CAG Contest: Win a $250 Gift Card to the Gaming Network of Your Choice from CAG & Swappa - Winner Posted!

Nice contest. I've used swappa to sell a phone and a kindle. But always forget about there video game section there. I'll need to check it out more.

Sweet. This would be awesome for the kids. I think there’s only so much more of Mario Kart on the Switch thank they can take.
I'm just posting this for the ticket.

Just kidding..  wanted to comment on selling on swappa.. sold my One S using Swappa before the One X came out and only paid a $10 fee.. sold a couple games on there with no fee.  Also have used swappa for selling iphones throughout the years.. site is legit.

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Been listening for approximately 1.5 years now and been following you guys for 3+; keep up the good work and producing the awesome content. Ship, you are the most down to earth one, Wombat, adds a touch of sarcastic and Michael Cera sounding humor to the group, Cheapy, The fearless leader of the group who we all wish to be as humans. Dont forget all the behind the scenes people. You guys are the true heroes.

I had to do so much to remember what my login information was, but thankfully I figured it out...

Anyway, thanks CheapyD and Swappa. I've used this website for so much.

Great raffle, thanks for the opportunity! Checked out Swappa, seems interesting I may try selling on there eventually. Hope the retro category fills out a little more in the future.

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