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Okay, will try to make this short:

To start, I never buy from Gamestop anymore, b.c of BB GCU, but they had a good trade in deal for a 3DS, so I had some credit left over I needed to use.

Went in with my girlfriend and asked for Hitman: Year One edition brand new. 

The guy at the counter kindly asked if I wanted a used version if he had it, and I declined. Thought nothing of it. 

So he goes, starts looking for Hitman, and you can see he was frustrated. I work in retail, and just got off my shift, so I felt like we were in the same boat.

He comes back, empty handed. He says "Are you sure you want that game? It's not a good deal"

Now, obviously theres no way to know that I am gamer who knows things, but essentially he made it seem like it was dumb for me to buy this game now, since there will be more DLC coming.

My reply: "Well yeah I know, this is everything from Year One, and I'll probably buy the new DLC as I go"

As soon as the words left my mouth, I figured it had to be this Circle of Life crap.

His reply: "Yeah so your probably better off buying it next year"

My reply: "Um, no I just want it now. Thank You"

His reply: "I don't know if I have it new"

My reply: "Fine. Do you have it used"

His reply: "No. Sold Out"

My reply: "Can you double check for the new one? This game just came out, and I don't think people are really buying them in bulk"

His reply: under his breath "fuck."

Gets me the game, rings me up, and again right before I pay says "Are you sure you want this?"

My girlfriend was so weirded out, and I had to explain it all to her.

So next day, me and two co-workers checked to see if they had PS4 Pros in stock on their site. They did. So to conduct an experiment, we went in, and asked for three PS4 Pros, NEW, one for each. You could hear the fear and sadness from the across the state. The three workers looked at us like we killed their puppies. 

They told us they didn't have any after they 'went and checked'.

I feel bad they have to deal with this shitty policy. 

Wombat was the film analytic skills, Shipwreck has the engineering no-how, so Cheapy whats your nerdy superpower that you bring to the trio?

Why don't you guys include links to the games you talk about in the cagcast show notes? Too much work...just curious.

Wombat has mentioned causally knowing the black panther lead star and being connected to captain america through a mutual friend from his days in show biz...Wombat, does knowing the actors prior to seeing then in a movie or show take you outta the experience?  

Hey, guys. I accidentally started my Amazon Prime trial because I'm dumb. How can I make the best out of this misclick? Cheers from Portugal.
Talking about second generation version of the Switch; after Nintendo sells the current iteration to the early adopters. What do you guys think from a business perspective of dividing the switch into two variations? The first being a stand alone Switch with portability in mind and the option to purchase a cable to plug it into the TV, Dock, Pro Controller, Etc. The second being more like a Gamecube, no screen, no portability, just a small box that plugs into your TV / Wall with a pro controller for an as cheap a possible way to play Nintendo games?

Thanks for 490 great episodes, keep up the great work guys!

I've been thinking about what I would like in Switch rev 2, and it is surprisingly close to the Vita. Sell it as a portable unit with the controls built in to the unit, like a Vita. External controls like the Pro can still be used. Connect to the tv with either a dock or just a hdmi cable. This means the loss of motion control, but really who cares? Microsoft killed the Kinect, Nintendo should ditch motion controls. This would reduce the price of the main unit as well as additional controllers. If they did this, I'd buy it.

While I'm wishing, let's get a new 2D Metroid.
Question for 3/15 show:


Do you see yourself picking up the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild, as this is most likely the console's swan song?

thought of you Cheapy since I know you love RoboCop


O:)  O:)

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I've been researching vacationing in Tokyo next summer and it just looks like the coolest city in the universe.  I'm just wondering does Cheapy ever miss living in Japan?

It seams that I owe Shipwreck an apology. I thought that his take on the construction of the Switch Joycons was too harsh. Well. . .my left joycon now removes from the switch without having to push the button. It just slides right off.  You were right, I will never doubt your engineering mind again.

Not a question, but just wanted to say I recently picked up Headlander on PC. I was going to get it when it released but got caught up with other games. I am thoroughly enjoying it, just wanted to say after Wombat has praised the game alot in previous shows.

Its definitely worth checking out if you can grab it on sale.

I am catching up on old episodes and this is in reference to Wombat's back pain from the Iron Fisted episode:

Cheapy D, please quit talking about back pain and John Sarno.  I have posted about this before and when you noted that certain activities caused back pain.  What would Sarno say is causing the alteration in back pain with activity?  Changes in mental stress?  What a bunch of crap!  That means that I am less stressed out mentally when standing erect than when bending forward.  The only reason you believe him is that your pain improved.  Medical guidelines indicate that a physician is supposed to recommend that people stay active and reassure them that their back pain will improve since statistically that is true.  So, him telling you it is in your head and it improving is no different than me saying look at the sky and your back will improve - it is very likely to improve without any treatment at all.  Go Wombat for calling BS on the BS.

Also, your comments offended me as a practicing medical provider and I think you should apologize.

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Top Analyst Challenge: When will Nintendo release a 2nd revision of the Switch that will fix most of the design issues and introduce one minor issue that we will live with.
Just a comment: January 9th, I searched for best video gaming podcasts and came across an article on the "Make Use Of" website that listed 10 (I think) shows about video games. I listened to a couple episodes from different shows. Super Marcato Brothers seemed like it could have a lot of potential, but I eventually settled on the Cagcast after hearing your "Grand Moff Talkin" episode. But I didn't get all the references and went back an episode and listened to it. Still not satisfied, I began listening to every single episode starting at the 5 minute 1st episode. It's odd because I feel like I'm visiting from the future because you hit every single mark in the historical context of video games and I remember those from my own perspective. I've never been a HUGE gamer (light years from the level of Shipwreck and still not even close to Cheapy and Wombat) but this has renewed my interest, especially since I have been able to take advantage of a lot of deals by discovering this website through the podcast (I got the 20% off Amazon deal for PSN online and the THQ Humble Bundle). The insight, humor, and reviews have kept me hooked and drew me to games I was never interested in before. Even on older systems. Right now, I'm on episode 343, and now that 500 is real close, I'm hoping to hit the mark at the same time. No matter, I'll still keep listening. How can I have done this? I'm a UPS driver and were get a lot of alone time, so between interactions with people which come fewer and far between after all our businesses are delivered, I catch up on at least 6 or 7 episodes a day now. Of course, in the first week, I think I listened to the first 90 because they were much shorter. Anyway, keep up the good work, and congratulations on 500 when you hit it.
Watch This Bitches:
Batman & Bill. A Hulu exclusive documentary about Batman's uncredited co-creator. I think you all you guys will enjoy this. It plays out like a good mystery to finally get him official co-creator credit.
I guess this week's episode has already been recording but I have a question for next episode.

I'm starting to get into home automation/smart home stuff and I would love to hear about Cheapy's set up. Also, is there anything (smart home related) you are looking forward to getting in the future? 

On previous podcasts, I believe you guys have said that the Scorpio mightn't be worth the upgrade for the resolution and framerate increase alone, and that it's more dependent on what games Microsoft brings out. Yet each time you mention which version of a multiplatform game you'll pick up, it's invariably the PS4 version because either it'll look or run better, or because it has boost mode for the PS4 Pro. Maybe I'm wrong, but I foresee this happening with games on the Scorpio. Surely Cheapy and Shipwreck will be upgrading their Xbox One regardless (no doubt Wombat will be gifted one by a kind listener), and you'll want to play the best version of multiplatform games. And by all accounts so far, the Scorpio will offer a noticeable improvement on games, even over the PS4 Pro's boost mode.

Could you foresee Scorpio being your preferred multiplatform console in future for this reason? Or are other things more important for you in your console of choice (friends list, controller, UI, social features, etc.)? 

Any interest in the new Star Trek TV show or the new Witcher Series that was announced for Netflix?

I have two questions

1) Now that the switch has had success with a port of Mario Kart 8, it seems likely that there will be more Wii U ports, especially since that console didn't sell well so there's a lot of people that would still purchase those games on the switch. Do you think Nintendo could position the switch to be just that? A port machine of Wii U games and PS3 games to corner that market? It seems that the evolution of consoles has led to a large library of older games that there's no shortage of great titles. This would make the switch similar to a more advanced version of a smartphone but not quite the bleeding edge console like MS or Sony.

2) How has Shipwreck solved the problem of using a colored USB lightstrip that turns on when a console turns on? For example, the PS4 USB ports or not active until the console is on, so the lightstrip will not light up during sleep or off. The Xbox one USB ports are always active, so the light strip will always be on, unless a remote controlled power switch is used to cut power to the whole console. 

Talk about creepy Adam West died.  .  On his voice overs.  Adam and Burt did A cartoon

Batman the return of the caped crusaders and he seem to barely be able to finish a line.    As a fan of his I just couldn't stomach it.

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I was surprised that I didn't hear much (if anything) from anyone about QUAKE CHAMPIONS.  Was it really at E3?  Quake was such a great series, why no love for it's return?

[SIZE=10.5pt]Episode 506 Someone was tearing up the keyboard during the show LOL.   In past episodes, I cannot remember hearing keyboard noise as much but for some reason this episode it was on fire.     [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]On another note.   What are you guys thoughts on the Xbox ones massive optical drive reading problem.  Every original console I owned seemed to have an issue launching games.  The disc is in and spinning but will error out when you try to launch a game.   I am currently using the elite model.  The first time It happened is when installed the blue ray software.  Once I uninstalled it the drive  started working again but then after a while it would randomly start messing up again.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Now it seems you have to unplug for 30 seconds and once power cycled it works for a short period of time.   This seems to be a major issue with the original Xbox one owners.   People are hitting the console raising them at an angle just to get the drive to work.  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]The other major issue is when it is making a grinding noise and not spinning.    Online users say a gear is not engaging.  So, I can understand that issue but what is going on?   I am curious to hear you guys thoughts one this.   [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]This makes me nervous about being an early adopter of the Xbox Scorpio.   [/SIZE]


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I think the burning question of our times is whether or not Wombat has use his McDonald's Big Mac sauce yet.
Hey guys, love the show and enjoyed the reminder of the Xbox Live wombat hate!

I have just seen that Harry's razors are now available in the UK and you might want to tell the listeners that might not know this.

You give Harry's such a glowin review that I have wanted to try them, however could not as they were not shipping to this rainy island over the pond.

Looking forward to some fake English accent Harry's commercials!
Do you feel at some point the Marvel movies will start become too much of a niche with the likes of Black Panther and Captain Marvel that it may hurt the MCU? Can these movies attract the same large audiences as Spider-Man and Iron Man?

Given the shortage of Nintendo Switches why do a Splatoon bundle? Why make it a Walmart exclusive?

I may buy a bundle and sell it off during the Christmas holidays, is this a good way to make a few quick bucks ($50 - $100)?
Cheapy. . . do you find it odd that all of the charming Overwatch characters kill each other?  There is a harsh contrast between the design of the characters/levels and what you actually do in the game.

Now that we are 4 years removed from the original Xbox One announcement of a system that is DRM with 24 hour check-ins, do you wish that this original idea still happened? The idea of buying a physical game and being able to play it digitally as the same purchase has always seemed a sweet concept to me. Would Microsoft have been better off or worse today if this idea stayed?

Wombat is the resident expert of anything Marvel or DC related. If he could pick between the two, which would be his favorite and why?

Had a quick question. Was listening to past episodes about my neighbor tortaro and ponyo and was wondering if you guys have ever seen howl's moving castle. Very good movie by studio ghibli. And also, is there a site that will send print copies of comic books to your house every month? My five year old has recently gotten into comic books and we don't have a local comic store, so seeing if that's an option. Thanks ., love the show, keep it up guys. P.s. Recently noticed what my navy tattoo says after years of listening to you guys. Picture attached
Questions for the panel.   I signed up for GCU back last month and got a B2G1F used game coupon as one of my welcome back offers, but I could never get it to work online.   I went to their forums and saw a bunch of other people stating the same problem, and eventually got a PM from a moderator that essentially said that BB was eliminating pre-owned games.   What do you guys think about this in terms of physical media?

Question for the next CAGcast...Am I just getting old, or are there really too many games these days??  I have yet to play most of the GOTY contenders since I'm still trying to get through stuff from 2016.  Do you guys think there's a quantity problem?  Or am I just behind?  How can we debate something like GOTY when even reviewers can't get through everything?  Hoping to start Zelda BOTW early 2018...

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