Daily Steals (FB) back with more deals! SMASH 39.99 Mario 34.99 MK8 34.99 MORE


23 (96%)
Again this is through Facebook marketplace through Daily Steals.
There is a note stating that these games are regionally unlocked and may have different box art. Many of us took advantage of these during the holidays. They do have purchase protection for all the paranoid CAGers out there!
Super Mario Oddysey 34.99
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 34.99
Smash Bros Ultimate 39.99
Pokemon lets go Pikachu 39.99
Donkey Kong Country Tropical freeze 34.99
Spider Man PS4 27.99
I have bought ps4 controller from them.  new in box.  Word of warning that if you plan to buy DLC for those game of different region, you might run into problems.

Another word of warning, Facebook's purchase protection is garbage. I had an issue with an Xbox One controller where it was clearly used (was dirty and smudged up inside the box). They requested I email a picture (which I already had submitted when I filed the claim)...they responded a couple hours later and said "I cannot see any damage. Sorry." That purchase was from Big Dog Retail though. I've also ordered a PS4 controller from Daily Steals, themselves, and it was perfect and legitimately brand new.

I have bought ps4 controller from them. new in box. Word of warning that if you plan to buy DLC for those game of different region, you might run into problems.
aren't they Mexico versions? and isn't Mexico still region
North America like the United States & Canada?
With all the success stories I've heard through them, you need facebook I'm assuming to order? Can't see myself signing up for a few bucks off as I'll never have an account.

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Super Smash is the Latin America version from Daily Steals; I imagine all Switch games are. The neat thing with it is that it comes with a card for the Piranha Plant DLC code inside, so you don't have to register your game on your Switch by the Jan 31 deadline as the code is good until June or July.

From the subheader on this forum:
OP clearly works for Daily Steals; no one writes a thread title like that otherwise.
Lmao you’re hilarious that you think I work for daily steals. I’ve been a member of CAG for years and my history shows. Quit doubting everyone. For the record I am an active duty officer in the army.
I was nervously waiting for Mario cart and Smash to come to my surprise and relief it says Middle East,south east Asia on one and Singapore on another but when open the case it says USA on the cart so it will play on usa system
in English.
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