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Model United nations Club as well. We never got one of the cools(read more influential) countries during the yrs that I was in the group. Also was part of a group that put together a literary arts magazine.
I was in the Spanish club since I took Spanish. I don't ever remember going to any of the meetings or actually doing anything with the club, though.
I was in the Science Club back in high school, specifically for Environmental Science. There were some pretty girls already in and that was the main reason I joined. Unfortunately I never got a date out of it but actually I enjoyed the club. Go figure.
I was in Se Beowulf, a fancy honor society for students who "exhibit exemplary skills in the field of literature."

When I revealed that my technique to writing so well was to wait a few hours before class started to put down whatever popped into my head, they weren't very impressed. Snobby bitches.
In High School I was part of the National Honor Society, ski club, football team, and art club. Now in college, I'm part of the marketing club. Thanks for the contest!
I was in my high school's Chess Club. I mainly remember playing the Illuminati card game between matches at tournaments...
I am in National Honors Society and I needed 60 hours of volunteer time and i got 3 >.<
and I went to state in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and for qualifications I answered some questions about the economy and I never studied it
Key Club, school newspaper, National Honor's society are the only ones I can remember. I think I was in some dickhead school government/spirit club also. Newspaper was the only one that didn't suck big time.
I was in mathletes. M-athletes...yes... I had a good reason though. Every time we scored a certain amount of points as a group we'd get a free pizza party. Needless to say a lot of pizza was consumed that year.
I joined the German Club due to my love of sauerkraut and bratwurst... The language is alright but the food is incredible! I'm continuing German in college partly out of habit, partly out of wanting to fulfill my dream of being competent enough to go to the country and get authentic saurerkraut mit broetchen, pommes frites, und eine Stucke Schaerzewelde kirchtorte :)
I was in the Theater and Sign Language Clubs in High School. I ended up doing Tech for several plays since we did mostly musicals and I have a voice that can make a man's head explode.
I was in a serious debate club in my highschool until I was kicked out for being VERY, VERY uninformed on a subject. Lets just say we had an upcoming debate on Euthanasia (Which i thought was Youth-In-Asia) and I came prepared with my whole argument on the population crisis and the one child rule in certain Asian countries. Now that I think about it...We had no business at the age of 15 arguing such sensative issues anyway.
Not only was I in pretty much every club in school, but I managed to hold some sort of position in all of them (either VP or treasurer)
Science club
Math club
English club
National honor society
Art club (couldn't even draw)
History club
... a few others I can't even remember anymore they were so useless.

In the end... I got a plaque from the administration for best student athlete cause I could play soccer too. yay :roll:
I was in chess club and some comic strip drawing club in elementary. In middle school I showed up for wood shop club a few times and computer club off and on. Computer club sucked since all we had was some crappy macs and even crappier mac games.
I was only in Dragonboating in high school. It was under sports in our yearbook, but unlike the other 'normal' sports that were covered under our school's budget, Dragonboating was not so we had to find our own sponsers and such. Thus, I consider that a club. A fun one too.
I was in debate for my junior year. I never had time to do clubs because I did...sports! OMG. Our school didn't have many clubs which catered to me, no science/math stuff.
I was in NHS too, but I remember more being in an after school research program that improved some basic skills I already had.
Key Club woooo. I had to do 100 hours community service to get an award which looked good on my college resume, might as well join a nationwide club for it.

Oh and Hockey Club since everyone on the team was basically in it. We didn't do anything though, I dunno why they even formed a club.
National Honor Society- I was a 1 event per year kinda member, although I was required to do a bunch of community service and pay dues for membership.
Philosophy club.

...we watched the last two episodes of Evangelion one day, that was one hell of a day.
I high school I was in the follow clubs/organizations

Marching Band
Future Business Leaders of America
Tennis team
I was in Spanish club and Mock Trial. Neither lasted for long. Living four miles from school and not having a car meant I had to catch the bus and limited my extra curriculars to beating up underclassmen for the back seat of the bus.
Art Squad - Highlight was painting the local Hardees windows with Christmas scenes and getting all the free food we could eat.
Latin Club - Highlight was for our senior year final exam we watched Clash Of The Titans!
National Honor Society - Bleh!
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