4K Blu-ray deals & discussion thread


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A few people have mentioned that we should start a 4k thread. Hopefully if this is popular enough that a mod will make it permanent. To start off so far I've wathced Pineapple Express, Chappie, and Enders Game in 4k. I thought Pineapple and chapple looked great, they were crisp and the colors were fantastic. Enders looked better than the 1080p blu but wasn't as impressive. 

I know best buy is going to have $17.99 4k movies on black friday, I'm hoping for some $15 one though.

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I honestly have no idea what their strategy is at this point? Are they just trying to become a lesser Amazon/Walmart online where they sell everything except media? Like the staggeringly broad amount of random products they carry is just odd, like sure you can buy some soap and shower gel, or maybe some luggage, that new movie that just came out though? Nah, you gotta go elsewhere.
The media section at Best Buy is now cluttered with media-adjacent tchotkes like you see at GameStop and FYE. Does anyone even think to go to there to buy that stuff? Baffling
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