Borderlands Steam 4-Pack trading/group thread

[quote name='ZForce915']Ok, I'm behind on all of this. What is the price for one slot into a borderlands share?[/QUOTE]

I think it was $6.66 per slot in the pack from the other day. If that's the case I'll take a slot if someone still has one spare?

Please correct me on the price if I'm wrong.
I'll take a Borderlands or JC 2 slot if anyone still has one. I'm on the fence about Mount&Blade: Warband.

Am I the only one that thinks the steam sale isn't as great as their normal holiday sale?
If anyone still has a Borderlands spot, please find me on Steam:
Like to offer the following bundle: Borderlands Vanilla + Half-Life 2 = $10:bouncy:
Please send as paypal gift and let me know if you are interested...
If anyone would be willing to trade a borderlands GOTY for killing floor pm me, I think it's $5.63 for one of the 4 pack GOTY while it's still $9.99 for killing floor

edit for clarification: I have killing floor, looking to trade it for borderlands
Should be like $5.62 each for a 4 pack for th GOTY. That would come out to $22.52..............Im in for a GOTY spot if anyone has a spot open. Just PM me, got the Paypal ready!
I'm also interested in hopping in with a group for today's Borderlands GOTY deal. Please PM me and I'll be happy to gift the PayPal payment to you as soon as I receive the message.

Thanks in advance! :)
[quote name='Mindereak']how much does a single goty costs? If the price is nice Im looking for a group too :)[/QUOTE]

$7.50 for a single copy or $5.625 for a single copy in the 4-Pack.
Screw this, I'm putting together a deal. PMs have been sent.

Bundle filled, sold and distributed. Thanks, guys!
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I'm interested in joining a borderlands goty 4 pack

EDIT: nvm already got it
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I'm also interested in joining on the Borderlands GOTY 4 pack.
Edit: hosted a group, filled, Thanks.
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I would like a spot in a Borderlands group buy as well.

Just got in on one, thanks!
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