CAGcast #191: Motion Fighters

great show guys

I really like the new idea of all three of you having a long discussion about a game. I just have to catch up on these games so I can listen to the discussion.
Please any future roundtable discussions at the end, makes it much easier to avoid spoilers and go back to the podcast once we beat the game.
[quote name='Davestation']Just wondering if Cheapy's apartment became "Luxury" after installing the $1,000 cabinets....[/QUOTE]

$1,000 for cabinets is pretty cheap if you ask me. I got an estimate at my house years ago and it was closer to the 3-5 thousand dollar range. they aren't cheap. I saw his picture of the cabinets on twitter and I would take them in a heartbeat for 1K.

I know he said he is just renting and they payed half but still, If he is living there a few years that is a very small investment for a happy wife and something nice to have while you live there
Man those SonyBM comments were great. You have to wonder why there isn't at least one person at Sony who asks the tough questions like "are you guys morons?". It just seems like a really poor let's do motion control because it makes money...ugh!
Good show and another bump for round table game discussions. Especially towards the end of show for spoiler reasons.

Also did Wombat drop the F-bomb during this cast!? I think Sony BM has touched the sweet spot.
Wow, Ginger Balls was actually funny this week.. ;)

Good show, guys, and yes, please consider moving the Roundtable to the end..
Great show guys. I love how Amazon won so many Cheapy awards this year and the contest this week is for an Amazon gift card.
Guys...great show as always. Positives: Love the chemistry between the 3 of you. The addition of "boat crash" to show has added a lot of needed knowledge about games. Cheapy.... you are a funny dude. Keep it up. Wombat...You make me laugh too..but maybe for different reasons than Cheapy.

Suggestion: Many , many episodes ago you had a segment that you would suggest an older game for people new to a particular console. I thought it was great and did pick up a game or two from your suggestions. Bring that back.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. More Reviews! arggg that might mean more work for Cheapy:(
Great show. Would like to see someone who actually cares about FF talk about it, since it doesn't seem to be you guys' particular bag. Maybe a guest speaker? On the plus side there's not spoilers!
Overall good show but you guys did a terrible disservice to FFXIII. It is one of the most anticipated games and does not disappoint. Sure it is a little linear, but is that necessarily a bad thing? I personally find open world games like Fallout and Elderscrolls not enjoyable simply due to the openness. I don't like to have to figure out where to go and do a lot of backtracking. FFXIII focuses on the good things; battles, graphics, and story. You guys shouldn't hate a game/genre that you guys don't like no matter what.
great show this week, it was hilarious. I was listening to the podcast at work and nearly got in trouble for all the laughing i was doing at the "sub-controller attachment" discussion.
Shipwreck's discussion about his obsession with DOA was absolutely hysterical i burst out laughing while listening to it in a library. Once again great show this week!
Is it me or was that a really awkward silence after wombat mentioned doing it 7 or 8 times in one night after Ship spoke about the GOW 3 sex mini game. Ship...admit're a stud. It's ok to come out man.
hey i just wanted to say that this is the funniest podcast i have ever litsened to and something i cant miss! you guys are all hilarious and you have great topics as well! I cant wait each week till the next one just got dont with the most recent one! So keep up the great work and dont stop becasue you guys are one of the best and all of you guys deserve the succsess that you have now thanks!!
Ethan Bollom
Gamertag-E BALLS234
P.S- if you still have the wishlist thing- 1. Battlefield bad company 2 2. Just Cause 2
Great show, which other gaming podcast's first topic of discussion is 'Dipping'?

For me the Cagcast wouldn't be the same without BoatCrash now.
Good stuff. I like to hear about the adventures in Japan and all the crazy contraptions that I wish we had in North America.
Also, I think that you guys should just stray far away from JRPGs. I am a big fan of them, and I realize they are not for everyone, but whenever you guys get on that topic it is just a big rant. Probably best just to steer clear.
Other than that keep up the good work, maybe now that I am finished listening I can actually write the paper that i have been sitting and staring at for the last 2 hours.
Another great show, gentlemen. I agree with many of the posters that Boatcrash is a great addition as you guys seem to talk about games more lately. I am sure that it is long gone but I really miss the CAGs on News theme. Wombat, you have a beautiful voice.
Perhaps some wireless speakers would do the trick. Either that or you can put a metal cage all around your entertainment area to act as a faraday CAGE! or the "Cheap Ass Gamer Entertain-o".
I don't understand all of the Wombat hate. all it sounds like to me is you disagree with his opinions then you think he is evil. A difference in opinion is allowed.
Like seemingly everyone, I think OnLive is an interesting idea, but stands no chance. The idea could take off eventually, but would require full support. It's the ultimate end to piracy. It's not easy to pirate a game when you can only access it by streaming over the net.

Also, if this is Wombat's last show, I'm done listening.
I had to laugh at the "half-listening" bit, because I listen to the podcast at work (after downloading at home and loading it on my MP3 player -- wouldn't dare do TOO much "non-work-related" internet access with the monitoring capabilities these days) and frequently find myself missing big parts of the conversation as a result...
Another solid show.

I listen to the CAGCast while I'm at the gym and really enjoy the banter between all three of you. It helps take my mind off of working out and actually makes it seem fun.

I like the idea of having a specific "Game X" segment when all three of you have played a game and can really comment on it. I think the combination of only having the segment sporadically and when all three have played the game will keep it fresh and not wear it out.

Also, Wombat should have a "Seal of Submission" to the pressure of CAG members not a seal of "Approval". Maybe someday it will live up to "The CheapyD Promise" :)
Great show guys. You know it's not a CAGcast without Cheapy talking about junk. At least we won't see some embarrassing photos at Google maps since they take their pictures during daytime.

Shipwreck, I'm curious what are your so called "16 big name titles" for May? To me, I only see 10.

Week 1
:ps3: :360: Dance Revolution
:pc: Tactical Intervention
:psp: What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2
:ps3: :360: :wii: :ds: :psp: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
:ds: Picross 3D
:pc: Making History II: The War of the World

Week 2
:ps3: 3D Dot Game Heroes
:ps3: :360: Skate 3
:psp: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3

Week 3
:psp: :ds: :wii: :360: :ps3: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
:360: :ps3: :pc: Split/Second
:wii: All Star Karate
:wii: :360: Attack of the Movies 3D
:360: :ps3: Red Dead Redemption
:wii: Trauma Team
:ds: Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow
:360: :ps3: Lost Planet 2
:ds: Legend of Kay
:wii: TrackMania Wii

Week 4
:360: Alan Wake
:ps3: :360: :ps3: Blur
:ps3: :360: Backbreaker
:360: :ds: :pc: :wii: Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers
:psp: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
:360: :ps3: UFC 2010 Undisputed
:psp: Hexyz Force
:wii: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Last few days of May
:psp: Cho Aniki Zero
:wii: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations
:360: The Swarm
:psp: Disgaea Infinite
:ps3: :pc: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Stimulus Package
:pc: Tropico 3: Absolute Power
:pc: Battle vs. Chess
:pc: Runes of Magic Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms
:pc: Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
:ps3: :360: SBK X: Superbike World Championship
Great show, guys! Would just like to say that I kinda like the Playstation Move name for Sony's motion controller. It sounds like they're pleading with their products to sell.

"Playstation, move! PSP, go! Please?"

On a more serious note, though, I can understand Cheapy's skepticism about the Project Shitbox and the Move, but I still think that motion control might have the potential to really change how some games are played. I'm especially optimistic about the Shitbox - some of the news I've heard out of other podcasts is that some developers aren't looking to replace controllers so much as augment gameplay or UI. I think there can definitely be some interesting application there. But then again, Cheapy might be right and it might just be a giant turd in a box. Only time will see.

Oh, and PS: to hell with all the Wombat haters! Wombizzle for life!
Great show, you guys. Thought the "Spoiled Rotten" section at the end was good, you need to do that more often.

I still don't understand why readers bug you guys to play games they know you won't like. Specifically, saying that you need to play Final Fantasy XIII and other JRPGs. Any regalur listeners would know that Cheapy has expressed many times dislike of most Japanese game plots. He would most likely diss on any JRPGs recommended to him rather than praise them. I agree with their sentiment that people wanting Final Fantasy and other JRPG news should find a different podcast that talks about them.
My first time listening to the show in a long time. I don't necessarily agree with you guys on your opinions on games, but you're always entertaining in some way. Much like seeing a bad movie, at the very least you'll have something to make fun of with your friends!
I am in agreement with you guys regarding the motion control "hype". One thing I have not seen mentioned is that due to the fact that Project Nata-uh, shitbox relies on camera technology to sense motion, will it have the sublety that using a accelerometer-based motion control have? If you are seated far away from the camera and make small movements, it is likely that they will not get picked up reliably. With this in mind- will game developers rely on overly simple or exaggerated movements in their games, and therefore make the whole experience a lot of flailing around? I think the Wii motion control plus is moving in the right direction where the full dexterity of your hand can be taken advantage of for fine and responsive control.
OMG! So I'm listening to the CAGcast while eating grapes, and when Wombat says the PS Move can go fuck itself, i laughed so hard that i spit my delicious grapes out! Good job, chaps! Jolly good!
I wish Sony and Microsoft would have stayed away from being like the Wii with the motion control crap.
I haven't listened to the whole show, but good show so far. Here is my bit of constructive criticism...Can you please bookend your game reviews, discussions, etc. with the name of the game you were talking about. I am one of those people that is doing other things while listening and you will say something about a game that piques my interest. I will then have to try to find the beginning of the segment to determine what game you were talking about. It would be great if you also mentioned the name of the game after you are done talking about it.
Cheapy's total confusion and just trying to understand the playstation move was really funny. The whole ripping on the move was great in general. Looking forward to the soon to come shitbox bashing.

Keep up the good work!
Great show guys! Nothing really to criticize here. Love the show and everything about it every week. Seriously, the CAGcast is my favorite audio podcast on the interwebs, period. Every other podcast takes itself too serious. I love how you guys just go about the show very casually and have fun with it. Makes the show fun to listen to. So, don't change anything, don't listen to the haters, and keep on with your bad selves.

With love from Chi-city,

And don't quit Wombat!! :)
After some further thought - i think the key thing that doesn't work about the podcast for me is the lack of genuine insight into a lot of stuff. There is a bit of talk about stuff someone likes followed by some awkward silence followed by a quick changing of the subject. Rinse. Repeat.
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