CAG Halo Reach Early Beta Code Give Away!

[quote name='LurkerJr']I got a extra beta code first person to reply to this post gets it.[/QUOTE]

And it just occurred to me that you probably meant by PM. If not, yeahhhhhhhhhhh.
anyone have an extra halo reach beta code to PM me please, thanks, i don't have ODST, i have some codes to trade too.
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[quote name='Regun']Thank you Hestar,

Thy code giving angel from above


np man :)..I might get 2 more if so,I'll pop em on here.
Hmm, if only I had been here to see that offer from Hestar. I've been here for a year and a half, closer to two years.
If anyone has a reach beta code, I'd be willing to trade an unused mass effect 2 collectors edition armor code for it.

Feel free to pm if interested.
Hope you guys at Cag are ready for E3, We want all the juicy stories, so go see everthing you can. LOVE THE SHOW
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