Anyone Else Feel The Same About Gaming?


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Hello, I’m in my 30’s and have a family, but I still like playing video games when I have time. Cool story I know.

Now it could be because I’m older and seen a lot of games, but it’s hard for me to get into these new games and I don’t enjoy gaming like I use to, especially online gaming. I would say my favorite games are online FPS games. I still enjoy games like GTA, RDR, Fallout, and Skyrim. Unfortunately those games don’t come out all the time. Sport games are fun, but they are the recycled game year after year. Racing games hold my interest for a short time but ultimately get boring.

Anyway, I think games are too complicated anymore and have too much stuff going on or they want you to keep buying more stuff and break up the community within the game. What happened to the basic games and the online fun? Examples: Battlefield 4, CoD 4, CoD WaW, the first couple Gears of War, and even the first couple of Halo games. I don’t know if it was because they were new and fun or what. I feel like they were basic and good games and the casual and hardcore games could all enjoy them. I feel like more does not mean better for these online games. It’s just hard for me to stay engaged and entertained with a game these days (last few years or so).

Again maybe I’m just old now, but I feel like the golden years or gaming have come and gone. Just looking for that simplistic to the point online game that is fun and enjoyed by the masses.
Burnout is happening to a lot of gamers because AAA games are only sustainable as GaaS these days, or at least that's how they're being designed. Most competitive FPS games are feeling the same because they're dug deep into those trenches with customization being the carrot. On the flipside, going backwards with great games is akin to rewatching movies we enjoy but can't experience the same way we did the first time. As you said, time becomes more valuable and rather than revisit the old we want something new out of life. And that's where indie steps in and can be extremely refreshing.

My advice would be start with genres you enjoy and see what games are making waves outside AAA. I can tell you now the best two games I've played last year nobody has heard of: Tails of Iron and Inscryption. Both were an absolute blast because they resembled nothing AAA has to offer right now.

I only played halo 3 for few years, then black ops 1234. Now no focus on multiplayer just these shitty battle Royales. Modern warfare blew, cold war blew, vanguard biggest disappointment cod since advanced warfare. Shitty no flow maps, hella short time to kill. Every battlefield past 4, sucked dead. This new generation pansey stay in parties don't even talk to teammates or talk shit to enemies. Remakes, chimo games. Dlc is now just dresses and dildos. Back then dlc meant expansions to prolong play. Games aren't being completed before release.
Most games suck now. They're buggy, filled with microtransactions and woke SJW nonsense and not fun at all.
"Most games suck now." That's subjective.

"They're buggy, and filled with microtransactions" Depends on the Developers for the bugginess and the monetization is always the Publishers fault.

"woke SJW nonsense" Let me stop you right there. If you are really posting that, you care about politics and that says a lot about where you're at in life. My advice to you is don't do anything really stupid while you seething at shit that doesn't even matter -- there's nothing you can do other than get mad at it. If you're anything like me though, you outgrow that archaic idea of consuming certain media that is there only to trigger you. It happens to "either side", whatever you stand for or against, there's like a billion media outlets looking to piss you off all for the engagement it provides. And let me tell you that it's never produced anything good, period. So think about it for a while, I kind of get the impression from the message you sent me, that I made you upset at some point, and if I really hurt you that much I apologize for whatever it was. Assuming you see this post (which I've no doubt you will at some point), just know that I don't hate you or anything. I don't have it out for anyone, and from what I can gather I most likely insulted you when I was at my worst. So take that insult with a grain of salt, I'm known as a shifty no good clown around here anyways so it won't hurt my feelings lol.

"and not fun at all" Hey, I felt the same way until I discovered some green stuff out in the wild. It smells great, calms you down and makes video games hella fun. Hmm... Maybe, just maybe, you are lucky enough to be 21 or older and in a Legal state to try some. If not, that sucks, but can change over time.

Take it easy, and try to at least remember the most important thing I said: Don't do anything crazy while consuming political trash.

Similar situation. Was gaming heavy in my youth, now with family no time to dive into the experience of gaming.

When the planets line up and all my kids are in bed on time and i have energy I've tried playing red dead redemption. I like how it looks but i felt like i was forcing myself to get through it. My favorite game is the first red dead redemption on ps3.

But, my oldest kid is 5. The joy i get from video games is different now. Im amazed with seeing him playing mario on switch. And he was intrigued by mortal kombat. I can see myslef when he is older playing fighting games with him
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