CAG Halo Reach Early Beta Code Give Away!

I was thinking about donating my copy of ODST to soldiers in Iraq in exchange for a beta code. It's a win win situation.
Halo Reach looks awesome! I would be so appreciative if I received one of these codes, no joke. I want to thank you for even having the contest in the first place! You could have sold them and been pricks, but instead you decided to be nice and give them away to the less fortunate. That is why I love reading CAG. Once again, thank you for even giving me and all your other readers an opportunity at the Halo Reach Beta!

P.S: I followed every person you posted for twitter, so I have a better chance now :)

Alright, I've done all that I can to get a Halo Reach Beta Code, I'm not sure how I will know if I've won or not, but my Gamertag is Lurts. Thanks for your time!
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