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Nov 15th I got a surprise notification on my PS4 for free $15 in PSN Credit. Idk if it's the same thing as what you guys are talking about, but the email said that it was for spending $100 or more dollars during a certain time period. Made my broke ass happy. Grabbed Dark Cloud 1&2, + Revenge of the Sith for PS3. The 1v1 battles on that game make it my favorite Star Wars game to date.
That was for the deal that ended on November 1. lol I'd forgotten it too until I saw the alert. Probably will use it next weekend, I'm sure there'll be a flash sale

Do people keep a ps4 specifically for phantoms or just stay offline with their single ps4 while playing phantoms and then don't care that they will lose them when they go back online?
Psn sale is decent this week. Couple games I think I'll finally pull the trigger on, especially with an additional 10% off. Don't suppose there's any leaks about what would be in a flash sale this weekend is there?

If I were a betting man I'd say Ubisoft games, overpriced isometric view PS4 indies, dead or alive and rock band dlc, rockstar ps2 remasters, and about 1000 avatars and themes. Oh, and AAA titles you can get cheaper at most retail stores

For vita I'm guessing 1/10th of what's mentioned above in addition to a bunch of weeaboo games/random dlc nobody is ever going to buy
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Hey there guys, I see there are some ok prices in the PS store for the black Friday sale, but I have the feeling there will be a flash sale probably on Thursday so I will ask here if any of you guys have any of these resells for sale:

Mad Max ( I know is really cheap in the PS store, but just making sure)

The Division Gold Edition

Deus Ex Mankind divided deluxe edition

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Batman Telltale game.

Have: Paypal F&F


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Anybody want to gameshare the Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- for PS3??

Resells ($5 each)



Phantoms ($2.50 each)

#1) Rollobobo


Looks awesome. Lets get a group together!

Hey all!

Just checking around:

I'm looking for rentals of the EU versions of the following:

PS3- Cartoon Network Explosions XL
PS4- Song of the Deep
THIS Week (PM me to be added to the queue)

Batman Telltale Episode 4 $0.75

RIGS: Mechanized Combat $4  PSVR


Batman Arkham VR $4

RIGS: Mechanized Combat $4

(testing the waters to start filling the library)

Next Week (PM me to be added to the queue)

Final Fantasy XV $3.50

Last Week (PM To be added to be added to the queue)

Watch Dogs 2 $3.50

Hitman Ep 6 $3.50

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. $3.50

Dishonored 2 $3.50

Click spoiler to see PS4 Library
7 Days to Die $1.50
Alekhine's Gun $2
Alien Isolation $1.50
Alienation $2
Arcadia: The Complete Tale $1.50
Arkham Knight + Season Pass$2
Assassins Creed Chronicles (China Russia India)Trilogy $2.50
Assassin's Creed Unity $1.50
Assassins Creed: Syndicate & Season Pass $3
Axiom Verge $1.50
Back To The Future:The Game $2

Batman: TellTale Ep 1-3 $0.75/day

Batman: Return To Arkham $3
Bastion $1.50
Battlefield 4 + Premium $1.50
Battleborn $2
Battlefield 1 + Battlefield Hardline $3.50
The Banner Saga $2

The BioShock Collection $3.50

Breach & Clear : Deadline $1.50
Borderlands (Handsome Jack Collection) $2.50
The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 $2
Bloodborne +The Old Hunters $2.50
Blood Bowl 2 $2
Broken Age $2
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare $1.50

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare $3.50
COD Black Ops 3 + Season Pass $3.50
COD Advanced Warfare + season pass $2
COD Ghosts $1.50
Chariot $1
Day of The Tentacle Remastered $1.50
Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin $2
Dark Souls 3 $3.50
Darksiders II Definitive Edition $2
Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round $1.50

Dead Rising Triple Pack 3.50
Dead Island Definitive Collection + Dead Island Retro Revenge $3
Devil May Cry 4 Remastered $2
Destiny: Rise of Iron $3.50

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided $3.50
Diablo UEE $1.50
Digimon World Cyber Sleuth $3
Dirt Rally $3.50
Dishonored: Definitive Edition $2.50
Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance $2
The Division + Season Pass $3
Divinity $2.50
DMC Definitive Edition $2
Doom $3
Dog Child $1.50
Dragon Age Inquisition + DLC$2

DragonBall Xenoverse 1+2 $3.50
Dragon Quest Heroes $3
Driveclub $2
DivekIck $1.50
Dying Light +The Following DLC $2.50
Dynasty Warriors 8: Extreme $2
The Elder Scrolls Online $2.50

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Remastered $3.50

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture $2
Enter the Gungeon $1.50
The Escapist $1.50

Evolve $1.50
Far Cry Primal $3
Farcry 4 + Season Pass$2
Fallout 4 + Season Pass $3.50
FIFA 16+17 $3.50
Firewatch $3
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD $2
Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered $2
Final Fantasy 7 $1.50
Game Of Thrones +Season Pass $1.50
Gemini: Heroes Reborn $2.50
Guantlet: Slayer Edition $1.50
Goat Simulator $1
God Of War 3 $2
Godzilla $1.50
Gone Home $2
GTA V $2
GTA Trilogy Pack $2
Guns,Gore & Cannolli $1
Grim Fandango $1
Guilty Gear xrd sign $1.50

Gravity Rush Remastered $2.50
Helldivers $1
Hotline Miami 2 $1
Hatoful Boyfreind $1.50
HomeFront $3
Heavy Rain + Beyond Two Souls $3.50
Hitman episode 1-6 $3.50

I Am Setsuna $3.50
iNFAMOUS Second Son $1.50

Inside $2.50

Indigo Prophecy $2.50
Invisible Inc. $2

Just Cause 3 $3
Journey $1.50

Jotun: Vanhalla Edition + Oceanhorn : Master of Uncharted Seas $3
Kings Quest Ep 1-5 $2
Last of Us Remastered $1
Layers Of Fear $2
Legend of Korra $1.50
Lego Marvel's Avengers $2.50
Lego Hobbit $1.50
Lego Batman 3 $1.50
Lego Marvel Heroes $1
Lego Jurassic World $2.50
Life is strange + Season Pass $1.50
Little Big planet 3 $1.50
Lords of the Fallen $2
Mad Max $3

Mafia 3 $3.50
Manhunt+Bully $2.50
Magika 2 $1.50
Madden 16 $2

Madden 17 $3.50

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 &2  $3.50
Metal Gear Solid V :The Phantom Pain $3.50
Metal Gear Ground Zeroes $1.50

Metal Slug Anthology $2
Metal Slug 3 $1.50
Mega Man Legacy Collection $1.50
Metro Last Light Redux $1.50
Mercenary Kings $1
Mirrors Edge : Catalyst $3.50
Minecraft $1
Minecraft Story + Season Pass $1.50
Mighty No.9 $2.50
N++ $1
Mortal Kombat XL $3
Monopoly Plus $1
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Deluxe Edition $3.50
NBA 2K16 $3
NHL 15+16 $2.50
Need For Speed $2
NFS Rivals + Hitman Go $1.50

No Mans Sky $3.50
Odin Sphere Leifthrasi $3.50
Overwatch $3.50
One Piece: Burning Blood $3.50
Onechanabra Z2 $2
The Park $1.50
PVZ Garden Warfare $1
PVZ Garden Warfare 2 $3.50
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 $2.50
Project Cars $2
Project Root $1
Ratchet & Clank $3.50
Rainbow Moon $2
Rainbow Six Seige $3
Rayman Legends $1.50
République Remastered $2

Rise Of The Tomb Raider $3.50
Roundabout $1.50
Rocket Birds 2 + Party Hard $3
Resident Evil 4 5 6.  $3
Resident Evil Origins Collection $2
Resident Evil Remastered $1.50
Resident Evil Revalations Season Pass $1.50 a week
Salt & Sanctuary $2
Saints Row Re Elected + Gat out of Hell $2
Saints Row :Gat out of Hell $1
Samurai Warriors 4 $2
Shadow of the Beast $2
Shadow Of Mordor + season pass $2
Shadow Complex Remastered $2
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness $2
Sherlock Holmes : Crimes & Punishment $1.50
Shovel Knight $2
Sleeping Dogs Def Edition $2
SOMA +Shawden $2

Song of the Deep $2
South Park Stick Of Truth PS4 $2
Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition  + Season Pass $3
Star Wars Classics $1
Street Fighter V $2
Styx Master Of Shadows $1
Submerged $1.50
Super Stardust Ultra PS4 $1
TMNT :Mutants in Manhattan $2
Tales from the borderlands + Season Pass $1.50
Tales Of Zestira $3
Tearaway: Unfolded $2
The Technomancer $3
Tembo the Badass Elephant $1.50
Tony Hawk Pro skater 5 $1.50
The Crew $2
The Evil Within + season pass $2
The Order $2
The Wolf among Us $1.50

Titanfall 2 $3.50
Titan Souls $1.50
Track Mania $3
Transformers Devastation$2
Transformers Rise Of the Dark Spark $1
Trine 3 $1.50
UFC 2 $3.50
Ultra Street Fighter IV $2
Unravel $3
Until Dawn $3
Uncharted 4 $3
Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection $3
Umbrella Corps: Deluxe Edition $2
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered $3
Trials Fusion & Season Pass $1.50
This War of Mine+Saturday Morning RPG $2
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter $2
The Witness $3.50
The Witcher 3 + Season Pass $3

World Of Final Fantasy $3.50
Wolfenstein:The New Order $1.50
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood $2
Watch Dogs $1.50
Walking Dead Michonne (Complete) $1.50
Walking Dead season 2 $1
Walking Dead season 1 $1
Warriors Orochi Ultimate 3 $1.50
White Night $1

WWE 2K15 + WWE 2K16 +WWE 2K17 $3.50
XCOM 2 $3.50
Zombie Army Trilogy $2
Zombi $2

Hey guys, 

Haven't been on here in a long time. Finished up high school and am now on my first college break. Shit's hard as fuck

Anyways, I recently got a PS4 and have some money and time right now. 

Looking for resells of:

CoD IW Legacy Edition

Dark Cloud 1, 2, or both 

Have: PayPal

Looking to buy some PS4 phantoms, preferably a main account if someone is selling one. I've bought a main account from Turk February a number of months ago in case anyone wants confirmation that I'm cool as a cucumber.

Looking to buy some PS4 phantoms, preferably a main account if someone is selling one. I've bought a main account from Turk February a number of months ago in case anyone wants confirmation that I'm cool as a cucumber.
I'll vouch for him *if it's necessary*

By the way yes I changed my name/avatar

Looking for a Mafia 3, Battlefield 1 or Rise of the Tomb Raider timeshare

Also a Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate ps3 resell, phantom or timeshare

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Final Fantasy XV PS4 Locked Spots up for sale.

Locked spot $20 (Vet only please). Basically you cannot earn trophies on your main account and have to use this account to play the game.

Pre Loading is now available

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Titanfall 2 or Overwatch. Which one should I get? I'll leave it to you guys to help me make up my mind.
Overwatch is amazing just don't be a dirty Mei player.

Overwatch has the better multi, although Titanfall 2's multi is great also, but Titalfall 2 has a really good single player while Overwatch doesn't have one at all.

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If you gonna buy box copies why not both? Isn't Overwatch F2P this weekend though? I'm actually goin to buy TitanFall 2 w BF1.

H: Destiny Collection for rent $2.5/week

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