Far Cry 5 $14.99 | Fallout 76 $19.99 | FFXV: Royal Edition $14.99 | GTA V $14.99 | Starlink $14.99 (NSW $19.99) & MORE @ Newegg


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Newegg offers 50% off select PS4, X1, NSW, and PC games with coupon code EMCTVUY27. Some of the lowest prices I've ever seen after coupon. FREE shipping w/ Premier or Shoprunner in some cases.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey $24.99 PS4 | X1

Battlefield V $24.99 PS4 | X1 | PC

Battlefield V Deluxe $29.99 PS4 | X1

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle PS4

Crash Trilogy & Spyro Reignited Bundle $29.99 PS4 | X1

Dragon Ball Fighter Z $14.99 PS4 | X1

Fallout 76 $19.99 PS4 | X1

Far Cry 5 $14.99 PS4 | X1

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition $14.99 PS4 | X1

For Honor Marching Fire Edition $14.99 PS4 | X1

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online $14.99 PS4 | X1

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker $22.49 X1

NBA 2K19 $19.99 X1

Overwatch Legendary Edition $19.99 PS4 | X1 | PC

Shadow of the Tomb Raider $19.99 PS4 | X1

Soul Calibur VI $24.99 PS4 | X1

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack $14.99 PS4 | X1 ($19.99 NSW)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Edition $19.99 PS4

Until Dawn $9.99 PS4

Warriors Orochi 4 $24.99 PS4 | NSW

We Happy Few $19.99 PS4 | X1

XCOM 2 $9.99 PS4 | X1

& More. . .

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Paying a full year at once for GamePass is cheaper than paying monthly, that applies to most things on this world....but I guess if you resell your games and if you can get most of your money back it's not too bad....I just prefer to GamePass most games and only buy "my old time favorites"
Why even bother posting in deal topics for 'physical' games if all youre going to do is say 'not a deal. Get GamePass instead'
Might as well just make this the official Newegg thread. :)
Don't you passive/aggressive me into the whole thing now lol. TBH I'm surprised Newegg has had these deals lately because these prices for the most part beat anything I've seen ever for some games. Almost like they were a mistake heh.

New code is EMCTVUY27 good for games such BB crosstag battle, DB Fighters exp 2/16 midnight.

2.99 shipping. BBCTB qualifies for free shipping however
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