GamersGate Thread: (Moved to the Steam+ Deals Thread)

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Closing this thread. Future deals will be posted in the Steam+ Deals Thread.

New thread here.

*List of games on sale sorted by discount.
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[There are currently no known available vouchers, credits, promos, codes, etc. that can be manually applied to purchases.]

Note: Be sure to check DRM prior to purchase. It will typically be listed to the right of the description, just above the System Requirements. There are several instances where games may vary in DRM type even within the same bundle. You have been warned.

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Whoops, thought it was the full pack at Funstock. I did get the full pack in the Steam sale though, same price.
Yeah, I saw on Steam this same pack is $14.99 MSRP so it seems the error for GG is the price on the other stuff. I still had Blue Coins to get rid of though so was happy to pick this up at the same price as Steam.

y u no spend efforts making and updating new steam thread instead gamergate?
He gets hazard pay for this thread....

This thread also requires much less effort as no one ever looks at GamersGate "sales"....

Neuro really does need a gimmick like indef on Monkey Island had for GOG....Maybe a take on "Alive" where Neuro has crashed on a mountaintop and each time he has a post regarding a GG "sale" he can let us know which one of the CAGs he eats.....

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bread's done