema. One of the funniest things about it is the voice cast - it has a lot of mid 90's/00's anime voiceover artists doing the English dub, with the main villain and secondary female lead being voiced by the folks who voiced Jet and Faye from Cowboy Bebop, respectively.


Goodwill GC games - all complete $4 each

Local thrift store - Bag of Sony controllers (2x PS3, 1x PS2) Tested and all works. $8 w/ tax


Also saw a brand new Zelda Skyward Sword Link 10" Figurine but Goodwill wanted $60 for it :(


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I had more thrift finds than yard sale finds this past weekend, but still grabbed some decent stuff for a decent price! I came home with everything in the pic below for $40.


Goodwill- GHWT band set, GH3 red SG guitar. $40, missing the games and the wireless dongles. At the bottom of the box was a disc only College Hoops 2k5 and Pelican PS2 controller. Rockband 4 mic was $4.67. Sharp VL-A10U camera with cables and bag was $10.77. The unopened 2000 Baby Pluto toy was $3.67. And the Toys r Us Maidenhead dragon was $2.97. Drum is missing battery cover and 1 original stick. The cables for the cymbals have tubing that is just flaking away but the wires are still okay. Small Thrift- Asus vg245h monitor with some audio cables was $5. The lady said it came in with "a black PlayStation" and some guy grabbed that and by accident the ac adapter for the monitor. She didn't even have time to set the PS aside for me like she usually does.


Goodwill- sealed Bubble-tastic Barbies were $7.37 apiece (resell around $35 apiece) and the Jakks Pacific Nickelodeon Nicktoons TV Plug N Play was $4.67 (resell around $20).

Goodwill- sealed Classic Cruiser car was $5.67, the Starcraft art book was $4, sealed 4k Blurays were $2.54 apiece!, the Toshiba HDMI DVD VCR Combo was $15, the sealed Miuchiz handheld was $7.37, and the 1990 Simpsons mug was $1.32.

Goodwill- sealed Shakeweight was $6.01, Power Rangers blasters were $3.67 apiece (only 1 is electronic, the others would've had little plastic missiles), PS1 controller was $4.67, Toy Story plug n play was $4.67, the Amazon Glow was $8 I think and I'm pretty sure it's never been used, the Power Rangers dino was $7.67, and the Louisville Slugger TPS bat was $6 and should basically pay for everything! $70-$100 bat.

Goodwill- $2.97 for the RadioShack car with battery. Too bad there was no remote. If the battery holds a charge I can sell just it for $20. Small thrift- lady found Gran Turismo 2 simulation disc in a box from an estate sale and gave it to me.


I spent Saturday morning hitting up a large community yard sale near me. I found a lot of kitschy stuff but no games, though I'm hoping to get a call back about some later. I won't bore you with pics of that stuff, but here's what I found right around the corner from my house when I was just out and about in my neighborhood - Pokemon Ruby, Golden Sun, and Super Mario Strikers. Total spent on the games was $41.


Goodwill- 2016 Ghostbusters Proton Pack was $7.37, it's missing the little Slimer figure. Hoboglin figure was $2.79. The Schylling pinball was $2.79. Magnavox ZV427MG9 combo player was $14.49. The Sony SLV-D360P was $12.01. The Sharp camera and all the accessories/bag was $10.77.

Goodwill- New with tags Guess shirts were $9.26 apiece. Six Flags Fright Fest shirt was $3.64. Pikachu shirt was $7.79. Grateful Dead Teeshirt was $5.17. Toy Story Mania plug n play was $3.67, missing the sensor and glasses but oddly works with a Wii sensor bar. 1998 Toybiz Babe was $4.67, back right leg is broken but it talks and tries to move. The Nintendo DS handheld and cartridge holder was $1.84, this was $7.37 and made it to 75% off day because that price is outrageous!

Goodwill- hockey sticks were $4.67 apiece. I did not see that Power-Flite stick on 75% off yellow sticker day the day before! Sega Genesis Ascii SG-6 controller was $4.67.

Goodwill- PS3 controller was $2.54. 1986 Barbie Ferrari was $2.79. GayToys Corvette was $5.01. Toy Story talking Zurg figure was $4.67. The bag of Figures was $5.74. Small thrift, free- 2 Samsung tablets with cases and keyboards, untested no cables potentially password locked I was told. And the Nintendo switch n carry GBA? carrying case.


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Goodwill- jerseys were $5.17 apiece, vintage Rams hat was $6.69, Wiimote was $5.01, 1995 Xwing was $4.67, 2009 SpongeBob plug n play was $4.67, Xbox One controller was $5.01, Burger King Exeggcute toy was $2.79, and the sealed 1/4th scale Harley Twin Cam 88 engines were $10.77 apiece. Goodwill- Samsung un40ju7100f 40inch 4k UHDTV was $100. It was complete in box and looks hardly used. Even has the One Connect cable and 4 port HDMI box that sells for over $100.


Goodwill- $4.67 for the Pikachu ice tray. $7.37 for the Bernie Parent McFarlane Figure. Goodwill- $20 for the Memorex TV with working built in DVD player and the travel bag. $10.77 for the Nikon FG-20 camera, $2.79 for the vintage frog "spong holder", $10.77 for the Magnavox DV220MW9 combo player with a Pokémon VHS inside, and $10.77 for the Memorex MVR4040A VCR.


Recent finds:

SA Thrift

Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-cons - White

Esteban G-10 guitar amp

NCAA Football 13 (PS3)

FIFA 13 (PS3)

San Francisco 49ers grill tongs 





Goodwill (new location at old Hastings store)

Rock Band Fender Stratocaster - Wired (360, needs breakaway cable)

Columbia 300 Rock Star Bowling Ball



Glass Drinkware

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Spent all Saturday and most of Sunday cleaning/trying to organize my Ebayn stuff/projects then I went to the St Louis City SC game that didnt start until after 830 yesterday! Guess I forgot to post.

Goodwill- Sony Walkman cassette player and GE Recorder were $4.67 apiece. The Xbox controller was $4.67. The Logitech keyboard was $2.67. The Samsung combo player was $15. The 1990 sweater was $5.15.

Goodwill- $10.67. Someone obviously looked them up.... then proceeded to wrap packing tape around them. Spent like 15 mins carefully pulling the tape off. The Ultimate Warrior one is sealed, Hulk is missing 4 bags.

Goodwill- the new in box Jet Racks were $25 apiece, the Bruder UPS truck was $2.79( missing the guy, accessories, and 2 doors), the old ERTL John Deer was $7.67, the 1984 Nikoli Volfkoff figure was $1.32, and the PS1 controller was $4.67.


Goodwill- train phone was $6.02, old Bell & Howell One Nine camera with bag was $7.37, the Looney Toons Christmas stand/clock was $5.99, Intellivision Plug N Play was $3.67, WWE belt was $3.77, games were $4.67 apiece, and the Space Jam CD was $1.19.

Goodwill- TWD Jenga was $4.25, the Xbox360 Skylanders base was $0.96, Wiimote with wheel was $5.99, the Frogger plug n play was $3.67, and the Bose Solo 15 was $18.24.

Small Thrift- old books and sealed VHS were $4 and change.


Wow, hadn't realized I hadn't posted here all summer really. Going to try to remember everything I got. But it has been pretty slim pickings aside from a couple of citywide and statewide garage sales in the past month. First off the odd story:

My Neighbor gave me three quarters of her DVD collection for free. Something like 400 to 500 DVDs and the shelves. I had no room in my apartment so I quickly traded them in for $300 credit and my sanity back. I kept the shelves though, Along with a few choice titles like the Twilight Zone the Complete series and Night Gallery.

Then more Blu-rays and DVD bulk buys. on the statewide garage sale I got 40 Disney Blu-rays for $20. I ended up keeping titles like Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians, Coco on 4k, among others. But most of them I already had.

Also picked up 4 Miyazaki titles on Blu-ray for $4 today

Oh and a bunch of classic titles on DVD, that I'm not going to list as this post will be longer than it will end up being.

So anyhow I finally got to do part of the garage sale trail in my state this year! I drove about 45 minutes away and while it wasn't a great haul I did get the following:

X-Box 360 in the box with a wi-fi adapter, and 4 controllers for $40

two large rubbermaid bins for $5 apiece

Some corning ware dishes for $2 apiece

A detective pikachu cup and a PS2 game for $1

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for PSP for $3

A cool glass decanter for $4

Tony Hawk 4 on Game Boy Advance for $1

Some vintage Disney edutainment cards for $4

The aforementioned Disney Blu-rays

Minecraft on PS3 for $4

And the best thing: 60 coke glasses from the 80's and 90's, plus a coke music box and some coke trading cards for $60

Then the town I live in and the town next to it had their citywide garage sales the next weekend, and the one in my hometown was insane. I drove and only got to maybe 10 percent of the garage sales. Here is the highlights:

A box of America in Flames and World in Flames tabletop stuff for $25

Vintage Power Rangers Thunder Megazord and Shogun Megazord, missing pieces but both about 75 percent complete for $30

Deadpool on PS3 for $2

Dragon Quest Swords on Wii for $2

Wii U with 6 Wii and Wii U games for $135:

Mario Party 10

Smash Bros. Wii U (disc only as it was in the system)

Fortune Street

three other low value games

vintage Mickey Mouse toys from the 60's and 70s for $1 each.

Someone was going to throw out a bunch of burnt Wii games and I asked since he was going to throw them out if I could have the cases. They said yes and turns out they were going to throw out a complete copy of Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii by accident.

Outside of those two garage sales the rest of the stuff that I can remember:

Deadpool XBONE for $4

2 Wiis that had been left out over night and thus pretty damp for $20, one was a mini that had Pokemon Battle Revolution in it, and both work

Oregon Trail portable for $3

A bag of 18 McDonalds and burger king toys from the mid 2000's, including Yu-Gi-Oh and Nintendo and Sega toys for $6

The Warriors complete on X-Box for $1

Vintage Boy Scouts knife and Duffel bag for $1 each

Probably forgot some stuff but like I said this has been all summer for me.

Goodwill- I think this was total around $61.

Goodwill- $3

Goodwill- 15" talking figures were $7.37 apiece amd the sealed Nerf guns were $2.79 apiece.


Been a minute since I posted so here's some catch up:

This is from Saturday a few weeks ago. Uncharted was $5 and the NES Classic was actually free! I offered money but the seller was just trying to declutter, so I promised to pay it forward.


A buddy clued me in about a friend of his who's a major collector but trying to downsize. I figured the sale would be a zoo, but since it was only posted to friends on Facebook it was nowhere near as busy as I feared. There was a lot of pricey stuff there, but I walked away with some good stuff plus I exchanged numbers with the guy for his next sale. On the way back home I stopped by a local community sale and picked up a few more gaming gewgaws. Got everything in the pic for $115, which I'm pretty happy about.


And lastly, I finally had someone from a yard sale who said they'd get back to me about video games follow through! This lot came from another local collector who was trying to downsize. He did flat pricing for everything so I was able to grab a whole bunch of good stuff for $250. It's not in the best condition, but the price was definitely right and I spent last weekend cleaning and testing.



Kind of slow week of thrift finds. Until today all I had was the Easter Unlimited INC Scream mask for $3.01 at GW. Today I found the Xbox games at a small thrift, they were marked $10 but I pointed out that the sign said games were $2. The guy said if his wife was there she'd say something about the tags saying $10 but he did $2 apiece. He threw away a copy of Morrowind when we saw it was almost cracked in half and the artwork was water damaged. The book and other games were $7 and change from another small thrift. And I 32oz Mountain Dew for $1. Can't even get that price at a lot of gas stations anymore!

Actually went to some yardsales. Games were 25 cents apiece. The helmet, JBL speakers, Technics receiver, and the golf stuff was $20!


The last two weekend's finds:

Risk Revolutionary War edition, mostly sealed with all the pieces $2- I finally have an actual copy of Risk. Now to find other people to play with!

The Hobbit for GameCube $2

Five games for $5

Wheel of Fortune for NES

Demon Stone for X-Box

Midway Arcade Treasures for X-Box

Super Bust A Move for PS2

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 for PS2

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Guess I forgot to post on Saturday.

These were from Goodwill. $4.67 apiece but I got them for free from this couple I talk to in exchange for some game buffing.

Goodwill, $34.18- Sony betamax player I haven't tested yet, Black and Decker lcs40 charger with battery, Sony LBT-G2000 stereo that I might just throw up on Marketplace because the tape decks need new belts I think. I could return it but I'll make my $ back on just the battery charger.

Yardsale, $2. I got to this sale around noon because I wasn't even really going to hit any sales. Found these hiding in their 4 full tubs of Blurays. Asked about other games and the girl said they sold earlier and her son said she sold them too cheap. She said, "well it is a yardsale"..... probably missed out big-time!


Kind of slow week of thrift finds. Until today all I had was the Easter Unlimited INC Scream mask for $3.01 at GW. Today I found the Xbox games at a small thrift, they were marked $10 but I pointed out that the sign said games were $2. The guy said if his wife was there she'd say something about the tags saying $10 but he did $2 apiece. He threw away a copy of Morrowind when we saw it was almost cracked in half and the artwork was water damaged. The book and other games were $7 and change from another small thrift. And I 32oz Mountain Dew for $1. Can't even get that price at a lot of gas stations anymore!

Actually went to some yardsales. Games were 25 cents apiece. The helmet, JBL speakers, Technics receiver, and the golf stuff was $20!

Whenever I see a Scream mask, the only thing I can think of is the first episode of Eastbound & Down! :rofl:

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