Gamestop: $10 off Pre-owned $29.99+ Exp. 9/30 (code works instore only)


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Was at the mall's food court and saw an Gamestop partnered with Coca-Cola advert type of thing, text a number and led me to this code that is the same code they give you no matter what phone numbers you text them with.

Coupon code: EBC3034713

Expires 9/30/2012

I tried to do this online and code wasn't valid, so in-store only guys! Utilize that In-store pick up :)
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The used price for God of war saga is 29.99.

You will use the $10 off code for the game to make it 19.99 and with power-up reward discount will make the game be 17.99.

[quote name='doc_j88']^^^
Wait how is God of war saga ringing up 17.99 or 18.99?

Price is $29 regular $26.99 power-up rewards

Coupon works for games $29.99 and up

so if i don't use my powerup rewards i can get the game for 19.99

where are you guys getting your numbers from?[/QUOTE]
Picked up the GoW Saga as well for $18. The copy looks brand new and to my surprise, the codes were not used as well. I have yet to touch this series and for less than $4 bucks a game, it was a no brainer.
Funny how one policy can change a deal so much. If GS kept the cases for DS this would make Conquest a must buy. Since they dont, it's an absolutley not.
PIcked up Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3) for $25.19 b/f tax. Used some credit and paid less than $10. Sadly the PSN code inside was already used :(
Used the code for Mario 3D Land today. First they said they have to actually have the coupon - when I said it was from a text message, they said they have to see the actual txt. Of course, I don't know if either of these are actual policy.

Texted the promo code to the number on the first page in-store, thankfully still worked! They finally took the code.
[quote name='lamuh13']got Tekken Tag 2 for PS3.
For $45 - $4.5(PU card) - $10(coupon) -$25(GC) + tax = $9
Thanks OP.[/QUOTE]

Online pass work? If so awesome deal
picked up sleepings dogs for around $25 yesterday, because i was not worry it might not work on the last day.
[quote name='doc_j88']last day my friend make it count[/QUOTE]

i will have a instore pick up set up for a used boarderlands 2

trading in my mgs hd coll i was going to dumb to bestbuy anyway this week. and my Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations i got from blockbuster closing store like 5 bucks

with the new promo those 2 will get me $40 so that with my pur 10% and the code its free boardlands 2 nothing out of pocket and can keep saving my $300 in gamestop credit for my wii U
[quote name='cleaver']Just noticed this deal today, sent a pic I had on my phone of the bar from Top Gun in San Diego, got Tales of Graces.[/QUOTE]

Highwayyyyy to the savings zone
It worked got my my boardlands2 to for $42 .and did the 2 for 40 trade so.didnt have to touch my wiiU credit

sad to.see the deal go
yeah i was gonna use it one last time to get a cheap skyrim, but c'est la vie. stuck at work now, so oh wellz
great code, loved saving my pur points
Mad props to the OP, SEGAMew. This one came out of nowhere and has saved many of us crazy $. Thanks for sharing, A true CAGer.
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