CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

I have a few:

- How about becoming the hook-up for Japanese games for a few CAGs?

- Why are you moving to Japan? Is it for work? What do you do anyway?

- Can I get an autographed 8x10?

- How often do you pick up games at full price?

- Do you have an Xbox 360 preorder?

- If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

- Do you know anything about gaming that you're not at liberty to talk about because of an NDA?

- What inspired you to start CAG?

- What kind of flowers and candy do you and Wombat like?
"- Why are you moving to Japan?"

Read the first post of the giveaway thread or the thread he links to in his sig.

Do you think this next-gen will be severely detrimental to pc game sales with all of them being online and console FPS's gaining popularity?
my question and I think it is one of the most important ones:

Everyone wants to save money. Japanese residents are not unlike us. When you get your bearings, in a year or a few years, or whenever, will there be a Japanese CAG. But more so, will you look into the possibilites and keep your eye on the store ads in Japan? Clearance sales? There must be a way to tap into that community that is just like us. This in the future will bring us here the best deals Japan has to offer each week for hard to find items. This is the globalization of CAG and I'd be dissapointed if we don't evolve into that.
Whats your guys definition of hardcore and casual gamers, and is there an inbetween? Its interesting to know others opinions on this.

Some kid at my school claims he is a HC gamer..even though he owns no Gamecube and his mom buys all his games.
How often do you play games?

Are you more excited about the 360, PS3, or Revolution?

What gave you the idea to come up with this site?

About how many games do you buy a month? a year?
[quote name='SpottedNigel']What are your thoughts on this site in its current state, compared to a few months after it opened?[/QUOTE]
OOoooh. Good one.
[quote name='SpottedNigel']What are your thoughts on this site in its current state, compared to a few months after it opened?[/QUOTE]

To make it even more specific: What impact do you think the press given to the site has had in both a positive and negative sense(Mentions in EGM, your appearance on ESPN2 etc)? Also, Do you think that our shopping habits are alienating us from mechants, making it harder to get good deals? Is our cheapness hurting the industry, or is it giving incentive to produce higher quality product so we buy it at full price?
How often do you shave your head, Cheapy?

Wombat, why don't you shave your head in honor of Cheapy moving out of the country?

Now that The Warriors has gotten great reviews from many publications both print and web-based, have either of your interests in the game grown, possibly enough to have bought the game already or to buy in the future?

What's the first thing you want to do once you get to Japan, Cheapy?

What are your most anticipated games for the near and far future? For both of you to answer.
[quote name='javeryh']Why are you so money and how can you not even know it?[/QUOTE]

Sub-question: before the days of Mrs. Cheapy, did you get all the pretty babies?
[quote name='Quackzilla']Who will win all of those games?[/QUOTE]
Probably somebody who will turn around and post "how much r thez worf @ gaymerush?"
I think you should talk some about import games, modchips, and how cheapasses can get play imports without breaking the bank. (if possible)
What is the topic of the next CAGcast?

Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Garner?

Superbowl pick?

Opinion on the upcoming Godfather/Scarface game?

Will we get to see those tears you've cried, behind those hazel eyes?
[quote name='bmulligan']WHAT is your name...?

WHAT is your quest...?

WHAT is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow...?[/QUOTE]

African or European?
[quote name='Ledhed']Sub-question: before the days of Mrs. Cheapy, did you get all the pretty babies?[/QUOTE]

You and me are gonna goto the club, see all the beautiful babies.
[quote name='The Successful Dropout']how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?[/QUOTE]
"1, 2, 3..." *CRUNCH* "...3."

Do you believe a successful, well-made, thought-provoking film adaptation of a video game would help legitimize video games as a story medium to non-players?

I was never much of a comic guy, but the recent rise in competently produced adaptations of comics has done wonders in convincing me of there worth as tellers of story.
End questions for CAGbag broadcast on 10/25
New questions for CAGbag start below the line.
Why do you think daredevil the game was cancelled and if it was released do you think it would have done well?

Which comic book would you like made into a game?

Whats do you enjoy most about your new life in japan..assuming you have arrived.

How different to you expect the Japanese gaming experience to be from what you already know and love? In what aspects? What are your expectations going in?
Cheapy are you still going to buy a white or silver PS2 since it is not 100% PS2/1 compatable?
Now a Q for Wombat:
Are you now going to be Cheapy's bitch by sending Cheapy cheap ass NA games? If not who will be?
/sorry for the use of the word bitch I couldn't think of better wording.
//sorry for posting fark style.
I've got three completely unrelated questions for Cheapy:

1. What percentage of CAG's operating costs are covered by shopping links compared to google ads, and do you foresee this changing in the future?

2. How's the Nihongo coming along you Gaijin? ;) Are you planning to take some classes over there or just pick it up by watching reruns of Iron Chef?

3. Who's the mastermind behind the various incarnations of your avatar (Tuxedo Cheapy, PowerSuit Cheapy, M.C. Cheapy)? I always assumed it was WSB. :D
[quote name='Ikohn4ever']African or European?[/QUOTE]
What is your favorite color?
Blue, o wait I mean Yellow!!!!1 (gets launched into the air)

haha anyways...
So what is exactly up with there being a and a Don't see an explanation on the front page.

How much do you spend to keep CAG up? Any profits from it?

What are your predictions on the Xbox 360's 2 months (this year)?

How do you get some of the deals from certain stores ahead of time?

Is Japan all ultra-modern with its style of buildings and furniture and stuff?

Are you going to buy US imports or just go with Japan stuff?

I realized that some of these were asked or even asked betterly so exclude those.
I know this won't get answered but i'll give it a try.

Why isn't their a JinSanity day, where everyone worships me?
[quote name='I AM WILLIAM H. MACY']Why don't I have more Oscars?[/QUOTE]
because you're too busy...

...hitting this.
Why do you think a lot of people are negative about Midway games when they have consistently been putting out highly rated games for nearly 2 years now?
bread's done