Free $5 PSN Credit

Wish I could get this to work. Got the 500 Points but the site cannot complete my transaction to get the PSN credit.

Hi, Im from Argentina but have an US account. When checking out it says "We cannot complete the transaction". Is it a PSN code or a real card? HELP!

Thanks for the heads up. Already redeemed and everything. Will have to keep an eye out for more points through these awful games.

Edit: for those asking, it's a digital code via email. Hell, I looked at the transaction and clicked "get your coupon" and redeemed the code before my email arrived.

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The robocop thing only gave me 50 points and the Sony Rewards logo is there for me on the Spiderman page but won't let me select it/open/do anything when I click on it

Thanks OP. Spiderman worked for me in Chrome, but on the Robocop game it already said that I recieved my points. Weird. Anyway, I somehow already had 400 points so this boost me up to 650. $5 credit bought!

I see the button but can't click it, it leads nowhere.

Happened to me too. I had to click the "Download Player" button and download and install the UnityWebPlayer. After that the game showed up and the link worked.

Thanks OP!

I got the 500 points easy enough, but I can't find the 5 dollar card on the rewards page. Any help with this? 

Weird, I loaded it up with IE, still didn't work, then when I switched back to Firefox it let me select it.

Completed them and ordered it. Thanks OP!

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glad everyone enjoys snagging 5 bucks in PSN credit for free. looks like sony rewards will become more popular.

Can't even do this because the website wont send a confirmation email to any of my emails. That's great. This credit was suppose to be going towards the rental of Frozen (Really wanted to see it with my kid).

Does anybody mind getting a code for me? I can't get the spider-man page to work since im not in the US and I can't use a vpn since I don't have a pc (on PS3). I REALLY just need one $5 code.

This was great thanks OP, I had 500 points on my account and then just earned another 500, and now I can't decide what to get on PSN, the current sale is solid but some good stuff coming up. I love having a free $10 though.

Very cool. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Worked like a charm. Was expecting some sort of frustration for this but really it took like 5min at most!

Just FYI... if this hasn't been said already you can share with the same facebook account and use different emails to get more codes. If SD'ers are going to exploit this the CAGS may as well get it while its hot.

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