CAGcast #632: TestStop

Sonic 2 Avengers Assemble. Sonic will work with the Avengers to fight off Dr. Robotnik. Robtnik will have gone full Thanos mode after the ending of the first and what happened to him!

Fetch those bolt cutters!!
The movies should follow the games, the sequel should have tails, then release a second version of that movie where knuckles is in all the scenes too.

They use the theme song from Sonic Mania in the movie so just use that as the cannon sonic history.
Only one logical answer. Time for Mario and Sonic to team up for the 2021 Olympics. Hopefully they won't have to redo the CGI for Mario or it could be the 2024 winter Olympics.
With the numerous times that Sonic mentioned how horrible the ‘Mushroom Planet’ would be, they HAVE to somehow poke fun at Nintendo regarding Robitnic’s return after he was banished there. Hopefully, in the intro, they can figure out a way to show him defeating the planet’s ‘Ruler’, whether that’s Mario or Bowser, and escape the horrible ‘Mushroom Planet/Kingdom’ without getting their pants sued off by Nintendo. If they can’t show it, they could either do it by having something funny in an opening text crawl, but if they opt for not showing it, I’m sure they can just show the aftermath with Jim Carey and I know he would be able to come up with something hilarious to say along with some funny body movements & facial expressions that will make for one of the funnier moments in the move. It would be even funnier if he returned from the Mushroom Planet with a new ‘babe’ by his side, and he should just keep slyly referring to her as ‘peach’. “Be a peach, would you, and bring me a cup of tea... etc.”

OK, thanks for considering my entry in the Sonic Blu-Ray contest.


Really look forward to this pod cast every week, come for the game reviews, previews and watch this bitches, stay for the family and life stories which are usually epic! Hope wombat feels better about all things in general! (Cheapy wants you to work out!) thanks for the contest! I’d love to win one!! Also would like to see shadow introduced into the sequel!
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An all animation sequel would be cool, that way they could introduce more of Sonic's friends like Tails and Knuckles and have Eggman be the only human in an animated world.
For the Sonic sequel I’d love to see even more 90’s comedians make an appearance! Bobcat Goldthwait anyone? Lol Hope I win a copy of that Sonic goodness! :D

Love the podcast guys! Been listening since day 1! 

I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm certain that, no matter what, the next movie needs more Tails!

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Sonic 2 : The Hedge-hoggining the prequel 

Needs to show us the fall of Sonic's civilization, and end with Sonic vs Knuckles on planet Mustaphar with Sonic having the high ground. PERIOD end stop!

I haven’t seen the movie yet but my 7 and 3 year olds would love to. I’m hoping Tails shows up in the sequel! Thanks.
I don't qualify for the prize, but the sequel should be a remake of the spectacular Sonic Christmas Blast movie and release it during the holiday season. Guaranteed money maker. Barring that, find some way to incorporate a jerk-off tablet plot point.
Let's get a surprise cameo by Crash Bandicoot in there!  Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Battle of the Red Sneakers!

But really, I think Tails and Knuckles would be a great full addition, and also, having Amy in it could open the film up for her backstory, and it would help draw in younger female audiences too.  

I would like to see Wombat in the sequel.... Selling virtual vbucks cards at gamestop....

I’ve been listening from the beginning and rarely if ever post in the show thread (doing this to win sonic). Love the episodes and find myself laughing like a mad man walking my dog. Love the show, keep it up!!
Not sure what to have in a Sonic sequel without have seeing the first one.  We were planning on going but that was the week everything shut down.

In Sonic the Hedgehog: the movie: the sequel, Sonic and tails will have to team up with David the Giraffe, Stewart the Wombat and Robert the Sea Cucumber in order to breakup Robotnik's massive death egg with a coat hanger so that it will flush down a giant toilet.
The Sonic sequel needs an introductory scene where Sonic and Knuckles play tennis, then the movie fast forwards to the next day where they play table tennis, then the remaining hour and a half of the movie is them debating which activity burned more calories.  And because they're so busy arguing about that, Doctor Robotnik is able to take over the world.  The end.

I would like to see Tails in the sequel, but only if he pulls a Hulk Hogan from Bash At The Beach and turns on Sonic to join Eggman.
Haven't seen it, but I heard there was no Super Sonic.  The sequel definitely needs Super Sonic.  Maybe some chao husbandry?

Always good to hear from the CAGcast crew; especially in these trying times.  Thanks.

I love how the CAGCast makes fun of, and has no idea what the new Predator game is. And then you get DLC (the podcast) saying “and now let’s talk about the big new release, Predator Hunting Grounds.” 🤦‍♂️
The GameStop discussion is exactly why I tune in every week.

Ben Shwartz, voice of Sonic is on a new Netflix special, Middleditch & Shwartz, it's with Thomas Middleditch from Sillicon Valley and it's 3 one-hour long improv sessions. It's hilarious and the 2 have great chemistry so give me Thomas MIddleditch as Tails in the Sonic sequel.

Well, having not seen the first movie to know the plot. The sequel has to include Super Sonic, the crew from Knuckles Chaotix (yes, especially Charmy Bee). Movie must end with a Pixels style Josh Gad/Q-Bert scenario. Sonic and Scarlett Johansson must fuck.
I saw the movie, it was simple and well done. I am looking forward to them completely ruining that in the sequel with a bunch of uninteresting characters no one cares about. 

I Want this in my Sonic sequel.


Sonic Sequel needs time travel ala Sonic CD

On another note I always thought Gamestop could become a game rental/Purchase place it seems like the perfect fit for their biz model and with Redbox leaving game rentals gives an alternative to GameFly and their slow ass shipping.

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I don't understand the disregard for Wombat's reasonable idea in comparison to Cheapy's friend's preposterous idea. I'm sure even McDonald's would be selling tests if they were that easy to acquire. The V-Bucks idea, however, actually makes sense. Make the deal a "gamestop exclusive" and people who aren't usually prone to buying V-Bucks are more likely to buy them. Hell, I buy V-Bucks on occasion and I would probably stock up on them as a result of the deal. It's a good way to lock in money NOW as opposed to later when the next big game could come out.

It's good to hear that your kids are doing their homework, even if its quick. We teachers are trying to figure out this new modality. Thanks for the support at home.
I would like a Smalls the Cat subplot in the sequel to set up a Smalls the Cat buddy film with Vector the Crocodile called Sonic the Hedgehog Presents: Smalls & Vector.

Good show this week...I have to agree with Ship that GameStop can't turn virtual game currency into a real business, especially with brick and mortar stores to support. The margins on gift cards are too small for retailers. They mostly exist to get younger customers into the store who are not old enough for credit cards. Honestly I don't see a path forward for GameStop. They should sell to a large retailer like Best Buy and become a branded retail center with a new loyalty program, etc. If you have been to Best Buy you know they now have a huge section of toys and stuff so it would probably be a good acquisition for Best Buy. GameStop shareholders are probably desperate to sell in a volatile marketplace...

Just watch the damn Harley Quinn show on DC Universe already.

It is hilarious and gets better as it goes along.

Don't let the kiddies watch, nothing in that show is for kids, no matter how mature they are.

bread's done