Anyone else having trouble checking out on


Like the title says.  Item in cart, discount code applied, payment and shipping info entered, should be all set.  But the "Place Order" button is... not greyed out because it was originally red, but... light-pinked out?  And unresponsive to clicking.

I always seem to encounter technical issues when I try to buy from GS's website.  And yet I go back there.

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

I only have ever used trade credit online, but have found sometimes I need to enter the trade card info TWICE, and then hit the Save & continue button near the address to get the place order button to light up. YMMV


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I've actually found it impossible to checkout via my phone browser because their site is such shit. Only way I've been able to get the correct functionality is on desktop due to the same issue with only ever using trade credit when I do.

I just had this same problem! I found that it wasn't accepting my stored payment info, not because the card was expired or anything, but just because it...wasn't accepting it. When I re-entered the card info, as if it was a new card, then the button lit up red and I was able to order. So give that a try. I've never seen a website have a checkout error but just not tell you what the error is, so you have to play a damn guessing game. Friggin' Gamestop.

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